Crash Ballet

When we came across NASA Crash Impact Demonstrations for a post at CP we thought they were oddly beautiful, especially in light of the fact that these crashes were staged for research. OK, just for fun, we started a contest. We’ve quickly matched a couple of these crash clips with a piece of music from Plone’sexcellent For Beginner Piano.

Here’s our clip. Who’s next?

Pick your own music, fire up Final Cut Pro and send us a link (info at coudal dot com) to your clip. We’ll give away a Jewelboxing 20pack if we see something exceptional before tomorrow morning end of the day Thursday. By the way, there are bigger source files at the NASA site for each of the clips listed.

Big ups to to NYC, Wien, Abbeville, Bath, Flintridge, Laval, Morris Plains, San Francisco, Chicago, West Hollywood, Sammamish and Ottawa.

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