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Starting today, a new Jewelboxing/Adland contest, Coming Adtractions, asks you to write a voice-over for a movie trailer about the advertising business. The winner will receive a 20pack and the admiration of his or her peers.

The movies will not actually be coming to a theater near you in Victoria, Ipswich, Wilmette, Minneapolis, Duncan, Loveland, Alexandria, San Francisco, Dallas, Chicago, Seattle, Münster, Kanata or Pasadena.

November 9, 2017 | Category: Blog

Five Seems Ideal to Jason

Jason, who’s email address places him at a marketing firm in Ohio, has won a Jewelboxing 20pack. We picked his name out of a virtual hat full of people who were kind enough to tell us how many of their relatives they actually like in reference to a new JB product we’re developing. We’ll leave it up to Jason to tell his family which five he was referring to.

If we had relatives in Lincoln, LA, West Lafayette, Seattle, Surrey, Portland, Savannah, Waikato, Chicago, Redondo Beach, London, San Gabriel or Newark, we’d probably like them fine, except for that really tall aunt who smells like onions.

We’re sponsoring the presentation of How to BBQ a Man an excellent short film from Slowtron as it was their fine work that got us into this Jewelboxing mess to begin with. “Celebrate the times. Oh, the times.”

November 9, 2017 | Category: Blog

Kindred Spirits

Gadster is the daily weblog of SD Windham, an online tea merchant. I wouldn’t normally mention such a thing here but they made a point of saying nice things about us. So there.

Other people who think like us include the good-looking and witty residents of Greenwood, Clarksville, Brighton, Ojai, Alexandria, Vancouver, Beaverton, Coopersville, Seattle, San Ramon, NYC, Charles Town and Eugene.

November 9, 2017 | Category: Blog

How Many Relatives Do You Really Like? Part Two

Yesterday we asked for some opinions about a new system we’ll be offering and we received a ton of responses, none were better than this one from Russell.

Hmmmm. I like a lot of the dead ones and I’d probably press some flowers in the jewel boxes and leave them at their graves, but I am a bastard and never visit the cemeteries. Christ, I couldn’t even find them without calling my dad for directions and that would be pretty tacky. I like 5 or 6 of the live ones. However some still can’t understand the concept of the ‘dimmer switch’, so they aren’t getting any ultra-modern new fangled doohickeys that might scare their cats. I’d say 2 might benefit from a jewel boxed photo album. Yes, 2. And I have about 30 relatives that are not that far removed. I just don’t dig them.

We like a surprisingly large percentage of the folks in Indianapolis, Leonia, Mountain View, Altadena, DC, San Francisco, Jacksonville, Ocean, Atlanta, Edmonton, Nashville, Miami, LA and Vancouver.

November 9, 2017 | Category: Blog

How Many Relatives Do You Really Like?

If we were going to offer a smaller kit for people who wanted to make family photo or video archives for the holidays, what would be the optimum number of cases to include? Ten? Five? Three? What do you think? Write us with your opinion and we’ll choose a random responder and send them a 20pack free of charge.

Basically we’re going to make it super simple for folks who don’t have familiarity with or access to professional design applications to create a great-looking package. The last piece of the puzzle is figuring out the right basic system size and price. For me, five or six seems right. I’d make a couple for my own use and one each for the grandparents and one or two more for the kids’ aunts and uncles. A package like that would sure blow away that goofy photo-print with the wreath on the left and the kids all bundled up in red sweaters on the right.

If you live and work in Fort Worth, Johnson City, Scarbrough, Madison, LA, La Verne, Santa Monica, Edmond, Harrisonburg, London, NYC, Menifee, Potomac, Auckland, Berlin, St. Paul, Athens, Tamarac, Bellevue, Hudson, Tooele, North Hollywood, Stow, Ashford, Riverdale, Key Biscayne, Bassendean, Plano, Springville, Chicago or Forest Hills, consider yourself warned. Your competition is now armed with the Jewelboxing system and their presentations are much more lethal. Your only response is to close the ‘disc-packaging gap’ by matching their now-awesome power with a Jewelboxing system of your own.

November 9, 2017 | Category: Blog

Vacation? What Vacation?

