Greetings from Earth. We Have Jewelboxing.

Earlier this week, we received a terrific letter from Steve Wood, a very talented filmmaker and motion graphics designer, who had this to say:

“I’ve been using Jewelboxing to send my short film ‘Echo’ out to festivals. It has been in the East Lansing Film Fest, The London SCI FI Film Fest, and others soon. I love the cases and I’m looking forward to trying out the new paper. Here’s a little info on the film:

The most powerful broadcast ever deliberately beamed into space was made from Arecibo, Puerto Rico on November 16, 1974. It included representations of the fundamental chemicals of life, the formula for DNA, a crude diagram of our solar system, and simple pictures of a human being and the Arecibo telescope.

‘Echo’ was created with stock footage elements from public domain resources such as NASA and The Atomic Energy Commission, combined with original animations created in Illustrator and After Effects. Many of the images in the film were culled from the internet, then modified and animated. Other audio and graphic elements were taken from the 1977 ‘Golden Record,’ a metal LP containing sounds, images, and greetings from Earth, sent into space with the Voyager Spacecraft.”

“Echo” is currently available on iFilm, here. Definitely need to check it out.

We’re making our own ‘Golden Record’ right now, but it contains only gushing praise about the people in Los Angeles, San Rafael, Redondo Beach, Woodstock, Milpitas, Sonoma, Venice, Canmore, Sparta, Manchester, and New York.

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The Winter of Our Complete Content

Every so often, we get in a great letter singing the praises of our Jewelboxing system. Usually the letters come from users who have been thrilled with the outcome of their projects, or how great they look and the reaction they’ve received. Rare is it when we get a letter like this one from Christian Hery with the Parks and Protected Areas division of the Alberta Community Development Center. Christian was so happy with the project, including the use our cases, he decided to walk us through the whole process, from rough start to glorious finish:

“When our Environmental Education Coordinator came to me with her new program, I was not so enthusiastic about it. It was designed as a draft in Pagemaker, and wasn’t so “cutting-edge.” Plus, it needed to be printed on paper, or, alternately, maybe also as a downloadable PDF. So after a few days trying to get excited about it, thinking of other solutions, I turned around and made my proposition. ‘Let’s make it multimedia, burnt on a CD, completely paperless!’ I thought. ‘Who said government agencies have to make things boring?’

My goal was to turn a dull project into something more exciting. So I re-designed the whole thing, adding some pizzazz here and there, and made a customized Flash interface. But what about the package? Should it be one of these boring jewel cases? No! But what else could I use? Well, as I am also a busy freelance designer, I remembered a while back having seen these cute jewelboxes from your company.

Now it was just a matter of persuading my hierarchy to get the budget, which can be tough. But I had on my side the fact that this Winter Ecology Program is supposed to be the template for the other forty or so environmental education programs we’ve got. Well, I must’ve been persuasive enough because we eventually ordered something like a thousand of them. My argument was that we’d be getting the most of the WOW factor from beginning to end with the project, and for a lot less money (no printing cost, and therefore environment-friendly as well!).

Now that people have seen the final product, I can tell you I am getting a lot of emails, not only from teachers (asking when the series will be completed the same way), but also from other government agencies! It’s all turned out great!”

We’re constantly being affected by the wow factor by those in Kyoto, South Haven, Vancouver, Southbury, Phoenix, Beaverton, Orlando, Jarvisburg, Swarthmore, Chicago, Savannah, and Fort Lauderdale.

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Impressive Design, Oppressive Regimes

A little while ago, Jacob Patton, Director of Outreach and Technology for the Free the Slaves organization, stopped by the studio to say hello and to drop off a copy of his group’s new project, “The Freedom Relay,” beautifully designed and packaged using Jewelboxing. We were so impressed by both the design and the goals of the foundation, we thought we’d highlight both the case and give some information about the project:

“Groups of friends all over the country watch ‘The Freedom Relay,’ a documentary about slavery still being practiced throughout the world. After the video has finished, they call in to talk with FTS’ employees who are doing current research or working with our partners at the grassroots. That way, individuals interested in learning more about this issue are able to connect centrally to learn more. We do this on the last Friday of each month: video + conference call. That’s what we are about! Promoting education, dialogue … a movement to end slavery.”

