Making Movies is Hard

You gotta get funded, deal with anxious writers, goofball actors and knuckleheaded studio employees. At the end of the process, what are you left with? More than likely an hour and change of footage you’re not really proud of.

On the other hand, making promo materials for a movie is easy. Just think of a high-concept, give it a title and do a couple layouts. No stress. No ulcer. No nothing, but the satisfaction of letting others see your work. Watch Worth 1000this week for a chance to design the DVD release of your great-unmade movie project and you might win a Jewelboxing system.

I’d like to thank the Academy and my Mom and Dad and of course my agent for sticking by me and London, Hollywood, Calgary, Las Vegas, Toronto, Oklahoma City, Hagerstown, Tampa, LA, NYC, Meraux and Austin too.

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Armed and Dangerous

For those of you keen on lists of cities, here’s an attempt to begin catch up on our roll-call of appreciation. If you’re in one of these places and you haven’t bought a Jewelboxing system yet, consider yourself warned. The competition might have a new, aerodynamic, polystyrene arrow in their quiver. Beaverton, Las Vegas, Isleworth, Miami, Siloam Springs, Franklin Park, Chicago, Sparta, Kendal, Boston, Overland Park, Dayton, Toronto, Pittsburgh, Santa Monica, Bonita Springs, Newport Beach, NYC, Lancaster, LA, Austerlitz, Tacoma, Kennesaw and Middleboro.

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Revamp This

Only thirty copies of the Akina Nakamori ‘Revamp’ CD, are being made available and we’re glad to say that all of them are being packaged using our system. We’ll show you what the crew has done with the disc and it’s surroundings as soon as we get ours in the mail.

Short-runs of big ideas. That’s just about sums it up.

Oh to be sitting on the front steps in Oceanside, Scottsburg, Port Townsend, NYC, Roslindale, Brooklyn, London, Gainesville, San Diego, Singapore, Villette and Littleton as the summer days fade into a rosy twilgiht and lightning bugs lead laughing children in circles on the lawn.

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Our Staff Will Be Glad to Help You as Soon as They’re Done Dealing With A Personal Matter of Some Delicacy

To a certain person in New York City whose email address keeps bouncing and who asked us a long poetic question about the possibility of using our system to produce a demo reel for a super-secret game project involving virtual sex and classical music, the answer you’re looking for is “sixty”.

Our undying affection and deep respect goes out to our new friends in St. Paul, Arden, West Newton. Emeryville, Menlo Park, Memphis, Manhattan, Burbank, Arlington, Easthampton, Seattle and Santa Monica.

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Music To Our Eyes

We’ve got a bit of a backlog of projects to be added to our Examples + Inspirations section and we’re going to try to get those up this week. Music, film and photography showreels lead the way. Contests continue at the The Big Smoker and at PhotoForums if you’d rather win than buy and finally, we’ve been amazed at the number of people buying the “New Standards” for music demos. If you’re an independent musician, or hang around with one, and you have an idea for a promotion to introduce Jewelboxing to people in that field drop us a line. We’ll try just about anything once.

A tip o’ the collective cap to Villette, Barrie, Woodstock, San Francisco, Arden and Enfield.

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Chicago to London in Twelve Songs

We’re sponsoring a cool new contest at The Big Smoker. It’s called In12, and you could win a 60pack or a 30pack of our “New Standards.”

“We want you to come up with a tracklisting for a mixtape. That mixtape has to take the listener on an aural journey from Chicago (where Jewelboxing work their magic) to London (where we are). And you have to do all that in twelve songs. Clever huh? How you manage this task is up to you. We just want a dozen tunes which conjour up a transatlantic voyage in an imaginative and original way. You’ve got until the end of June to get your entries in.

Other places you might go in twelve songs include LA, Milwaukee, Roanoke, Brighton, Southampton and Roswell.

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Massive Cover Up Exposed

The other day I followed a link to a Photoshop competition at Worth1000. The challenge was to clothe famous nudes. A funny idea, but perhaps not earth-shatteringly so. However, when I got there, I was blown away by the technical skill and imagination displayed in the entries. Since our first (and pretty much only) rule for marketing Jewelboxing is to try and find ways to reach people like ourselves, we’ve decided to sponsor Worth1000 for June. So clean your brushes because there will be some chances to win a few 20packs during the month.

Classical beauty can frequently be found in Singapore, London, LA, Lindenhurst, Kennesaw, Pittsburgh, Boston, Providence, Centannial, Newport Beach, NYC and Hoboken.

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Other Things You Can Do With Paper

We’ve added Santamaria’s sleek new showreel to our Examples + Inspirations section and Juergen and company were nice enough to allow us to share this amazing piece of anmationwith you.