Back from 1900 miles and ten days with the family. Chicago to Upstate NY to Toronto and back again. Perfect trip for a Jewelboxing archive of photos. Now, I’ve got a bit of catching up to do.

Ronnie at Tirade writes, “Jewelboxing looks like it could be another tool with which we, the great unwashed, can steal the means of production, or at least buy it on the cheap. But this doesn’t look in the least bit cheap.” Thanks for that. Webranding says, “Not sure why it took so long for a firm to launch a product like this, but heck it is here now. I use it at work and for my personal needs. With a little effort you can produce your own custom CD-ROM that looks like what you expect to purchase at a store.” That’s appreciated too.

I covered a lot of ground during the last ten days of vacation but not enough to get caught up on thanking our new friends in Harleysville, Moorpark, Portland, Drayton, Santa Monica, Austin, Lawrence, Boston, NYC, Tallahassee, Providence, Pittsburgh, Oakbrook Terrace, Columbus, DC, Brooklyn, Westerville, Cedar Rapids, Las Vegas, Chicago, Uniontown, LA, St. Paul, Windsor, Madison, San Francisco, Raleigh, Kirkland, Fairlawn, Philadelphia, Louisville, Bremgarten, Palo Alto, Sparta, Houston, Oxfordshire, Guaynabo, Bartlett and Kenosha.

November 9, 2017 | Category: Blog

Ready To Go

“When you care enough to burn the very best, don’t deliver it in one of those flimsy, bulk-buy cases. Jewelboxing will send you jackets built to be as timeless as your High Fidelity mix…” -from ReadyMade Magazine, Just on shelves, right this very minute.

November 9, 2017 | Category: Blog

We Get Letters, and Jpgs Too

Don Bambico writes. “When I first saw your Jewelboxing system, I simply fell in love with the freedom to design all around the case thus making it very eye catching. Having been stuck designing on those boring DVD amaray cases, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try and create something slick with your Jewelboxing system.”

“So in an attempt to attract prospective employers and also for graduate school admissions, I used the Jewelboxing system and created my very own portfolio cd-rom. I must say that I am extremely satisfied and very happy with the outcome. Thank you Jewelboxing Crew, you guys rock!”

The parade of cities continues in a increasingly futile attempt to get caught up before vacation. Thanks to London, Westfield, LA, Miami, Charlotte, Burbank, Heemstede, Amsterdam, Venice, Golden Valley, Lincoln, Schaumburg, Winnipeg, NYC, Stockton-on-Tees, Lombard, South San Francisco, Atlanta, Stratford, Richmond and Phoenix.

See you after Labor Day. Keep Jewelboxing.

November 9, 2017 | Category: Blog

Places in the Heart

Bob Phillips won the Photoforums ‘Summer Fun’ contest and a Jewelboxing 40pack with this shot from Fort Myers. There’s a new contest up at PF now so get snapping.

Off on a road trip with the family in a couple days so I better make a serious effort to catch up on our list of cities where “the smart people live.” Here goes nothing. Santa Monica, Hamburg, Dubai, Babylon, Sebastopol, Somerset, Provo, Compton, Olathe, Portland, North Yorkshire, Virginia Beach, Glendale, Orlando, Chicago, Raleigh, North Canton, Rochester, Brookeville, Philadelphia, Bountiful, Roseville, Eureka, NYC, San Francisco, Austin, Napa, Minneapolis, Penticton, Rockwall, Brooklyn, Seattle, Athens, Alexandria, Dallas, Pacific Palisades and Fresno.

November 9, 2017 | Category: Blog

Send Us Your Stuff

We’ve added Jason Koxvold’s disc for his new music video “Appearances” by Citizens Here and Abroad to the Examples and Inspirations page. It’s a nice looking package for a nice looking video for a great sounding song. Send us a snapshot of your latest Jewelboxing project and we’ll show it to everyone else.

We’re waiting for photos from Brooklyn, Oklahoma City, Cedar Hills, Everett, Sherman Oaks, LA, San Francisco, Cary, Denton, Milwaukee and Boston.

November 9, 2017 | Category: Blog

Tell Selectively

We’ve recently answered a couple of similar inquiries so we thought it best to take another look at this Frequently Asked Question.

