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Usually Jewelboxing operates on a one-on-one level, as in: we ship out the kits and the person or company who placed the order designs and assembles them. But now we learn that this isn’t always the way of things, as we found with photographer Ben Chrisman and Karen Dahlquist of HappyFish Design, who set up a whole system for Ben, making the whole Jewelboxing process a breeze for his work. First, here’s from Karen:

“I specialize in album design for professional photographers and occasionally I reserve time for my clients to work on projects in other areas, such as corporate identity building like logos, stationery, price lists and, in this case, a DVD package concept. Ben had already been impressed with Jewelboxing and had the boxes and templates already, but he needed some help getting everything designed and set up. I created a design that worked with his existing logo and a concept we’ve been working on in general for other collateral. My goal was to not only design something nice, but to design something that he could easily customize for each of his couples with clearly organized layered Photoshop files with everything labeled and locked accordingly. All Ben has to do is insert the photos, edit the text, change the color theme if he’d like, then just print, assemble and he’s done. The great thing is that it’s easy and every DVD will have its own unique look that matches the newlyweds’ personality and locale, all using just one template design. Ben is an extremely talented (and busy) photographer and I’m certain he’s assembling LOTS of these packages!! Good thing no knives are required!”

And here’s from Ben:

“I started using Jewelboxing because I needed an elegant presentation for the digital files each client receives after their wedding. And since I’m giving these files to all of my wedding couples, it was extremely important to be able to customize each package to fit the personality of each bride and groom. With HappyFish’s brilliant design (which I could have never thought of in a million years without a doubt), I’m able to drop photos into the templates and have everything printed and ready within minutes. Clients are always stunned at the result, almost to the point of being speechless, shocked that their faces are so artfully placed on a professional DVD cover. I couldn’t be happier with Jewelboxing and I think I can say the same thing for my clients as well.”

Let’s hope the HappyFish-esque collaborations are going as swimmingly in Berkley, Redmond, Los Angeles, Boston, Allen, London, Providence, Danville, Kenton, Kansas City, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, Stow, Davenport, Chantilly, Naperville, Anderson, Marina del Rey, New York, Ann Arbor, Kirkwall, Washington DC, Edinburgh, Emsworth, Kirtland Hills and Portland.

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