Segura On Display

Carlos Segura is probably a name you’re familiar with. Whether it’s from the work of his influential design firm, Segura Inc., just down the street from us here into Chicago, or from one of the successful other projects he’s created, like T-26, a digital type foundry, or 5inch, an online store that sells amazing, predesigned blank CDRs and DVDs. If you’re a Corbis customer, there’s a good chance you’re all the more familiar with his work from this year’s awe-inspiring, gigantic, poster-sized catalog called “Crop,” to collateral material like mugs and calendars, to some of the coolest promo posters you’ll ever lay your eyes on. And to continue this unending streak of fantastic work for the stock company, Segura has assembled a design, using Jewelboxing, to showcase Corbis’ Digital Gallery collection. In his own words, describing the product: “This limited usage collection from Corbis is specific to licensing for displays on flat screen TVs in lobbies, offices, stores, homes or any other digital display.” Really cool, without a doubt, and we’re happy to be a part of it all (on the casing side at least).

We think Carlos’ Corbis disc demands optimal viewing, so were standing in line at 4am on the Friday morning after Thanksgiving so we could buy 60″ plasma tvs for everyone in Los Angeles, Via del Mar, Portland, Chicago, Seattle, Arlington Heights, Denver, Milwaukee, Grand Rapids, Alhambra, Malibu, Culver City, San Diego, Mount Juliet, Stow, Sanford, Hoover, Oklahoma City, Lakslev, Norfolk, Verona, Nicholasville, Seattle, Chaska, Greenville, Houston, Franklin, San Lorenzo, Minneapolis, Nazareth, and Abilene.

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Trophy Cases

Well here’s a new one on two fronts. Last week we got a flat package in from Stephen Allen and upon opening it, we found that it contained a sample of the case he recently put together…minus the case. He’d sent us two printed sheets, the cover booklet and the tray liner. It looked terrific as it was, but we knew it would look fantastic in its intended place. So we popped all the tabs out, did up all the folds, and plopped it right into a Jewelboxing case. And viola, it was terrific!

The second new-ness of it all, is what Stephen Allen is packaging with the Jewelboxing system. We’ve had plenty of photographers use the cases to promote their work before, but Stephen is a kind of photographer that works in one specific field: college and prep schools. After assembling the case, we popped onto his website and, besides enjoying the site’s interface, browsed around in his gallery. And sure enough, there they all were. Stunning photos of students, teachers, classrooms, etc. Who’d have thought? And what’s more, it made his Jewelboxing design, with photos of an inexpensive silver trophy, make perfect, clever sense.

Note: That really sweet offer that we made in the last Infrequent Mailing ends on Friday. Wanna get in on the next one? Join the list on the JB Home page.

We are buying lots of inexpensive silver trophies, inscribed “Best Jewelboxing Customers Ever,” for the people in Irvine, New York, Toronto, Gosport, North Shields, Austin, Tracy, Warren, Santa Barbara, Stanley, Minneapolis, Sydney, Chicago, Flushing, Inverness, Lanoka Harbor, Tawau, Woodside, Hollywood, Londo, Radcliff, Westfield, Rockville Centre, Sioux Falls, Garfield Heights, San Jose, Bethlehem, Pasadena, Indianapolis, Vioa del Mar, Thunder Bay, Gold Beach, Vars, Mission, and Pittsburgh.

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Copy Goes in Jewelboxing

Here at Jewelboxing HQ, we regularly get in copies of people’s films who have used the system to beautifully package their work. So why should we be any different? If you’re familiar at all with our other site, for Coudal Partners, our parent company, you may have seen that just this week we finished up our eleven-minute epic short film, “Copy Goes Here.”

Because we had a couple of films around that we’d previously hosted, and we’d made the film in collaboration with the fantastic stock house, Veer, we decided to put together a nice little DVD with everything on it, for sale, ready to be purchased by that true fan of Coudal-familiar humor. Not knowing the demand, we wanted to have at least a hundred put together right away, so we designed the menus and laid out the whole case design on Friday, then started printing, printing, printing yesterday. Dawson, our go-to Jewelboxing expert in the studio, assembled them for two days straight. They look great and we’re once again thrilled with how cool the system makes stuff look, even our scrappy little independent film.

We won’t mind being passed over for an Oscar in favor of the films by people in : Brooklyn, Chicago, Grand Rapids, Lafayette, Arlington, Ridgefield, Westerville, Newark, Raleigh, Chesterfield, Locust Grove, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Brampton, Sausalito, Sydney, Philadelphia, Stockton, Toronto, Birmingham, San Francisco, Stuart, Denver, Caulfield South, Atlanta, Brookings, Seattle, Peabody, Salisbury, Blacksburg, Vancouver, Signal Mountain, McKinney, Crystal Palace, Santa Clara, Missoula, Mountain View, and Venice.