Thanks very much to Jacob and Free the Slaves for letting us see their terrific work. We also look forward to seeing exceptional creations from those in Avondale Estates, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Arlington, Denver, Alexandria, Signal Mountain, Arlington Heights, Boston, Hanover Park, Houston, Saskatoon, Redwood City, Jacksonville, Bonita Springs, Venice, and Beaverton.

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Two Discs, One Case

We’ve received several letters recently about what to do if you want to use the Jewelboxing System, but have a project that requires more than one disc. Would you have to use more than one case? Would you need to switch over and use an unsightly alternative? The answer to both is a resolute no. Both the king and standard-size Jewelboxing cases have actually had the ability to store two discs all along!

Instead of using a separate, swivel tray inside the cases, which we’ve always found to be a little clumsy and not at all sturdy, we decided to go with our current system wherein two discs can fit snugly, and safely, atop one another. The disc-holding spindle in the center is larger than those within the alternative cases you’ve probably seen, making two discs sit close together, but far enough apart not to scratch and damage one another. Plus, we think it look a whole heck of a lot better than anything else out there.

Not convinced unless you can see it with your own two eyes? Well, here’s a little video we made a while ago showing this whole cool two-disc process.

We’d need at least two discs to hold all the positive things we’d like to write about the people in New York, Santiago, Hollywood, Deerfield Beach, Sausalito, Vancouver, Milwaukee, Chicago, Indianapolis, St. Louis, San Francisco, Coeur d’Alene, Atlanta, Chesterfield, Lakeland, Saskatoon, Brooklyn, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Broken Arrow, and Venice.

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A Good Decision, Verified

A company can’t continue to grow without change. We made a big one a month ago when we decided to switch the paper stock we use with the Jewelboxing System. Sure, we were happy with what we’d used previously, but there’s always room for improvement. So we tested and tested, and sure enough, we were right; there was a better stock out there for us. Now every Jewelboxing System we send out is packaged with it, and thus far it’s getting great reactions. Take for example this message we just received from Joan McDonald:

“We wanted to tell you how phenomenal we found the new paper stock. We were totally unprepared for the difference it made. I just can’t stress how different the same file came out printed on the new stuff, compared to the previous stock. We were blown away at the depth and vibrancy it delivered. We’ve been looking at copies of the same tray insert printed on both stock types, and still can’t get over the enormous jump in quality from one to the other. It’s hard to believe it’s the same file. So, good going on investing in the milled-to-order template sheets; it was absolutely worth it, as it’s now impossible to justify going with any other jewelboxing option if you care about how your project is going to present.”

“We just wanted to let you know what a wow factor the jewelboxes added, and how we’re itching to come up with other projects just so we can make more Jewelboxing cases. A deeply satisfying process, especially that clicking the pieces together moment when you’re suddenly holding a finished case. Cool stuff.”

We think it’s impossible to justify going with anybody other than our new pals in Dallas, San Francisco, Houston, Roselle, San Diego, Stevensville, New York, London, Burbank, Irving, Austin, Flatrock, Miami, Norcross, Tacoma, Columbus, Seattle, Bloomfield, Berkley, Paris, Mississippi State, and Santiago.

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Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know About Jewelboxing And Weren’t Afraid to Ask

With any product comes questions. We can speculate that when the telephone was invented, people asked questions like, “How do you plug it in?” or, “How do I telephone my friends?” or even, “Is there a tiny little person who sounds just like my cousin living in the receiver?” With Jewelboxing, it’s no different.

Granted, the System is a breeze to use, from the pre-cut, high-quality paper, to the templates you can just drop into your favorite design program and start tinkering away, but we still do get some really pertinent, very valuable questions coming in. We’d compiled these questions into our helpful Frequently Asked Questions page, but since it’s been a little while since its last update, we thought it was about time to include some of the newer questions we’ve gotten, as well as update some of the older ones with the enlightened bits of knowledge we’ve picked up along the way. While we were at it, we also thoroughly updated the Read Me info for those customers who are already using the System. Take a look. Of course we’re always here if you need us, but maybe you’ll see something in there that answers all your questions right away.

Along those lines, if you’re a regular Jewelboxing user and have printer settings that you’ve found work exceptionally well with the System, we’re in the process of compiling a list of printers and their best settings to further help out with the whole process. If you have any tips, please send them our way. We’d really appreciate it.