We’ll get caught up on these mentions soon. Starting with the upstanding citizens of Miami, Flintridge, Kennesaw, Seattle, Toronto, Lilburn, Bedfordshire, Elroy, West Orange, NYC, LA and Davie.

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Making a Salami and Swiss Cheese Sandwich or Using Our New 2-Disc Hub

Starting right this very minute (well actually a couple days ago) all of our King (movie-sized) cases come equipped with a new two disc-holding hub. Read the last entry of our Frequently Asked Questionsfor more on the basics of the mechanism involved. Now the hub holds two discs, with one floating snugly and held in place above the other so they don’t touch. If you use only one disc, you’ll never notice the difference. Nice huh? Check this little video we made this morning (right before lunch) demonstrating exactly how it works.

The Spring Jewelboxing Tour continues apace. Venues include Aertesia, Alpharetta, Rockwall, Kingsley, St. Louis, Austerlitz, Buffalo. Pleasantville, Santa Monica, Boston, London and Tacoma.

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Our Appointed Rounds

We uploaded all the information about our New Standards to the site at 3:45 Monday afternoon and at 3:53, Brian from Newport Beach made the first ‘official’ purchase of a 60pack. I wrote him to thank him for being first in line and asked him how he happened to place the order at almost the exact moment the product became available. He said. “…awesome! I was just sitting thinking ‘Hey, I wonder if they’ve released those things yet.’ And then boom! There they were.”

Turns out Brian is a previous customer too as his next mail included this pix and note. “I think I promised you some pics of my jb’s in action. Here’s a couple shot against a recently destroyed bathtub. My site isn’t ready yet, so I have no self-promotional linkage, just a picture of an awesome package with a decent product inside.”

One of the next orders for Standards was from Jan in Lindigo Sweden. I asked him how he found us. He answered, “Just the usual search engine madness. I was looking for something completely different and landed on a weblog that had an entry on your product. So I went to your site and found out in your weblog that you would start offering music size jewelboxes. So I kept coming back once in a while until they were available.” I guess maybe this blogging for business concept has some validity.

They’re setting new standards for their presentations in Santa Monica, Middleboro, Gardena, Kaysville, Houston and LA.

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And New Champion…

Our second product is now available. The New Standard is a music-sized version of the Super Jewel Box and it comes in 30, 60 and 150packs with everything you need to produce great-looking band demos, mix tapes or whatever. Go to BestBuy and purchase any old music CD. Spend half an hour unpacking it and then lay it down on the kitchen table. Take one of ours and place it right next to it. The Jewelboxing Standard will kick its ass all over the place. It’s a stronger, cleaner, better designed, more durable product. And once you’re done with the layout, no doubt it’ll be better-looking too.

In other news, we’ve refined our fulfillment and shipping procedures and have been able to reduce costs to many places. Most notably, our biggest packages, the 100pack of Kings and the 150pack of Standards are now priced at $195 instead of the the previous $220. You can save fifty bucks when you order those. Plus, we’ve got a couple cool collaborative contests ready to go for the Standards and we’ll give you all the details about those soon.

The ongoing roll call of good taste would be incomplete without a mention of Chicago, Greenlawn, Austin, NYC, Lancaster, Jobstown, Fort Lauderdale, San Antonio, Toronto, Paris, Kensington and Aukland. And also Dan Benjamin who gave us a hand with a vexing PHP problem.

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The Picture is Getting Mighty Crowded

I stumbled across a nice mention of our product at and also a link to an an article in today’s New York Times [reg. req.] that pretty much says what we’ve been saying all along. With a little training, a little talent and a little taste, pretty much anybody can be a film or record producer, smarmy or otherwise. And with our system, your products won’t just look as good as commercial releases, they’ll look better.

Santa Monica, Caribou, Bonita Springs, Newport Beach, Ramsey and Aventura, have your people call our people and we’ll take a meeting about something.

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Standard Operating Procedures

With the launch of The New Standards,imminent (really) we’re looking for ways to promote that product to folks who make their own mix-tapes or record their own music or package demos for bands and musicians. If you are one of those or know of place where people like that gather online, drop us a note at crew at jewelboxing dot com. We’d love to put a couple contests up and offer some product as prizes. We have two such promotions ready to go and we’d like to get a couple more on the schedule for June.

We’ve never tried any outbound email for Jewelboxing and are interested in knowing what tools people are using to manage lists and mails, including an automated way for people to subscribe and unsubscribe. Let us know if you have a recommendation.