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Byrd’s Theory

After seeing Kevin Byrd’s brilliant work in the first issue of JPG Magazine, we knew he was someone to keep an eye on. A visit to his terrific blog once a day goes without saying, and you’ll see many a “via” linked back to his site on Fresh Signals. And, along with his brother Aaron Byrd, he’s continued to keep scoring points with us by using Jewelboxing to package a short film he put together earlier in the year, “The Cycle Theory.” It’s a clever piece of work, with some of the best use of animated asides you’ll probably ever see. It’s well worth your time.

But back to this story: we were browsing around this morning on his Flickr account, looking at another project he’s right in the midst of when we found the limited-edition DVD Aaron had assembled for the movie. The thought process went like this: 1) “Hey, wow, that’s a really cool design.” 2) Several seconds to process information and make connections, and then 3) “Oh, hey, he’s using Jewelboxing!” So as familiar as we are with the Jewelboxing cases, as many times as we’ve shrink wrapped for hours, packaged dozens of hundred packs, and even made cases for our own projects, this morning proved to us that that first “hey, that’s really cool” impression still works. It’s extra effective when you’ve got a film like Kevin’s and a designer like Aaron manning the helm.

Things are being made that will also bewilder and amaze us by the people in Newton Heights, Middleboro, Wilmington, Phoenix, Clermont, Spring Valley, Dallas, Hoboken, Los Angeles, Moreno Valley, New York, Austin, Cincinnati, San Diego, Indianapolis, Venice, Hacienda Heights, Longmont, Eastchester, Kingston, El Cajon, Roxbury Crossing, Raleigh, Toronto, York, Santa Monica, Fredrick, Pennsauken, Seattle, and London.

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Self-Promotion Via Other People

The old adage is, “Any press is good press.” But if it’s good press, then it stands to reason that said adage should be revised to fit. Something maybe along the lines of “Any press that’s good is extra good press.” That’s what’s happened here last week with a couple of articles that were floated our way. We got a nice blurb in Consumer Electronics, who said, “You can buy cheap plastic cases for your DVDs at any computer or electronics store, but if you want to get fancy, consider a kit from Jewelboxing.” That was nice. Then Dawson found a full product review on a site called IT, which said, “Jewelboxing offers a ready-to-go system, complete with the best quality jewelboxes on the market, inkjet paper perforated to match the jewelbox precisely and templates for your software.” and another review on the Dutch site, Scribent Reviews, which said, well, as none of us speak the language, we’re not sure what it says. But we’re assuming it was pretty good, given that they gave Jewelboxing a rating of 10 out of a possible 10 (unless maybe we’re reading it incorrectly and 1 is the best and 10 is the worst). So, yeah, we’re definitely guilty of bragging here, but we’re still proud of the system, and we’re thrilled that people are so receptive to it that they’re putting reviews out there. Also, if we ever decide to make a Jewelboxing movie, now we’ve got some good tags for the poster.

If any of the people in the following cities need a blurb to help them sell things, gain power and influence, or help them get their film, “Zombie Possums From Space,” into mass distribution, we’re here for you: Lewes, Phillipsburg, Bellvue, Memphis, Malibu, Brooklyn, Sarasota, New York, Lisboa, Madison, Warren, Denton, Santa Monica, London, Clinchy, Prince George, Sleepy Hollow, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Roswell, Mountain View, Markham, Guntersville, Philadelphia, Venice, West Hollywood, Montreal, Austin, North Wales, Santiago, Chicago, Toronto, Plantation, and Royal Tunbridge Wells.

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The 2005 Olympics in Seattle

‘Round Jewelboxing HQ, we’re always happy to catch wind of a cool project someone has decided to package using the system.Today was one of those days, as we received an e-mail from Jason Reid, a filmmaker from Seattle who has a bunch of said cool projects going on, most notably, the new film, “The Reid/Secrest Olympics.” The DVD release party was held on September 30th and turned out to be very successful. And because Jason has some great things to say about using Jewelboxing, including that his Canon Ip4000 printer did a perfecto job, and that we’re a fan of what he put together, we thought we’d volley back the niceness and give some info about his film:

“The Reid/Secrest Olympics is a 40-minute comedy, directed by Jason Reid. It tells the story of two lifelong friends turned fierce rivals, who decide to have a five-event “Olympic” competition to decide once and for all who is the better man. The film was finished in 2003 and premiered to a sellout crowd at the Tractor Tavern in Ballard. Following this event, the film was shown three times at the University of Washington before being accepted into the New York Independent Film and Video Festival (where it screened in both New York and Los Angeles).Since then, Jason Reid and editor Colin White have slowly been working on finishing the DVD, complete with over an hour of extra features. Among the bonus materials, the DVD will include a 30-minute companion piece to the movie titled The Olympics: The Untold Story , as well as a comical 10-minute short documenting the main character’s promotional tour in support of the film.”

