It’s Different in a Magazine

We have a standing offer that if Jewelboxing is featured in a print publication and somebody sends us a scan before we find it ourselves, we’ll send them a 20pack. Recently we saved $49 when the latest edition of Communication Arts arrived at the studio a full day before Allen and Katie sent scans. CA said, “Put up your dukes. was brought about by designers who were unimpressed with their choices for CD and DVD packaging.” Yes it was.

BTW, we have found our ‘Mom With Design Skills’ and she’s hard at work on her holiday project. Thanks to everyone who volunteered. We sent them all something nice. That’ll teach you to sit on your hands when we ask for entries next time. Join the mailing list at the bottom of the home page so you don’t miss the next one.

Just because there’s a lot of them doesn’t mean we love them any less individually. Fighting a constant battle to stay caught up, we do admire the grace and insightfulness of Red Hook, Madison, Sandusky, San Francisco, NYC, Sheffield, Portland, Manchester, Ramona, Culver City, Bedford, Portland. Chicago, Alexandria, Coconut Grove, Seminole, Allen Park, Wollaston, Delft, Perpignan, London, LA, Houston, Cherry hill, Clayton, Greenfield, White Plains, Manassas, Denver, San Diego, Prince George, Royal Oak, Shorewood, Bothell, Walnut Creek, Boiling Springs, Champaign, Cambridge, Rome, Singapore, Santa Monica, Towson, Big Rapids, Venice and Suwanee.

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