We’re writing glowing, highly-complimentary FAQs about those in New York, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Albuquerque, Baltimore, Katonah, Omaha, Commack, Seattle, Mexico City, Kirkland, Oakland Park, Sandston, Mountain View, Green Bay, and Cincinnati.

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Slightly Colder Than Even Chicago

We absolutely love it when we get a letter like this one sent in recently by Sini Salminen, Art Director at Supernova Design & Advertising in Anchorage, Alasksa. Not only is her project, “Asveq – The Walrus Hunt,” interesting and incredibly unique, but she also provided the icing on the cake by packaging it all with Jewelboxing. Sini tells us…

” I just finished my first Jewelbox DVD cover. I made this for a client of mine, Alaska Native Heritage Center. They love it and are telling me that they get great feedback on the cover. Thought I’d let you guys know.

The short documentary presents how traditional Inuit dances are being preserved and created, and is climaxed by a performance of Asveq – The Walrus Hunt, a song and dance written by Stephen Blanchett fusing Inupiaq melody and dancing styles with Yup’ik lyrics.

This film shows the unwillingness of Alaska Native youth to lose their culture, and the ability to continue creating drum dances in the traditional way.”

We’d be more than happy to make an enlightening documentary about our new pals in Burbank, New York, Aurora, Auvernier, Portland, Plano, Toronto, Scotch Plains, Rotherham, Auckland, Pierrefonds, Mountain View, Rockford, Chicago, and Berlin.

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FOJBs (Friends of Jewelboxing)

See that series of links over there to the right? Under the heading “Thanks for Noticing”? If you’ve never clicked around over there, that’s where we put the links to those who have talked up Jewelboxing on their blogs, their business sites, their personal projects; anything we find or are sent that gives the system a thumbs up. We’ve covered some of the comments and projects here on the blog or in Examples + Inspirations, but a lot of the shorter blurbs we’ve seen have just been tucked away over there in that growing list. So, to avoid neglect, we thought we’d pull a batch of the good ones out and show ’em off a bit.

“A CD / DVD presentation system, or the perfect online business plan. I think it’s great.”
– Rebel One

“…they are everything they are reported to be.”
– Superneedle

“Now this is cool as sh*t!”
– Y2KM

“ imaginative new approach to CD-case design.”
– Now Hear This!

“I always like it when someone gets fed up with what’s currently available and invents a better version of it.”
– VMUNIX Blues

“I plan to send my electronic portfolio with my grad school application out in this. It seems like a fantastic addition to a job application too.”
– Muddled.Org

“Kudos to Coudal. Highly recommended.”
– Ascent Stage

“If you have a project, portfolio, or anything else that needs to look more impressive than a slimline case that you’d throw in your bag, I recommend Jewelboxing cases.”
– Steinruck Design

“With the increase of digital media tools on home computers, there has been a gap to fill the way to package that content in a profesional manner from home. Jewelboxing looks to be a great product to do so.”
– Put Together Quickly

“Finally, something for those of us who care to put a little more love in the package.”
– Josh Rubin’s Cool Hunting

“I, as well as others I know are despertally looking for an excuse to fork over the cash for these.”
– Ordinary Life

We’d be more than happy to lend our finest of blurbs to those in Brooklyn, Southbury, Edmonton, New York, Saint George, Gent, Loganville, Richmond, San Francisco, Toronto, Austin, Missoula, Coral Gables, Alta Loma, Potomac, Madison, Ardmore via Youghal, and Orlando.

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A Revolution, On Paper

It took us almost six months to get it just exactly right but we’re happy to report that all Jewelboxing orders are now shipping with our new custom-milled and custom-coated paper. It performs incredibly well.Engineered to our specifications, it’s a super-bright, 12mil 80# photo-matte stock that is coated on two sides and is optimized specifically for consumer-grade inkjet printers. Ink-spread is really minimal, allowing much greater detail than our previous paper and the richness of the color reproduction compares favorably with hi-gloss, super-premium photo paper.

It is virtually impossible to have a super glossy paper manufactured that is coated on both sides. More importantly, the photo finish tends to crack when folded. Both our insert-books and tray-liners are scored and need to be folded precisely for a perfectly-fitted final look. Our new paper provides photo quality reproduction while working within the requirements of the Jewelboxing assembly guidelines. Plus, the cases are beautiful and glossy-looking all by themselves.