Sounds like a sure-fire hit to us. Do yourself a favor and, when they’re available here in the next little while, buy a copy at the film’s site. And while you’re at it, why not pick up a few extras for the swell people in San Anselmo, Chislehurst, Bodoe, Acton, Atlanta, New York, Chicago, Vancouver, Irvine, Venice, and Statesboro.

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New Bubbles, Better Squeaks

If you follow the happening here or on Fresh Signals on the Coudal site, you’re apt to recognize the name Jason Koxvold. We’ve been longtime favorites of his tremendous film and motion graphics work. And you probably are too. You’ve likely seen his work in television spots, music videos, print ads, film fests, and if you’ve been to Times Square over the past couple of years, you probably noticed his enormous spot for Winterfresh hanging overhead. We’ve been fortunate enough to get to know Jason and have him has a customer. And, with everything he’s shown us, his new reel is perfecto:

“I love the new stock, it holds the colour and density so nicely. So anyway I’m sending some reels out and figured it might be worth making a good impression.

The Citizens [Jason just finished their latest video, “You Drive”] wanted a couple of DVDs for their new manager as well, so I jewelboxed some up and he totally freaked out.

Anyway watch out, apparently Appearances will be played on The OC on November 3rd.”

We expect that many hit shows about teenagers in love will soon be featuring the wildly attractive people in New York, Santa Monica, Lancaster, Phoenix, Davidson, Midlothian, Glendale, Edgefield, Bellingham, London, Pasadena, Peterborough, Topanga, Wayne, Kennesaw, Medford, Chicago, Philadelphia, Spring Valley, Henderson, Venice, Lincoln, Washington, Fort Lauderdale, Wolverton, and Detroit.

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An Every-Platform Disc

Due to the amount of wedding samples we’ve gotten in recently, and to make no mention of the amount of weddings we ourselves have been going to, all things point to this being a heavy season for marriages. And while we’re all for the standards, from the frilly, white RSVP cards to the frilly, white thank you notes, it’s great when we see something that goes that extra step and there’s something special about how it’s presented. Enter Christopher Cassidy. In perhaps the first time reported to us, Christopher used Jewelboxing to carry not one single bit of disc-based data. Instead, for his wedding invitations, he’d sent out the cases with a super heavy stock paper insert in the shape of a disc which fit perfectly on the spindle. Here’s more info on the whole thing from Christopher himself:

“Quite some time ago, I came by chance across Jewelboxing whilst surfing the net, and was really impressed by how cool it looked – if only something could happen to me where I’d get a chance to use it! Time passed, and I found myself planning my wedding; I wanted to design the invitations myself and wanted something different from anything I’d previously seen. Jewelboxing was my answer, not only did it look amazing, but there were enough nooks and crannies for me to effectively display all the information I needed, and a convenient RSVP holder to boot. They went down an absolute storm, everybody was blown away by them, but they were almost too good because no one was willing to ruin the presentation and send us our RSVPs! Oh well, at least if no one comes, they’ve got a very memorable invitation!”

We wish Christopher and his fiance Bettina all the best. And the same to all those in Staten Island, El Cajon, Bonita Springs, Atlanta, Toronto, Gouda, New York, Portland, Dallas, Burbank, East Wallingford, Seattle, Brookline, Los Angeles, Indianapolis, Ketchum, Saddle Brook, Orlando, McKinney, Beverly, Wilmington, Aurora, Closter, Saint Paul, Minneapolis, Toronto, Venice, Fareham, Naperville, Phoenix, and Charlotte.

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Make Sure to Stretch Before Listening

You might remember from a few months back when we highlighted “A Cup of Coffee,” a terrific album sent our way by DJ Shagz. A fantastic mix of dub and R&B;, packaged in a beautifully designed Jewelboxing Standard case. Because we enjoyed it so much, we were understandably excited when we got this message in today:

“Just thought I’d let you know about my latest DJ mix to use your Jewelboxing system. I was commissioned by a friend of mine to put together a mix for a summer party he was throwing a couple months ago. He just wanted something that he could hand out to people and send them away with, something personal and specialized to remember the (presumably) great time they had. Fortunately everybody *did* have a good time 🙂

Having seen your system being used for my ‘Cup of Coffee’ mix, my friend wanted the same high quality cases and printing job for his CD. I put together a mix of funky summertime hip hop and funk, part music I was digging at the time and part tunes that I thought represented my friend’s personality. I designed the cover and tray with the help of a photographer friend, Abe Roberto, and now I’m busy printing, folding and snapping the cds together.

So far the CDs have been a hit, in no small way thanks to your product.”

