Eternal Damnation Is Too Kind

Everybody complains about standard CD packaging but perhaps nobody has put it quite as nicely as Steve Martin in this piece from The New Yorker called Designer of Audio CD Package Enters Hell. Aside from actually getting them to open, the flimsy materials break more often than not, they develop that dusty look over time and then there’s that diagonal stress fracture that appears across the front panel.

The Jewelboxing stuff does none of that. And assuming you don’t add that strip of evil plastic and super-tight shrink-wrap, your chances of entering hell will be no greater after you order than before.

Atoning for the sin of not posting every day we’re saying prayers for Venice, Pittsburgh, LA, NYC, Brooklyn, Emeryville, Jersey City, Burwood, Irvine, Streamwood, Madison and Auckland.

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Chain Gang

Last week’s winner in the Ad-Land Trivia Chain game was Shoepal who asked a number of excellent questions including this one. Gwyneth Paltrow never drinks, and she adheres to a strict healthy diet. Yet when a $7 million cheque was waved in her face, she agreed to be the new face of Martini in Australia (and Italy) though now she is pregnant with Coldplay’s Chris Martin who turned down what actor’s request for use of his song in a 2001 film? Congrats Mr. Pal. Your 20pack is on the way. This week’s game starts shortly.

We’ve added Ben Kiel’s impressive letterpressed portfilo to our list of sweet packages designed with our system and you probably won’t have to look too long to find a few sweet packages in San Luis Obispo, Astoria, Columbus, Bois-de-villers, Cliffside Park or Livonia.

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Very Strong

2000strong’s latest showreel was created using the Jewelboxing system and we’re glad to add it to our Examples + Inspirations page. And just as glad to add Toronto, Chestnut Hill, Elkhorn, LaGrange, Troy and Vista to our roll call of new friends.

Remember to keep the Trivia Chain alive.

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One Thing Leads to Another

At Coudal Partners, we do a lot of interesting and satisfying work for a variety of clients and we appreciate the fact that we can control our destiny and put our design, writing and strategic skills to work on projects that are challenging and fun too. That said, we’ve always been interested in exploring ways in which we can have a greater control over the things we create.

This whole Jewelboxing thing got started as a direct result of one of our independent collaborations. We have hosted the series Western State for our friends at Slowtron. The series has become incredibly popular. Episodes have been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times and we’ve been invited to submit the series to a number of film festivals and other competitions. One particular inquiry came from a distribution company in London. They asked for a couple DVDs for their acquisitions department. And, of course, they wanted them in a hurry. We worked all night on formatting the DVD navigation and optimizing it for the European PAL standard and were just about ready to ship when we realized that we hadn’t thought about packaging.

After all the work that went into the shooting and editing and everything else it seemed like printing out some color sheets and putting the disc in a regular old jewel case was not the best way to make a first impression. We’re pretty good at finding things here and over the next couple days we looked at virtually every single disc packaging option available anywhere and decided that they all stunk.

Kevin had saved a promo disc of stock photography he received from Getty, not because we needed another disc full of serious looking businessmen pointing at computer screens or happy people on the phone, but because of the slick, modern hinged case it arrived in. We tracked down another, ripped all the paper out of them and then made our own inserts and sent the Slowtron series winging its way across the Atlantic. I’ll let you know what happens with that.

Anyhow, it didn’t take us too long to realize that there must be other firms and individuals who like us, wanted to put as much thought and effort into what our presentations discs were packed in as we did with the material that we were burned on them.

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Don’t Break the Chain

Looking for an easy way to win a Jewelboxing 20pack? Just answer a question about advertising with a question about advertising at Adland.

Adland is a site “by the ad grunts for the ad grunts” and an inexpensive subscription there gets you access to thousands of tv commercials from all over the world, plus all the latest news and gossip. We’ve uncovered a few juicy items about people in Glasgow, Oakland, London, Toronto, Muncie and Signal Mountain, but we ain’t talking.

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The New Pick Up Line

On a semi-regular basis, we get a call from a customer saying, “I’m in Chicago and I think I’m right down the street from you. Can I just come pick up my order?” To which, of course, we always say yes. It’s a good way for locals to save a couple bucks on shipping, it’s nice to say hello to Jewelboxing customers, and it makes us feel almost like a real live brick and mortar. Well somehow this week, after one of these calls, it finally struck us that we should be making it easier for our customers to know that they can easily swing by and pick up their orders. So we’ve just added this option to the shopping cart:


If you’re local and close by, or just in town for a couple of days for meetings or a conference, and you’re looking to order, we hope this will provide a quick method to stop by, pick up, say hello, and get to Jewelboxing right away.

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Happy Birthday, Bubble Wrap!

Amy here at Jewelboxing HQ alerted us to an important anniversary we might have otherwise missed: it’s the 50th anniversary of bubble wrap. You can read the whole AP story here about the pair of New York inventors, Marc Chavannes and Al Fielding, who developed this wonderfully protective instrument by accident, while they were trying to create a new type of textured wallpaper.

On a personal note, we don’t know where we’d be without the stuff. We go through rolls and rolls of it packaging Jewelboxing and all our other miscellaneous products. It seems like the UPS guy is here dropping more off nearly every week, each roll round and awkwardly shaped making it hard to lug up the stairs, yet surprising light, which sort of makes up for it. We also use a ton of bubble wrap-inspired products, from the Square Spongy Pad Thingamabobs we include in our Studio kitsto help separate cases (we’re sure these have a real name, but we’d prefer to continue along with this given title) to our now-famous Bags of Air machine, which does just exactly as it sounds and its output helps keep every Jewelboxing order safe in transit when it goes from here to you.

So a big thanks and a happy birthday to bubble wrap and here’s to hoping everything is safe and snug in Largs, Los Angeles, Conroe, Rochester Hills, Las Vegas, Miami, Tokyo, New York, Salt Lake City, Addis, Austin, Sandy, Chappaqua, Toronto, Basingstoke, Lincoln, and Hale.

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In Good Company

In the current Reservocation Magazine three products are featured under “New Releases.” One of them is Jewelboxing. We appreciate that.

The other two are Swigg Products, an amazing catalouge “tactile goods for human enjoyment.” (I’ll say) and the unstoppable Kid Robot. Check out the new Dunny Series.

Robots are evereywhere. In Brighton, Littleton, NYC, Garfield, Jackson and even El Segundo.

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