Q. My only problem is, people keep asking me where I got the packaging from. But if I want my reel to stand out I can’t have everyone using the same packaging. So I’m confused – can you advise? Can I tell them about you and still maintain my packaging lead, or should I lie and send them to Best Buy?

A.Tell the people whose design talent you fear that you forgot the url. Tell everybody else all about us.

By the way, in NYC, Maple Grove, Hilliard, Santa Monica, Atlanta, Irvine, Vancouver, Goteborg, Redding, Akron, Streamwood, and Fox Point, they know already.

November 9, 2017 | Category: Blog

Leta, Meet Spencer

We’re trying a little something different this week. We’ve sold lots and lots of Jewelboxing systems to people who want to get organized by making sweet-looking photo-archives of their family pictures and to send them out as gifts to their friends and relatives. In many cases this, like lots of other things, is motivated by the birth of a child.

One of our favorite weblogs anywhere is Heather Armstrong’s Dooce. Heather and Jon recently introduced a beautiful daughter, Leta, to the world. Heather takes a lot of pictures. Heather’s readers are more than likely young parents. Young parents take a lot of pictures. See where we’re going here?

We’re glad to be sponsoring Dooce for the next couple months. We tried to keep our ad as tasteful as the rest of Heather’s site and if you click on our ad there, you’ll go to an alternate JB home page featuring a picture of my boy Spencer. They way we see it, it’s nice to target an ad for an audience but perhaps it’ll be more effective to target the site to that audience too. We’ll see.

Babies are born everywhere, but the cutest ones are born in Burbank, LA, NYC, Chicago, Redmond, Tampa, Toronto, Austin, Carlsbad, Houston, South Pasadena and Montreal.

November 9, 2017 | Category: Blog

Doing Half a K

If you’re making over 500 packages but not, say 10,000, you might want to consider this method. A lot of our customers have found this the most efficient way to handle a job of that size. Buy the cases in bulk from us and then also buy the blank pre-perforated trayliner sheets in bulk too. The reason is that the trayliner die-cut is very complicated, with rounded corners and exact folds for the spine art. It needs to be just exactly perfect to fit correctly between the case backs and the disc-trays. You could make your own die from our templates but it generally takes a couple times to get it right, and that’ll cost you a few hundred dollars.

The pre-perforated trayliners will run through a conventional or digital sheet-fed press just fine. In most cases, any press that passes the sheet straight through without winding it tightly around a roller will perform great.

The insert books are basically folded rectangles and any print-shop can fold and trim those to spec quite easily. At larger quantities, it’s most efficient to have your replicator screen the art on the discs, so you probably won’t need the labels either. Just write us at the address above and we’ll be glad to price out a custom job for you.

Of course the smart people in West Hollywood, Pleasanton, Cincinnati, Arcadia, Fort Worth, Bristol, Edinburgh, Emeryville, Navan, Kapolei, Sonoma and Atlanta already had figured that out.

November 9, 2017 | Category: Blog

This Is Your Life

So your friend is turning 40. You’ve got a large stash of quasi-embarrassing photos and even a few home movies. Make him a disc of his life so far. That’s what Brendan did.

Thanks to the forward-thinking people of LA, Milwaukee, Roanoke, Brighton, Southampton, Roswell, Atlanta, Houston, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Vaud and Woodstock. We love you.

November 9, 2017 | Category: Blog

Don’t Believe It Because We Said It, Believe It Because RES Magazine Said It.

“While it’s getting easier and easier to create DVDs these days, the final step – creating the packaging – is a little bit harder. That’s too bad because packaging is key for both storage and making a good impression. The Jewelboxing System makes it easier by giving you all the tools you need to put together pro display cases for your reel or film…”

At Coudal, we asked for someone to send us a scan of this article from RES Magazine and Nick of Creamy Orange did it first, so we’re sending him a 20pack on the house.

Rumor has it we’re featured in an upcoming issue of one of our favorites, ReadyMade Magazine. Scan it and send it in. First one we receive gets a 20pack too.

If aliens were to land from a hostile planet, it would be best for all of us if they found themselves in Irvine, Seattle, San Diego, Ithaca, Boston, NYC, Hampshire, LA, Lawrence, West Roxbury, Buffalo or Mission Hills.