There have been hits abound in New York, Lake Oswego, Kings Park, Blue Bell, Mountain View, Portlant, Steinbach, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Chicago, Aurora, Seattle, Pasadena, Orem, Bothell, Hereford, Kendal, Santa Monica, Sierra Madre, Calabasas, Pontefract, London, Lansdowne, Flushing, Bradford, Madison, Yarm, Riverview, and Atlanta.

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What Are We Jewelboxing: Day Four

Well, it’s been a good run, but we’ve finally reached the end of the week and that means the end of our “What Are We Jewelboxing?” series as well. After today, we’ll get back to ideas about what to do with Jewelboxing and highlighting the terrific work that comes our way. And who knows, maybe we’ll run into another week here at the studio where it seems like everyone is working on printing and packaging all at the same time and we can start it up all over again. But for now, here’s the last, from Steve:

“Back in early July, I went out to a friend’s wedding outside of Booneville, California, in the northern part of the state. The bride knew I was something of a film guy, so she asked me to shoot the wedding video. But she demanded that it be something unique and, preferably, funny and strange. She sent me two DVDs a few weeks before the wedding: ‘The Five Obstructions’ and ‘Wirthnal and I’, and said, ‘I like these movies. Can you do something like this?’ After watching them, basking in their weirdness, I knew this was the job for me. So I went out there, had a blast and shot the wedding like a typical wedding videographer. When I got back, I had the idea to edit it as something mildly-normal, but to incorporate a very unreliable narrator who was never sure what was going on or was clearly making things up. Here’s the finished product. In addition to the video, I also wanted the packaging to be really something unique, so of course I used Jewelboxing. I designed the case by creating this facade that this was a disc from a company that specialized in making nothing but wedding videos for the couple, Brooke and Jeffrey. Here’s what it said inside the cover flap:

‘As a consumer, we know that you have countless choices among the other videos of this wedding currently available. You have, no doubt, obtained a copy of our product because you are aware that only this video has been authorized by both the bride and groom for national distribution. Our company was approached to create this product due to our long-standing relationship with their organization and the quality of our work in prior Brooke and Jeffrey weddings (“Brooke and Jeffrey’s Wedding 1998″ was the recipient of three Emmys). It is because of this valued relationship and our commitment to excellence within the Brooke and Jeffrey wedding video industry, that our audience receives a wedding video experience unlike any other. From the crisp, clean, high-resolution video images to the sparkling fidelity of the stereo mix, watching this, or any of the wide assortment of titles in our Brooke and Jeffrey series, gives one the sensation of attending their special celebrations, but without the expense and burden of travel. We hope you will enjoy this wedding video and return to us soon for more exciting Brooke and Jeffrey wedding video releases.'”

We’re more than happy to shoot any and all of the many happy weddings sure to be occurring soon involving the very attractive people in New York, Atlanta, Dallas, Greenwood Village, Saint Louis, Prunedale, Glendale, San Francisco, Virginia Beach, Seattle, Ardmore, Cincinnati, Washington, Woodland Hills, Toronto, Chula Vista, Coral Gables and Lafayette.

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What Are We Jewelboxing: Day Three

We’ve reached day three of our “What Are We Jewelboxing?” week and today’s is terrific if we do say so ourselves. Unfortunately, although we’d really like to, we can’t tell you anything about it. Here’s the scoop, with self-censorship at all times:

“Every now and again, Coudal Partners gets contacted to help CENSORED major CENSORED. Recently, we got a call from CENSORED who asked us to CENSORED for a possible CENSORED, hopefully in the near future. We spent a few weeks thinking of CENSORED and came up with a really strong CENSORED that we thought they’d love. In addition to the CENSORED we also CENSORED and CENSORED. And when we were all finished with everything, we packaged it all together in a Jewelboxing case with a might nice, super simple and clean design by Dawson, and sent it off. With these things, we’re never sure if our CENSORED will CENSORED, but here’s to CENSORED!”

Apologies for having to keep quiet, but this was a hush-hush job. As reconciliation, we’re certain they’d be more than happy to show you all the wonderful things they’re making in Forest Hills, Phillipsburg, Marina Del Rey, Naples, New York, Washington, Roswell, Metuchen, Yonkers, Walworth, Santa Ana, Astoria, San Juan, Denver, Beaconsfield, Villette, and Portchester.

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What Are We Jewelboxing: Day Two

Continuing with our weeklong series of the stuff we’ve been putting together using Jewelboxing here in the studio recently, today we’re taking a look at a side project of Steve Delahoyde’s:

“My good pal Wakiza and I have been making these weird little short films for years and, along with commercials and music videos and everything in between, we’ve amassed a huge collection of this stuff. A year or so back, we’d put together a DVD of everything we had, but it was in an ugly, standard case and we weren’t entirely thrilled with it. So come back around to this past week, we were going to be a part of the popular Funny Ha-Ha series again here in Chicago, and I thought that it would provide the impetus to try building a collection again and see if anyone would buy such a thing. Unfortunately, I came up with the idea on Saturday and the event was on Wednesday night. So I had to alter my plan of attack. Instead, I put together a ‘Best Of’ DVD, with forty or so pieces on it. I animated some menus, picked material that had always worked well with large audiences, and took photos around the house to use in the packaging. I’d used Jewelboxing before, of course, but not a whole lot with my own material, and I’ve always been more of a writer than a designer. But once I had the first case together, I honestly was surprised at how good it looked. ‘People might actually but this thing,’ I thought. And it turns out, they did.”

