A Long Hike for a Great Cause

Being located in Midwest, contemplating somewhere where there’s a changing elevation is something of a foreign concept to us. Fortunately, we have our customers to live vicariously through. Case in point, Michael Chevalier and the team at the Edmonton-based Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation. Instead of the usual cocktails and hors d’oeuvres fundraiser to help them pay for new equipment for the hospital, they decided to take a team to conquer the tallest mountain in Africa and get donors to sponsor the ascent. Here’s a bit about the project from Michael:

“This summer, our hospital foundation sent a team of 37 people to climb Mount Kilimanjaro to raise money for a new orthopedics centre. The team consisted of doctors, philanthropists, a few people with artificial hips and knees, as well as four Canadian soldiers (including a double amputee) who were injured while on active duty in Afghanistan. We raised over $1 million and produced a video with all of the footage that was shot on the expedition. It was a special project, so as soon as I was charged with producing the DVD, I knew we had to use Jewelboxing.”

A big thanks to Michael and everyone at the Foundation for sharing with us down here in the flatlands, and here’s to hoping that mountains, both real and metaphorical, are being scaled in New York, Summersville, Atlanta, Panama City, Chesterfiled, Alliance, Arlington, San Diego, Grand Rapids, Venice, North Augusta, Brooklyn, St. Louis, Union Town, Washington DC, Kerhonkson, Hialeah, Woodland Park, Langhorne, Orange, and Alameda.