November 9, 2017 | Category: Blog

You Are What’s On Your Playlist

Anyone with the tiniest bit of interest in music has, at one time or another, compiled songs onto blank media. And since the days of reel-to-reel, people have been judged by their mix tapes. The songs you choose, the order of the tracks, the theme, even the design (or lack thereof) of the case, can reveal your inner psyche. By just looking at your tracklist, a music fan will likely comprehend you better than your parents, or your psychiatrist, ever will.

So if you’ve ever needed further proof that the rich and famous are pretty clueless, take a look at Apple Music Store’s Celebrity Playlist feature.

Is it really a surprise that Fred Durst has the same musical taste as a relatively unhip high school kid? Is it kind of creepy/sad that Beyoncé’s list includes several of her own recordings? Do we believe that Andrew W.K. listens to nothing but Parliament? Who would have guessed Ruben Stoddard really likes Luther Vandross? Is there a rule that all playlists must include OutKast? Does Ed Norton even own a stereo?

While many are flat-out obvious or weak, others try too hard. John Mayer appears to have stayed up all night toiling to create a list so diverse that it makes us wonder how such a wide range of influences could result in such utter mediocrity in his own work.

Quirks of the Apple Music Store add another level of scrutiny to the playlists, with unavailable songs replaced with subpar live versions or gaping holes. (Interpol’s list doesn’t include Joy Division? are they worried people might realize how derivative they are, or was Joy Division’s catalog not available when they posted?)

Of course there are good lists, too. Burt Bachrach chooses a set of top standards that would probably never see the day if licensing got in the way. Tom Petty compiled ten fantastic soul and blues tracks without being either obvious or obscure. Alice Cooper lists songs by both his influences and influencees. Phantom Planet, Sleater Kinney and the Flaming Lips’ mixes are convincing documents of what they’re probably actually listening to these days.

The point is, Celebrity Playlists are fascinating in so many ways, and we thought it’d be fun to choose some celebrities Apple hadn’t talked to yet, and guess what songs and themes and gimmicks they’d choose if confronted with such a task. Choose any celebrity, and explore their innermost thoughts and feelings, whether comical or sincere, by choosing songs from Apple Music Store. Post your list at and with the crew there, we’ll choose the winners based on how convincing your picks are.

We’re sure to find some good lists being assembled in Syracuse, NYC, Boston, Redding, LA, Santa Clara, Farmingville, Toronto, Mokena, Highland, Menlo Park, Houston, Ottawa, Fairview and Edwardsville.

November 9, 2017 | Category: Blog

Freedom Not To Sell

Maybe I shouldn’t share this but it could be helpful to someone else creating a start-up business online, so here goes. We have had exactly six requests for refunds out of the thousands of orders we’ve filled in the past few months.

One was because the system “just wasn’t what I expected.”

One was because the project the system was ordered for was canceled.

One was because our paper did not work with a specific print-shop’s sheet-fed press and by the time we offered to send more paper free of charge, the deadline for delivering the final project had passed.

One was because a student was putting together a resume reel and between the time she ordered and took delivery she found a job.

Two were because the packages were completely mangled on their way to Europe.

Those are the breaks and we’re sorry things didn’t work out, but we were happy to refund those customers. Then we had one last week. No matter what we did we couldn’t make this customer happy. Our policies and our customer support which had been praised and appreciated by hundreds of people who had ordered exactly the same thing, were not good enough. Ultimately, this person wanted us to completely change they way we run our business and reconfigure our product specifically for his needs. We tried, but when he became rude in emails and on the phone I simply hit the refund button, leaving him and his complaints in the rear-view mirror. Wow, did that ever feel good. With one click we were completely free of any obligation to deal with this guy whatsoever. The lesson here is that as a retailer you need to remember that you’re always free not to sell your product to someone and surprisingly, that can occasionally be a real good decision.

We’ll do our damndest to make sure the nice folks in Chicago, Berkeley, Thessaloniki, Santa Fe, Twickenham, Mascoutah, Phoenix, Albuquerque, Helsinki, Alhambra, Brantford, Portland, Oak Park, Gilbert, Atlanta and Brooklyn get the most out of their Jewelboxing purchase.