We know that people will come in droves to buy whatever they’re selling in Toronto, the Bronx, Orlando, Austin, South Haven, Liverpool, London, Edison, Athens, Fairfax, Montague, Calgary, Minneapolis, New York, McLean, Rialto, Baldwin Harbor, Lakewood, Ellington, San Francisco, Joplin, Lynnwood, Okemos, Ottawa, Mississauga, Parma, Pacifica, Williams Lake, and Dublin.

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What Are We Jewelboxing: Day One

Last week it seemed like a lot of us here at the studio were working on our own projects that involved using Jewelboxing. There were a couple of weddings, a top secret Coudal project for a big client, and a little bit of self-promotion. If you’d stopped by at any point last week, you’d have most likely seen someone involved in either printing out templates, folding and tearing, or burning discs. And because of all this internal useage, we’ve decided to make this week a “What Are We Jewelboxing?” series. First up, Jake Walker and his wedding album:

“It’s a little intimidating, working around a bunch of designers all day and taking on your own design project. When one of my best friends asked me to help with his wedding favors, though, I did just that.  Alex asked me to help him put together a wedding favor CD with some of his and his new bride’s favorite songs, dedications, and songs from the wedding.  So I bought a hundred Standard cases, got the templates, and had at it.  Really, the project took less time than I thought it would, and the results were fantastic.  I printed everything out, and even took the advice of an earlier blog entry and put some rice in the gap between the CD tray and the edge of the case. Everyone at the wedding marveled at the gift. Occasionally, I was even acknowledged and given credit for all my hard work (and that’s what it really was all about — wasn’t it?) So, if you’re like me, have a friend who is getting married, and will otherwise have a hard time not getting at least some attention during the weekend, volunteer to handle their wedding favors and you’re insecurities can stay on the shelf for another day.”

There is not a single bit of insecurity to be found among those in Pekin, Allston, Madison, Plano, Los Angeles, Austin, Mesa, Sun Prairie, Rockwall, Pittsburgh, Orlando, Atlanta, Kitchener, South Barrington, Sicklerville, New York, Santa Monica, Broadstone, Waterford, Laguna Hills, and Oxnard.

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Very Bright. Heavily Wooded.

The polar opposite of our last post, Luke Morris’ debut album, “Paper Street,” sounds like an experimental record from another planet. Gorgeous textures built from completely alien sounds line the sample track, “Evil Winds”, available on Luke’s site. And we’re figuring there’s a lot more sonic brilliance where that came from, based on his description:

“Paper Street is my debut album, which is under the anonymity of my alias ‘the Brilliant Forest’. People have described the music as “Xiu Xiu’s little brother,” “sounding like the more experimental side of the Microphones,” and “not like anything else (no, that wasn’t an insult).” I decided to use Jewelboxing because it looked amazing, and the lovely humor of the staff (as apparent on the website; that alone sold me). I haven’t been dissapointed. People tell me all the time that my CDs look amazing.”

Go pick yourself up a copy. And while you’re at it, pick up a few extras for the fine people in New York, Fresno, Foster City, Gilroy, Culver City, Metairie, Edison, Leeds, Coral Gables, Cambridge, Beverly Hills, Arlington Heights, Culver City, Flagstaff, Little Rock, Armadale, Grass Valley, Portland, Chicago, Santa Barbara, and Marietta.

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We’re Fond of Helicopters

Usually, in a band’s biography, you’re given a list of what other groups they sound like. The description of Chicago’s helicoptersreads: “too rock to be The Postal Service, too pop to be Beck, too modern to be 80’s, too happy to be Radiohead.” And they couldn’t be more right. Helicopters have created a sound that’s uniquely their own and it’s utterly terrific. Since member Jason Caldeira contacted us, we’ve all become big fans of their work. And it certainly doesn’t hurt that they appealed to our design side by packaging their new album, How to Fake Fall Asleep, with Jewelboxing. Here’s what Jason had to say:

“In April, we released our debut album. It was two years in the making, so needless to say we were more than thrilled that our hard work had finally paid off. To celebrate, we held a cd listening party at Bella Lounge in Chicago; an atypical venue for a local band’s cd release. So of course, we couldn’t just release a typical cd. Instead, we used the Jewelboxing system to create 100 limited-edition cases featuring the work of local photographer Mark Battrell. The cds sold out almost immediately. This inspired us to release multiple limited-edition batches of the cd, all featuring the works of Chicago-area artists and photographers… and we have Jewelboxing to thank.”

Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of the album. You won’t be sorry. And then, make sure you check out the work of the fine folks in Needham, Los Angeles, Tulsa, Oakland, Chino, Coimbra, Weston, Fairfax, Reno, Baltimore, Silver Spring, Waltham, San Diego, New York, Arlington, Gatineau, Chicago, San Jose, Auckland, Lake Owego, Minneapolis, Manitou Springs, and Mountain Home.

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Hire This Man!

One of the first times we ran across Nick Campbell’s work was on a short film compilation DVD called Cherry Bomb. The disc series was funded by small Chicago businesses who would pay a small fee to include their logo on the packaging, and have a commercial included on the disc, made by local amateur filmmakers. As with most things that work with such low budgets, the spots ran the gamut from not-so-great to clever-but-clearly-inexpensive. However, we stopped dead in our tracks when we came to Nick’s spot for the popular Wicker Park coffee shop, Jinx Cafe. Here was a gorgeous motion graphics piece that blew everything else on the disc out of the water, and even rivaled any expensively produced national spot. We knew we had to get to know him.

So over the past year or so, we’ve all gotten aquatinted with Nick and his terrific work, which keeps getting better and better. Most recently, if you’ve been to a Sox or a Bulls game, you’ve seen some of his animations on the Jumbotrons, screens as big as they come.

And so it goes without saying that, as he neared graduation from the Chicago Institute of Art, we were thrilled that he was going to be using Jewelboxing to package his hundreds of reelshe’d be sending out on his job hunt. He dropped a few of them off for us the other day, and, typical of Nick’s standards, they were nothing short of fantastic. Super clean design, a quick, catchy reel, and a newly revamped logo for his motion design nom de plume, Creamy Orange. Suppose what we’re saying here is that, if you’re looking to hire a big talent, Nick’s your guy.

We’re certain that there are also buckets of limitless talent in Old Portsmouth, Springfield Gardens, West Chester, San Francisco, Springfield, London, New York, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Racine, Atlanta, Simi Valley, Antioch, Cheam, Lake Oswego, Hopkins, Miami, and Milpitas.

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A Wedding Invite in 1’s and 0’s

If you follow this blog at all, you’ll know that the people who use the Jewelboxing system aren’t solely directors, editors, musicians, and motion graphics firms. We’ve had the privilege of highlighting painters, photographers, record collectors, new parents, instructors, typographers, and everything in between.

Out of the huge variation of uses for Jewelboxing we’ve seen are those who apply the system to weddings. We know that a lot of wedding videographers place their final edit in the cases, leading to memorable packaging that compliments an unforgettable day. But recently, we’ve also seen couples who are forgoing the traditional frilly paper wedding invitation in favor of a well-designed Jewelboxing case with something enjoyable included on a disc. A few months back, we highlighted an invite from Peter Fishman and Dara Mochson, who, in addition to a map and a start time, included a mix disc with all their favorite songs.

Recently, we saw another terrific use when we receive a case in from Ronn Kilby (winner of our second Jewelboxing-sponsored “Crash Ballet 2”). Beyond the classic cover, Ronn, a director/editor by trade, included a DVD. The disc served as almost a commercial for the wedding, with a contemporary jazz score and a professional narrator, in addition to photos of the couple, as well as information with the important whens and wheres. It was one of the most unique things we’ve ever seen done with a wedding invitation.

We wish Marti Steele West and Ronn Kilby all the best, as we do with everyone in San Anselmo, Chislehurst, Bodoe, Acton, Atlanta, New York, Vancouver, Irvine, Venice, and Statesboro.

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The Best Phrase. Ever.

Since we started, people have said a lot of nice things about Jewelboxing. However, we’re pretty sure that, when Signe Housser wrote in to us to tell us about the project she’d just completed with the Vancouver Public Library, it was the first time we’d been referred to as “freakin’ awesome.” So, understandably, we were thrilled. And once we got a look at how Signe’s project turned out, we, in turn, thought the work of her designer put together was equally as freakin’ awesome. Here’s her letter:

The Science & Business Division of the Vancouver Public Libraryhas been publishing print versions of our New Media Directory for six years. This is a company directory of new media firms in the greater Vancouver area intended primarily for job seekers. As you probably know, Vancouver is a gaming and interactive entertainment hotbed, not to mention a pretty beautiful place and the site of the 2010 Winter Olympics.

When it came time to produce a CD version of our Directory, we wanted a simple, elegant, all-in-one packaging system to do it justice. Your product exceeded all expectations. We love it! And our designer specifically wants you to know that he thought the system was freakin awesome.

