Found Through Photos

We ran into Jewelboxing user Bradley Spitzer completely by accident. We were looking around on Flickr for a long lost photo we were pretty sure was laying around somewhere, tagged for some event we’d all been at. But that’s neither here nor there, because we followed a “Jewelboxing” tag and there was Bradley’s work, in all its well-designed, photographic splendor.We were so impressed by his case, along with his other photography work (check out his “My 50 Favorites”), that we tracked him down and asked if he wouldn’t mind sharing some info about the project. Here’s the scoop:

“The project that you saw on Flickr was an interesting one. I was a volunteer photographer at a indoor, 24 hour music festival at the end of December. During the festival there were a variety of established artists and young ones as well. One of the artists, Alli Rogers, has a local connection (not to me) and is just beginning to take off. After getting back from the festival (and recuperating, ’cause it was incredibly tiring) I noticed on her website that she just had some horrible live photos.”

“So I contacted her management company and asked if they would be interesting in having the photos for any future promotion. They said yes. I knew about Jewelboxing and decided to buy a set of Kings because I wanted them to actually hold onto something physical, professional. Nothing’s come out of it yet, but it was definitely worth the time and energy it took to put it together.”

If you’re anywhere in the Midwest and looking for a photographer, Bradley’s your guy. The man has loads of talent to spare, and we’re thrilled that he used Jewelboxing to highlight his work. We’re also very happy for everyone in Sparks, Venice, Hudson, Santa Monica, Mount Hawthorn, Mukwonago, San Mateo, Praha, Coral Gables, Wood Dale, Burbank, Mankato, Miami, Sydney, East Eallingford, Carlsbad, Saskatoon, Louisville, Washington, Plano, Chicago, Rockford, Manhattan Beach, Oakland, Baltimore, Dallas, El Segundo, Dayton, Cincinnati, Kennesaw, and Culvery City.

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