November 9, 2017 | Category: Blog

Three Apples A Day

Alex of o2 Creative Solutions writes, “We are in the process of developing packaging for a six disk set with a short booklet. I was wondering if you offered any multiple disks solutions?”

This issue has come up a few times and while we don’t offer a single package that can handle that many discs we do have a couple ideas. First off, our King cases handle two discs beautifully. More than two discs involved? Coincidentally we’re dealing with a similar assignment on a client project that we can’t talk about. For the purposes of this discussion, let’s say that a band named ‘Eve’ has asked us to design a package for a three CD album. One solution might be to use a single image spread across the spines of all three cases. When they’re stacked or shelved next to each other, they display a nice unified look from the side. The next step would be to spec out a custom, cardboard sleeve to hold all three cases (basically a folded rectangle glued to itself) and then repeat that same image on the side panel of that. Voila. If you need the specific dimensions for the sleeve, or have another solution you’d like to share, just drop us a line.

Our gratitude never ends and neither does our feeble attempt to get caught up on these. Here’s to all our pals in San Francisco, NYC, Gilbert, Lake Oswego, Washington, Scottsdale, Seattle, Canton, Fernandina Beach, Keller, Edmonton, Philadelphia, San Angelo, Rochester, West Hollywood, Malibu, Mount Laurel and Port Royal.

November 9, 2017 | Category: Blog

A Dream Vacation in the Greek Islands

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been extremely fascinated with Greece and have always dreamed of vacationing there. Almost 30 years later it seems that my dream may finally come true. On a whim, I played the lottery last month and won $250,000 which is another dream that came true. One of my immediate thoughts was that I would finally be able to visit the Greek Islands. My initial thought was to stay at one of Mykonos luxury villas that are available to rent year round. I have to put a lot of careful thought into this as I want to have one of the best experiences of my life.

I searched the internet for rental properties in Mykonos and was beyond happy with what I found. I found one particular company that rents villas on the island. They have a list of properties, along with photographs, of what is available. The pictures were absolutely breathtaking and I could not stop looking at them. They are some of the most luxurious homes I have ever seen in my life. The views from the villas were absolutely amazing. They have a wide range of rentals that are on the beach and other stunning locations around the island. This real estate company offers too many amenities to list here and I will be looking further into them.

I plan on calling this company tomorrow and enlist their help in planning my perfect vacation. I think it would be so much fun to spend Christmas and New Years in Greece so that is what I’m aiming for. I’m so excited and can hardly contain my enthusiasm about this once in a lifetime experience. Next, I need to call my family because I want them to share in my dream come true and treat them to a fun family adventure.

October 10, 2017 | Category: Blog

Something I Got from Europe

While I was in Europe visiting a friend, he gave me some Vimax pills to use when I hooked up with a local girl. I told him that I didn’t need to use any pills, but he assured me that I would not regret using them. He was right, and I had the best night of my life, and the woman I was with would certainly agree to that. When I got back home, I looked for the best place to buy Vimax in Australia, because I wanted to have the same experience that I did when I was in Europe.

I found out that I could purchase the pills online from an store that sells products of that nature. Continue reading

September 23, 2017 | Category: Blog

MacUser Redux

From the July MacUser Magazine (which nobody told me about and if they had I would have been happy to send them a free 20pack so if you see us mentioned somewhere cool don’t assume that we know about it, drop us a note and if it’s news to us we’ll take care of you) “Like all the best ideas, Jewelboxing came about when the system’s founders, the designers at Coudal Partners, couldn’t find an easy way to package up their digital work…” A nice sidebar on p63. Thanks for that. For more on how this thing got started, read this early entry in the JB blog.

If I don’t start reeling them off in big chunks I’m never going to get cought up on my thank-yous, and that’s just bad manners. So here’s a big wet kiss to San Francisco, Washington, Kilcullen, LA, Corvallis, Honolulu, NYC, Boulder, Waikato, Cypress, Bury, Versailles, Philadelphia, Mt. Pleasant, Denton, Freemans Bay, Bristol, Saratoga Springs, Ft. Myers and Mequon.

August 27, 2017 | Category: Blog

Make Up Your Own Bad Headline Playing Off the Phrase “You’ve Got Mail.”