Since we’re on a roll here, we’d like to take this moment to say that there are some of the freakin’ awesomest people in Merthyr Tydfil, Leominster, Atlanta, Decatur, Sandpoint, London, Austell, Sanford, Brooklyn, New York, Toronto, Silver Spring, Alexandria, Truro, Buffalo Grove, Plano, Salinas, Grafton, San Diego, Alameda, Ekero, Ankara, Hoboken, Maidstone, and Urbana.

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Attend Two and Call Us In the Morning

It’s always cool when someone sends in a project to us that’s really unique from anything else we’ve ever received. That happened this week when we got a package in from Carole Guevin. Of course, the design she used to dress up the Jewelboxing pack was the first thing to catch our eye (after all, we’re all designers ourselves). But when we got into the workshop Carole had prepared, that really got us interested. Here’s some info from Carole:

“The workshop is called Real PILLs, an acronym for: “Powerful Instant Latency Lot of Suggestions.” The workshop combines 2.5 years of private coaching and my 20 year experience as a designer. The whole idea is to put attendees in a situation where they face a succession of rapid and unpredictable twist and turns on a specific assignment (the pitch). The exercises mimic the flow of changes experienced in a real life project and helps to discover that uncontrollable changes and constraints are opportunities to evaluate their creative strengths, adaptability, potential and areas of improvement.

The theoretic aspects are passed on seamlessly with the intense hands-on situations. The order of the day was to introduce complete chaos to the attendees and let them learn how to stay on top of it and deliver. Which they did!

After the workshop, the group Photoshop files are posted to download and can be burned to a CD. The beauty of this concept, resides in the fact that having participated anonymously, they can now view and criticize the work of everyone, gaining new insights into what they have learned, shared and experienced over the course of the workshop and the Jewelboxing becomes way more than just a souvenir.”

UPDATE: Carole just dropped us a line to let us know that the PILLS workshop may be hitting the road soon and visit a batch of cities near you. For more info, contact Carole.

We’d like to get comp tickets to Carole’s workshop for our new pals in London, New York, Calgary, North Chatham, Vancouver, Indianapolis, Coeur d’Alene, Blue Grass, New York, Brooklyn, Corvallis, Fresno, Arcadi, Van Nuys, Washington DC, Amsterdam, Clarksville, Summerland, and Singapore.

November 9, 2017 | Category: Blog

Great Design in a Nutshell

Ben Rozens is a guy whose resume is constantly expanding. Starting off in the newspaper business, he spent his time buried in images, working in everything from photo processing to color correction. In 2003, he decided to go it alone and start up his own design shop, Nutshell Studios. At first, he stuck to what he knew: print. But when that wasn’t enough, he decided to pick up 3D animation and motion graphics. For months and months, he poured himself into both learning the trade, all the while building an eighteen minute animated short film called “Fusion Chronicles.” When it was finally complete, he decided the only way to send it out to festivals was by using Jewelboxing. Says Ben, “I chose your system because of the quality and the value of the product. It’s a great service for up and coming filmmakers.” After seeing the trailer for his film, and its fantastic packaging, we’re convinced he’s right.

In order to thank them for being customers, we’re building realistic CGI models of those in Bath, Hollywood, San Francisco, Mercer, Winter Park, Copenhagen, Dordrecht, Jacksonville, Tucson, Santa Monica, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Amherst, Harrisonburg, Tempe, Fremont, Paris, Red Bank, Middleburg Heights, Tonawanda, Newfield, Grove City, Hawthorne, Ames, Truro, Toronto, Pittsburgh, and Fresno.

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The Top of Portfolio Mountain

Along with the already-employed’s search for better and brighter positions, it’s also graduation time around the world and with all of that comes mailboxes full of reels, demos, and everything in between. It’s those that arrive on desks that stick out and make an impression that leads to landing jobs. Vanessa Harper, a Creative Director by trade, who just finished up with a design program in Orlando, Florida, sent us a copy of her portfolio, and based on what we saw, we’re pretty confident it’s the kind of work that’ll take her very far. Heck, just based on her Jewelboxing design, it proves she knows her stuff.

We know they’re receiving dream job offers every day in Iver, Seattle, Snohomish, Baltimore, Kennesaw, Boulder, Limehouse, Duncton, Nottingham, Savannah, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Boca Raton, Tempe, New York, Astoria, Cambridge, Lawrenceburg, Evansville, Atlanta, Hoboken, Seneca, and San Mateo.

