My Brother Got Show Plates for a Gift

I get my brother a birthday gift every year. Sometimes it has not been a big gift because of financial reasons, and other times it has been a goofy gift because we are just that way. This year, I was getting him a gift that he never expected. He loves car shows, even though he does not have a classic car himself. I figured that he would like a show plate or two though for his garage since he has seen so many at the different shows. I went to to see if this was something that would be affordable, because I wanted to get him two of them.

He has two kids, and I wanted to make each one of the plates to have something to do with his boys. Since I was able to pick the colors, fonts, badges and wording, I knew that this would be easy enough to do. I had heard good things about this site from some friends who use them for numbers plates, but I had never used it myself until I heard they did show plates too. I went to the site, and I was happy with everything on it that I saw.

I knew that I would end up using it myself the next time I needed new plates, but my first mission was to make two amazing show plates so my brother could showcase them on his garage wall. It was easy to make them. The site really does walk a person through every step of it, and I had no difficulties at all. When my brother opened his gift a few weeks after they were shipped to me, I knew it was one of the best gifts he could have received. In fact, he has them both in his office instead of his garage!

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