As for the new paper working with laser-printers, our official policy is that it works best for ink-jet and conventional sheet-fed printing but we’ve tested it on a number of lasers with great results (except that some lasers are picky about how heavy a paper stock they can take). The heat’s not that big a deal but if you were doing hundred and hundreds of prints you might get some dusting from the coating that could concievably muck up the fuser. We haven’t seen that in tests, but we suppose it could happen.

Anyhow, the production of this paper represents a major investment for us and a major improvement for our customers. For the first time, we’ve had to increase the prices of our kits slightly but we promise, you won’t be disappointed with the increase in quality. If you’re a current customer and would like to purchase a PaperPack to try out with the kit you have on hand, write us a note and we’ll send you a link and a ‘friends and family’ discount too.

Things are looking brighter in Mount Laurel, Lindsay, LA, Denton, Mexico City, Monte Estoril, Grand Rapids, San Rafael, Torrance, Boston, Austin, San Francisco, Kettering and Carbondale.

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Now in Exciting…Monochrome?

Because we’re in the business, we try to keep tabs on what else is out there in the disc packaging market. One thing we’ve heard a lot about, as you probably have too, is Lightscribe, developed by Hewlitt-Packard. It’s an admitted cool system where you’re able to burn an image straight onto a disc. It’s a method that’s been used by the big disc manufactures for years, but now the price of the technology has come down enough to make it a viable option for consumers.

In looking at all the info we could find on Lightscribe, reading up on how the laser works, at what image resolution it can burn, and other techie interests, we were more than a little disappointed when we saw samples of the discs. Given the limitations of the laser, black, and shades thereof, is the only color available to anyone who uses the system. The sample included in their press kit makes “Vacation in Hawaii” look dated and, frankly, a little dreary. You can imagine that the original picture they used was filled with vibrant blues and greens; the kinds of colors you’d remember from a trip like this. Shouldn’t you have something that immediately catches your eye, something that doesn’t require you to look past the old-timey monochrome?

Now while the Jewelboxing System doesn’t have any flashy, futuristic lasers at its disposal, we think the final output is a hundred times better. You get full color discs and a snazzy case to stick it in too. And the only piece of technology needed? A color printer.

But heck, despite our little concerns about it, we still think this Lightscribe thing is pretty cool. So even if you have one, you’re inevitably going to want to stick it in something nice, aren’t you?

There’s nothing dull and dreary about those in Abbeville, Saint Peter, North Chatham, San Francisco, Galena Park, Nashville, St. Louis, Spruce Pine, Newton, Walnut Creek, Valencia, Springfield, Surrey, New York, Winnipeg, Tucson, Elgin, Atlanta, Mexico City, McLean, Denver, South Windsor, Norwalk, Eden, and Boston.

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Un Cas de L’Amour

We were understandably thrilled when we got this letter from Robert Pennino, who put together a Valentine’s gift using the Jewelboxing system. After all, it’s one thing to impress a client — it’s something all together more important when l’amour is involved.

“Thank you for your great product. I just finished this personal project. I created a DVD with all the best pictures of my girlfriend and I since we’ve been together. It’s called ‘Three Years And A Half,’ because, obviously, we have been together for that long. The theme for the packaging was nature and purity. Inside, I added leftover shavings from a pencil that I had sharpened. Anyway, when I surprised her with the DVD, she really loved it. It’s much more interesting than a cheesy ‘I love you’ card.”

Our hearts race and our knees get wobbly when we think of those in Chicago, Greensboro, Salt Lake City, Bozeman, Redding, Grand Ledge, San Antonio, Greenville, Montreal, and San Francisco.

