Five Seems Ideal to Jason

Jason, who’s email address places him at a marketing firm in Ohio, has won a Jewelboxing 20pack. We picked his name out of a virtual hat full of people who were kind enough to tell us how many of their relatives they actually like in reference to a new JB product we’re developing. We’ll leave it up to Jason to tell his family which five he was referring to.

If we had relatives in Lincoln, LA, West Lafayette, Seattle, Surrey, Portland, Savannah, Waikato, Chicago, Redondo Beach, London, San Gabriel or Newark, we’d probably like them fine, except for that really tall aunt who smells like onions.

We’re sponsoring the presentation of How to BBQ a Man an excellent short film from Slowtron as it was their fine work that got us into this Jewelboxing mess to begin with. “Celebrate the times. Oh, the times.”

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