Now in Exciting…Monochrome?

Because we’re in the business, we try to keep tabs on what else is out there in the disc packaging market. One thing we’ve heard a lot about, as you probably have too, is Lightscribe, developed by Hewlitt-Packard. It’s an admitted cool system where you’re able to burn an image straight onto a disc. It’s a method that’s been used by the big disc manufactures for years, but now the price of the technology has come down enough to make it a viable option for consumers.

In looking at all the info we could find on Lightscribe, reading up on how the laser works, at what image resolution it can burn, and other techie interests, we were more than a little disappointed when we saw samples of the discs. Given the limitations of the laser, black, and shades thereof, is the only color available to anyone who uses the system. The sample included in their press kit makes “Vacation in Hawaii” look dated and, frankly, a little dreary. You can imagine that the original picture they used was filled with vibrant blues and greens; the kinds of colors you’d remember from a trip like this. Shouldn’t you have something that immediately catches your eye, something that doesn’t require you to look past the old-timey monochrome?

Now while the Jewelboxing System doesn’t have any flashy, futuristic lasers at its disposal, we think the final output is a hundred times better. You get full color discs and a snazzy case to stick it in too. And the only piece of technology needed? A color printer.

But heck, despite our little concerns about it, we still think this Lightscribe thing is pretty cool. So even if you have one, you’re inevitably going to want to stick it in something nice, aren’t you?

There’s nothing dull and dreary about those in Abbeville, Saint Peter, North Chatham, San Francisco, Galena Park, Nashville, St. Louis, Spruce Pine, Newton, Walnut Creek, Valencia, Springfield, Surrey, New York, Winnipeg, Tucson, Elgin, Atlanta, Mexico City, McLean, Denver, South Windsor, Norwalk, Eden, and Boston.

Vacation? What Vacation?

Back from 1900 miles and ten days with the family. Chicago to Upstate NY to Toronto and back again. Perfect trip for a Jewelboxing archive of photos. Now, I’ve got a bit of catching up to do.

Ronnie at Tirade writes, “Jewelboxing looks like it could be another tool with which we, the great unwashed, can steal the means of production, or at least buy it on the cheap. But this doesn’t look in the least bit cheap.” Thanks for that. Webranding says, “Not sure why it took so long for a firm to launch a product like this, but heck it is here now. I use it at work and for my personal needs. With a little effort you can produce your own custom CD-ROM that looks like what you expect to purchase at a store.” That’s appreciated too.

I covered a lot of ground during the last ten days of vacation but not enough to get caught up on thanking our new friends in Harleysville, Moorpark, Portland, Drayton, Santa Monica, Austin, Lawrence, Boston, NYC, Tallahassee, Providence, Pittsburgh, Oakbrook Terrace, Columbus, DC, Brooklyn, Westerville, Cedar Rapids, Las Vegas, Chicago, Uniontown, LA, St. Paul, Windsor, Madison, San Francisco, Raleigh, Kirkland, Fairlawn, Philadelphia, Louisville, Bremgarten, Palo Alto, Sparta, Houston, Oxfordshire, Guaynabo, Bartlett and Kenosha.

We Get Letters, and Jpgs Too

Don Bambico writes. “When I first saw your Jewelboxing system, I simply fell in love with the freedom to design all around the case thus making it very eye catching. Having been stuck designing on those boring DVD amaray cases, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try and create something slick with your Jewelboxing system.”

“So in an attempt to attract prospective employers and also for graduate school admissions, I used the Jewelboxing system and created my very own portfolio cd-rom. I must say that I am extremely satisfied and very happy with the outcome. Thank you Jewelboxing Crew, you guys rock!”

The parade of cities continues in a increasingly futile attempt to get caught up before vacation. Thanks to London, Westfield, LA, Miami, Charlotte, Burbank, Heemstede, Amsterdam, Venice, Golden Valley, Lincoln, Schaumburg, Winnipeg, NYC, Stockton-on-Tees, Lombard, South San Francisco, Atlanta, Stratford, Richmond and Phoenix.

See you after Labor Day. Keep Jewelboxing.

A Dream Vacation in the Greek Islands

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been extremely fascinated with Greece and have always dreamed of vacationing there. Almost 30 years later it seems that my dream may finally come true. On a whim, I played the lottery last month and won $250,000 which is another dream that came true. One of my immediate thoughts was that I would finally be able to visit the Greek Islands. My initial thought was to stay at one of Mykonos luxury villas that are available to rent year round. I have to put a lot of careful thought into this as I want to have one of the best experiences of my life.

I searched the internet for rental properties in Mykonos and was beyond happy with what I found. I found one particular company that rents villas on the island. They have a list of properties, along with photographs, of what is available. The pictures were absolutely breathtaking and I could not stop looking at them. They are some of the most luxurious homes I have ever seen in my life. The views from the villas were absolutely amazing. They have a wide range of rentals that are on the beach and other stunning locations around the island. This real estate company offers too many amenities to list here and I will be looking further into them.

I plan on calling this company tomorrow and enlist their help in planning my perfect vacation. I think it would be so much fun to spend Christmas and New Years in Greece so that is what I’m aiming for. I’m so excited and can hardly contain my enthusiasm about this once in a lifetime experience. Next, I need to call my family because I want them to share in my dream come true and treat them to a fun family adventure.