We have lots of ways to track where our customers come from. Some are scientific and some not so much. The majority of our site visitors come from links on blogs and in forums. The second biggest chunk come from ads we’ve placed in a variety of places and from contests and promotions we created or sponsored. Search results come third but we’ve seen a big spike in those since AOL dropped a load of promotional direct-mail discs on North America that were packaged using the Super Jewel Box King.

A number of people have told us they received the case. Loved it. Found the SJB logo. Googled it. And there we were. Bingo.

We sincerely hope this promotion been helpful to AOL and we’d like to suggest that they continue ther progarm aggressively. It just goes to show that if you work hard, it doesn’t always matter. Sometimes being a little lucky is better. We’re also lucky to have new friends in Provo, Marina del Rey, Benbrook, NYC, Crystal Lake and Brooklyn.

August 27, 2017 | Category: Blog

We Have Winnahs

The Big Smoker’s In12 contest winners have been announced. And the people who called themselves a contemporary art co and “”used six songs we’d never heard of by people we’d never heard of for the first leg of the journey and then just repeated those same six songs for the second leg didn’t win. Congrats to Ian Pointer of Bicester, UK and Allison Bloom of Madison, Wisconsin who did.

The idea was to put together a songlist that got the listener from London to Chicago. Here’s how we did it with a song of thanks. London, Vancouver, Rockwall, Framingham, Toronto, Columbus, Oslo, Trenton, Lithia Springs, Calgary, Orange and Chicago.

August 27, 2017 | Category: Blog

Enter and Enter and Enter to Win

Worth 1000 Jewelboxing Photoshop Contest. “Your task is to think up a fake music album or movie and create a cover for it.”

Don’t break the chain. the ever-popular Trivia Chain is rolling along at Ad-Land. Answer a question about advertising with a question about advertising and win.

$2500 and More is taking submissions at Threadless. The Jewelboxing part of the prize package pales in comparison to the loot but anyway..

Ryan Schroeder won a Jewelboxing 20pack from Daring Fireball’s membership drive. The Big Smoker’s In12 contestwinner will to be announced soon.

You can still enter the Challenge at Photoforums to win a Jewelboxing system and will soon be able to enter a very funny contest at Slatch. Plus we have a huge contest idea for later in the summer with a really sweet prize but we don’t have it all figured out yet so we wan’t say anything more about it. Yet.

To everyone in River Falls, Metairie, Lilburn, Lund, Westfield, NYC, Pittsburgh, LA, Portland, Gatwick, Groningen, Mt. Laurel, Wagga Wagga, Halifax, Portland, Staten Island and Chicago, you’re all winners in our book.

August 27, 2017 | Category: Blog

It Takes All Kinds

We don’t know what every customer is doing with his/her Jewelboxing system. We’ve asked a few and checked the sites of others and here’s a partial list of who’s buying and for what.

College Video Yearbooks. Student Portfolios. Kid Party Gifts. Animators. Churches. Tasteful Nude Photographers. Not-So-Tasteful Nude Photographers. Film Companies. Wedding Photos. Software Applications. Goth Heavy Metal Band Demos. Christian Heavy Metal Band Demos. Charity Appeals. Interactive Annual Reports. Directors. DPs. Food Stylists. Gaffers. Stuntmen. Totally Amazing Digital Effects Companies named Eyeball. Linux Distros. Guys With Girlfriends. Guys Working on Getting Girlfriends. Guys With No Hope of Ever Having Girlfriends. Girls With Girlfriends. Architects. Landscape Architects. Usabilty Architects. Elvis Impersonators (Never Standards, Always Kings). Astronomers. A Really Big, Really Cool Hollywood Movie Company Who We’d Like to Name But Better Not. Jason, Brendan, Brian and Me.

We’re sure there are more. If you’re using Jewelboxing for something you’d like the world to see, email us at crew at jewelboxing dot com and perhaps we’ll feature it on our Examples and Inspirations page. Thanks for using our systems in Centreville, Cincinnati, Sandy, Philadelphia, Toledo, Lincoln, Cambridge, Easthampton, Issy les Moulineaux, Chicago, Yardley and NYC. (Image swiped from here.)

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