We can’t speak highly enough about Kendal, Denver, NYC x 2, Boston x 3, Valencia, Santa Rosa, Overland Park, Toronto and London.

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In the Details

One of the biggest problems we face in expanding this Jewelboxing thing is finding the time to make sure everything is perfect. We’ve been slower than we would have liked to roll out new products and features (see TripDisc) mostly because we’d rather be late and great than early and good. Client work is still a big part of the CP Studio, and we’ve basically been thinking of Jewelboxing as a big, demanding client. It can’t overwhelm everything else but it needs the attention and service that our customers deserve. So we’re walking it a bit slowly. That said, The New Standards are on the way. We’ve actually shipped about a dozen orders of them, to people who had to have them right now. Write us if you’re like that. Plus we’ll have a couple really cool new promotions and partnerships to announce soon too.

‘Really cool’ doesn’t begin to tell the stories locked up in our hearts about Tustin, Waikato, Ft. Wayne, Copenhagen, NYC and Sparta.

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The End of the Chain

The final winner of a 20pack in the Ad Land Trivia Chain is Robert Hinchcliffe of the excellent Big Smoker. Thanks to everyone who played. Got an idea for a contest or promotion? We’re more than likely up for it, just give us a shout.

I’d like to teach the word to quiz
in perfect harmony

I’d like to say, the answer is
Fay Weldon and Salman Rushdie.

I’d like to pose another link
In this crafty chain

So tell me who spilled Cinzano on
Joan Collins on a plane.

Here’s to Vegas, NYC, Howard Beach, Mequon, Isleworth and Miami

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Salt and Shaker

We’re sponsoring a contest at The Morning News this week that features the photography of Marshall Sokoloff. Check it out. In other news, it looks like Wednesday will be the day for the launch of The New Standards. A few more packing and shipping tests are needed. We’ll toss a test pack or two out the window. Kick another down the stairs and maybe even head over to Home Depot and see if they’ll let us throw one on the paint-shaker. Then we’ll be good to go. You see, we have to make sure that our products arrive undamaged when we ship them to NYC, Arlington Heights, Atlanta, Milwaukee, Portland or Calgary.

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Are you listening? Yes I Am. “Plastics.”

Lots of graduates getting ready to enter the work-world. Lots of reels on CD and DVD coming to the CP studios. I’m looking at the 12 most recent packages. 1 trigger-case. 1 hand-made cardboard thingy. 7 regular ol’ CD jewelcases, 1 paper sleeve (!) and 2 Super Jewel Boxes, designed and assembled with our system. Here’s the coolest part. The design-work on the portfolios in the Jewelboxing packages is much better than the others. Of course, I’m probably a bit biased.

If you’re a student, email us and we’ll cut you a deal. If you’re a student in Chicago, we’ll cut you the same deal and you can swing by the studio to say hello and pick up the product and save the shipping cost too.

Why Lufkin, Denver, LA, Ottawa, NYC and Salem, I think you’re trying to seduce me.

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If Barry Manilow Really Wanted a Jewelboxing 20pack, He Could Win One Easily

Last week the ad-grunts at Ad-Land were playing Trivia Chain by writing short poems that answered an advertising question with another question. The week they’re trying to win win a Jewelboxing 20pack by writing commercial jingles. Like this one.

Terry Gilliam, Terry Gilliam
He made a film about junkies
Terry Gilliam, Terry Gilliam
He also made a film about monkeys

Monkeys are cool, monkeys are cool
The talking ones steal your girlfriends.
Which beer brand, which beer brand
Made this idea pay dividends?

We love NYC, DC, Berkeley, San Francisco, Irving and Paso Robles. And we love the way MemoriesOnTV can make creating the disc as easy as Jewelboxing makes creating the package.

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A Chisel and a Web Press

Ben Kiel designed and produced his portfolio reel using our Jewelboxing system and some old technology too. He printed the inserts and disc labels on a letterpress. Then he wrote us this note about the process.

“For me, the possibility of combinations of old and new technologies is an area that is rich with exploration. One can make a woodcut, print it once, scan it, then put it on a cover of a magazine that has a run of 200,000 copies. The end product cannot exist without both a chisel and a web press.”

“In a similar way, this project was another way that an old technology, a letterpress and wood type, met a new one, a mass produced system for making custom jewel cases. Without the ease of assembly that the Jewelboxing system affords, the end product would not have been so nice, or even tried. Because the system is already die cut, I could spend just a morning playing with wood type on press knowing the entire time where everything would fall because of the score lines. After I was done printing, it was very simple to tear out each piece of the case and put it all together. If I had to make my own templates and do all of the cutting and scoring it would have taken an afternoon to get everything right and another hour or two on press to print the extra sheets I would have needed for trials. The piece has a quality to it because there is something nice about a CR-Rom label and case that is letterpressed: from one form of transmitting information handing the baton to another.”

