An Every-Platform Disc

Due to the amount of wedding samples we’ve gotten in recently, and to make no mention of the amount of weddings we ourselves have been going to, all things point to this being a heavy season for marriages. And while we’re all for the standards, from the frilly, white RSVP cards to the frilly, white thank you notes, it’s great when we see something that goes that extra step and there’s something special about how it’s presented. Enter Christopher Cassidy. In perhaps the first time reported to us, Christopher used Jewelboxing to carry not one single bit of disc-based data. Instead, for his wedding invitations, he’d sent out the cases with a super heavy stock paper insert in the shape of a disc which fit perfectly on the spindle. Here’s more info on the whole thing from Christopher himself:

“Quite some time ago, I came by chance across Jewelboxing whilst surfing the net, and was really impressed by how cool it looked – if only something could happen to me where I’d get a chance to use it! Time passed, and I found myself planning my wedding; I wanted to design the invitations myself and wanted something different from anything I’d previously seen. Jewelboxing was my answer, not only did it look amazing, but there were enough nooks and crannies for me to effectively display all the information I needed, and a convenient RSVP holder to boot. They went down an absolute storm, everybody was blown away by them, but they were almost too good because no one was willing to ruin the presentation and send us our RSVPs! Oh well, at least if no one comes, they’ve got a very memorable invitation!”

We wish Christopher and his fiance Bettina all the best. And the same to all those in Staten Island, El Cajon, Bonita Springs, Atlanta, Toronto, Gouda, New York, Portland, Dallas, Burbank, East Wallingford, Seattle, Brookline, Los Angeles, Indianapolis, Ketchum, Saddle Brook, Orlando, McKinney, Beverly, Wilmington, Aurora, Closter, Saint Paul, Minneapolis, Toronto, Venice, Fareham, Naperville, Phoenix, and Charlotte.

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