Getting Hands On with Dragons’ Truth

Here’s an interesting project we just ran into. It’s a short video promoting writer Teel McClanahan III’s new novel, Dragons’ Truth, which is now available as an audiobook. Teel wanted to show off that the audio version was “presented in a premium jewelbox” (see: our Standard-sized case), so he clearly took a page from Dawson’s hand modeling debut and put together his own unique moves to make the following:

Thanks to Teel for posting his video and here’s to hoping there’s soon to be a whole series of similar Jewelboxing-centric hand modeling clips coming from Little Rock, London, Alexandria, Chicago, Brooklyn, Evanston, Phoenix, North Bay Billage, Savannah, Shanghai, Long Beach, Portland, Lakewood, Foothill Ranch, Lancaster, Washington, West Henrietta, New York City, and Atlanta