They’re seeing the possibilities in Akron, NYC, Chicago, Anoka, Beaverton and Madison.

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We’ve added Robert Josiah’s sweet set of mixtape CD gifts to the Examples + Inspirations page. In other news, the second week of the Ad-Land Trivia Chain contest was surprisingly poetic. A lot of it was Clayton Claymore’s doing. We’re sending him a 20pack. One week to go.

We’re feeling a bit sentimental about Chiswick, Alpharetta, NYC, San Diego, Miami and Forth Worth.

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Eternal Damnation Is Too Kind

Everybody complains about standard CD packaging but perhaps nobody has put it quite as nicely as Steve Martin in this piece from The New Yorker called Designer of Audio CD Package Enters Hell. Aside from actually getting them to open, the flimsy materials break more often than not, they develop that dusty look over time and then there’s that diagonal stress fracture that appears across the front panel.

The Jewelboxing stuff does none of that. And assuming you don’t add that strip of evil plastic and super-tight shrink-wrap, your chances of entering hell will be no greater after you order than before.

Atoning for the sin of not posting every day we’re saying prayers for Venice, Pittsburgh, LA, NYC, Brooklyn, Emeryville, Jersey City, Burwood, Irvine, Streamwood, Madison and Auckland.

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Chain Gang

Last week’s winner in the Ad-Land Trivia Chain game was Shoepal who asked a number of excellent questions including this one. Gwyneth Paltrow never drinks, and she adheres to a strict healthy diet. Yet when a $7 million cheque was waved in her face, she agreed to be the new face of Martini in Australia (and Italy) though now she is pregnant with Coldplay’s Chris Martin who turned down what actor’s request for use of his song in a 2001 film? Congrats Mr. Pal. Your 20pack is on the way. This week’s game starts shortly.

We’ve added Ben Kiel’s impressive letterpressed portfilo to our list of sweet packages designed with our system and you probably won’t have to look too long to find a few sweet packages in San Luis Obispo, Astoria, Columbus, Bois-de-villers, Cliffside Park or Livonia.

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Very Strong

2000strong’s latest showreel was created using the Jewelboxing system and we’re glad to add it to our Examples + Inspirations page. And just as glad to add Toronto, Chestnut Hill, Elkhorn, LaGrange, Troy and Vista to our roll call of new friends.

Remember to keep the Trivia Chain alive.

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One Thing Leads to Another

At Coudal Partners, we do a lot of interesting and satisfying work for a variety of clients and we appreciate the fact that we can control our destiny and put our design, writing and strategic skills to work on projects that are challenging and fun too. That said, we’ve always been interested in exploring ways in which we can have a greater control over the things we create.

This whole Jewelboxing thing got started as a direct result of one of our independent collaborations. We have hosted the series Western State for our friends at Slowtron. The series has become incredibly popular. Episodes have been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times and we’ve been invited to submit the series to a number of film festivals and other competitions. One particular inquiry came from a distribution company in London. They asked for a couple DVDs for their acquisitions department. And, of course, they wanted them in a hurry. We worked all night on formatting the DVD navigation and optimizing it for the European PAL standard and were just about ready to ship when we realized that we hadn’t thought about packaging.

After all the work that went into the shooting and editing and everything else it seemed like printing out some color sheets and putting the disc in a regular old jewel case was not the best way to make a first impression. We’re pretty good at finding things here and over the next couple days we looked at virtually every single disc packaging option available anywhere and decided that they all stunk.

Kevin had saved a promo disc of stock photography he received from Getty, not because we needed another disc full of serious looking businessmen pointing at computer screens or happy people on the phone, but because of the slick, modern hinged case it arrived in. We tracked down another, ripped all the paper out of them and then made our own inserts and sent the Slowtron series winging its way across the Atlantic. I’ll let you know what happens with that.

Anyhow, it didn’t take us too long to realize that there must be other firms and individuals who like us, wanted to put as much thought and effort into what our presentations discs were packed in as we did with the material that we were burned on them.

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Don’t Break the Chain

Looking for an easy way to win a Jewelboxing 20pack? Just answer a question about advertising with a question about advertising at Adland.

Adland is a site “by the ad grunts for the ad grunts” and an inexpensive subscription there gets you access to thousands of tv commercials from all over the world, plus all the latest news and gossip. We’ve uncovered a few juicy items about people in Glasgow, Oakland, London, Toronto, Muncie and Signal Mountain, but we ain’t talking.

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