November 9, 2017 | Category: Blog

A Favorite of the Chimps

Out of the blue one day, we received an e-mail from composer Benjamin Dauer, who performs under the name, Chimp Logic, wrote, “Hey, I’m just finishing up my promo CD and am using Jewelboxing. I’d love to send you guys a copy!” Never ones to pass up anything free, especially if it’s packaging would clearly be beautiful, we told him to send it along. A few days later, we were listening to Benjamin’s terrific new album, “{ movement 1 }” and oogling the super cool, ultra sleek layout. We also enjoyed a letter he included:

“In anticipation of creating this solo album, and after having searched for years for the perfect packaging solution, I found your company. Upon reading about your products, I immediately placed my first order and got busy polishing my inserts and labels. I wanted to ensure that when I submitted my album for review at the hands of directors, choreographers, and talent scouts, that mine would stand out from the rest. This is by far the most comprehensive and classy packaging solution in existence.”

Reading that while listening to Benjamin’s great music made us, well, about the happiest packaging solution company in existence. That and our new pals in Chicago, Grand Rapids, Clovis, Markham, Overath, New York, Los Angeles, San Diego, Winslow, Boston, Brooklyn, Rex, Orlando, Marshfield, Outremont, Venice, Jersey City, Toronto, and Portland.

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Designing “Ecology”

A few months back, we ran across a site called Textilesounds, a cool independent record label/blog in San Francisco run by Matthew Dingee. It popped up on our radar because Matthew was near finishing his new solo album at the time and had begun thinking of packaging and he’d said that he was thinking about using Jewelboxing. Although the mention was brief, his blog was incredible, with him detailing every bit of album making process. We immediately knew we’d be smart to keep up with his progress. And that paid off times ten.

On the 9th, the album now completely finished, Matthew updated the site to talk about the packaging:

“The Jewelboxing folks deserve as much praise as you can heap on them. Their system allows you to produce a polished product on the cheap. Basically, you get the parts of a sharply designed jewel case complete with rounded corners and clasp closure that works. In addition, you receive perforated card stock sheets and downloadable templates for your graphics software. Hand over the templates to your excellent graphic designer friend and then print them out”

From the images we saw of what he’d come up with, we ordered the album that second, hoping the music was as good as the design. And right we were. “Designer Ecology” by Grappa, Matthew’s band pseudonym, is an amazing collection of haunting melodies, beautiful and complex compositions, and quiet brilliance. In short, it’s a tremendous album, and we’re honored that Matthew decided to use Jewelboxing to help present it. Do yourself a favor and order two: one for you, one for a friend.

We’re buying copies right now for everyone in Seattle, Burbank, Boise, Marina del Rey, Washington DC, Angwin, Delray Beach, San Francisco, La Crescenta, New York, Fort Saskatchewan, Brooklyn, San Diego, Pasadena, Beaverdam, Columbia, San Pedro, and Dennisport.

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What Is He Doing?!

We get excited about gadgets but not just the latest cell-phone or Tivo or GPS system. We really dig mechanical gadgets, like that machine that counts twenties at the bank and our new Jewelboxing gadget, the Airplus machine. Oooooh.

Dawson was kind enough to demonstrate it and we brought in the Junior Jewelboxing Team (Grace, 6 and Spencer, 4 “And 3/4!”) to evaluate the greatest thing since the Cotton Gin. Check out the results in this short video. [speakers on]

In the past, we’d been using that staple of the packaging and shipping industry: peanuts. Along with palates of boxes and big rolls of shrink and bubble wrap, every month we’d get in a huge batch of these eight foot tall bags of peanuts. We’d scoop them into each shipment that was headed out, piles and piles of them. And then when customers would receive them, they’d get their cases in safely, but they’d also have a mountain of these shipping peanuts to deal with. Yech. No more thankfully.

If there’s a line to see the new Airplus machine, the first people we’ll let in to see it will be from Miami, New York, Burbank, Duarte, Cincinnati, Washington, Colorado Springs, Phoenix, Chatsworth, London, Houston, Los Angeles, Delray Beach, Reno, Copenhagen, Richmond, Canton, and Bradford.

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Aural Fixation

One of our new favorite people of all time, Chaz Windus of Blazing Lazer, has helped us out once again. Not only did he send in a series of amazing music tracks for us to help score the Jewelboxing commercial, he followed up by doing all of the sound design as well. What was once just a flashy little spot with cool music, is now a flashy little spot with cool music AND a cornucopia of wooshes and beeps. It really does breathe a whole new life into the whole thing. Check it out.

With this step, it seems like we’re nearing the end of this fun side project. However, we’ve come this far, we can’t just let the thing sit and waste away on this site, can we? Well, we may not have the media budget, but we’ve got something sneaky planned that’ll get this thing seen. Stick with us—more revealed soon.

We would be making boring animations about dirt and sticks, if it weren’t for those in Wellington, Carmel, Minneapolis, Wien, Tallahassee, Yonkers, San Francisco, Atlanta, New York, Hudson, San Luis Obispo, Tucson, Goleta, Nesna, Philadelphia, Verdun and Troy.

November 9, 2017 | Category: Blog