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Well Spent Lab Fees

Most of the time, it’s just business as usual at Jewelboxing. We pack up and send out packs, we answer questions, we update this blog. Pretty routine stuff. But when we get a fantastic e-mail like this one from Kate Bingaman, telling us how much she and her students enjoyed the system, it makes everything we do seem so very worthwhile:

“I ordered 25 Jewelboxing cases last semester for my Typography One class at Mississippi State (I am a new Assistant Professor here and wanted to do something fun and different for a project). I had everyone pick a song and then illustrate the lyrics. We then compiled all of the 16 songs onto a mix cd and designed a Jewelboxing case for each of their songs. THEY LOVED IT! Several of them said it was the best project that they had ever done, and that they never felt like their lab fees had been used for anything cool until now. I loved it because they were excited, they learned about working with templates, and because the cds they created were so so funny and unusual. I mean, the tracks ranged from Kenny Chesney to Oukast. It was so random and strange. Kind of like that class.

I also had one student who broke her case and in a state of panic contacted a super kind member of the Jewelboxing crew who OVERNIGHTED her a new free case, saving her butt in the process. So thanks thanks thanks for that as well.”

Here’s a sampling of some of their great work.

We’re giving exceptionally positive semester evaluations to those in Portage, Santa Monica, Canton, San Jose, Jefferson City, Carrollton, Culver City, Strongsville, Middleton, Gaithersburg, Salt Lake City, St. Charles, Brooklyn, Coral Gables, and Lakewood.

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Polishing the Jewels

Here’s a quick message letting you know that it would be wise to check in with Jewelboxing later this week. If you thought the system was good before, you’re going to love it all the more now.

We also believe there to be a constant increase in goodness in Reno, East Meadow, Remscheid, Mosman, Ewing, San Rafael, Hillsborough, Newbury Park, Menlo Park, Los Angeles, Cambridge, Bend, New York, Leicester, Glenview, San Diego, and Santa Monica.

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We’re Being Completely Open With You

Outside of the tech world, we’ve been hearing more and more buzz about open source media and technologies. For example, on Monday’s “Morning Edition,” NPR ran this story about the Brazilian government choosing open source, Linux-based machines over those running Microsoft Windows. No doubt you’ve also heard the buzz about the cool open source Firefox browser. And what about Archive.Org, filled to the brim with copyright-free media?

Well, we here at Jewelboxing don’t want to miss the boat on all of this. We don’t have a programming division quite yet, so we can’t offer you a hot new operating system or browser, but media we can do. That said, we’re making the following available as an open source file. Do with it as you see fit. Feel free to pass it around to every single person you know. In fact, we’d encourage it.

Open Source Jewelboxing Media

Our hearts are completely open to those in Edmond, Portland, New York, Mentor, Wien, Minneapolis, Bonita Springs, Los Angeles, Germantown, Arlington, Lake Mary, Omaha, Baldwin Harbor, Yonkers, Arden, Chicago, and Philadelphia.

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Viva La Jewelboxing!

Have we started a revolution? In reading this recent post on the terrific Zoetrope101, you’d think so. It’s left us very proud that we’re doing our part for the good of design…

“Some time ago we mentioned somewhere – perhaps even this very blog, that we had fallen madly, deeply in love with a CD / DVD presentation system called Jewelboxing, devised by the obviously very bright people at Coudal Partners. We mentioned then that the product really was the only way to go if you are looking for a quality delivery mechanism.

Now we’re saying that you don’t have a choice anymore – if you are a client, if you are a potential client who requires CD /DVD presentation, you have just had the choice of jewel case taken out of your hands.

The reason for this?

I’ve had it with the normal case, it breaks, it scratches, it discharges its contents on the floor without warning and the little spindles break off leaving you with no cover.

I’m over it. It makes us look bad if we have gone to all the trouble to get the content right only to present it in packaging that always makes me think it should be glued to the front of a magazine.

No if’s or but’s, no discussion. If you’re engaging us to do a CD/DVD presentation you are up for Jewelboxing products. Simple – you get them in for us, or we will, but you will be using packaging required by us.

The cost is not high but the first impression is major, and that’s what we’re looking for. You might not care how your product is delivered, but we do.”

They’ve triumphantly hoisted the Jewelboxing flag over Millers Creek, Los Angeles, St. Laurent, Zionsville, Helena, Saint Louis, Durham, San Francisco, Shpherdsville, Kentwood, Valencia, San Antonio, Tempe, Medford, Zeist, and Pearce.

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A Wedding, Dig?

Peter Fishman and his fiance, Dara Mochson, decided against sending out the typical, frilly white wedding invitations. Instead, they came up with the brilliant idea of sending out an invitation-slash-jazz-compilation-album to all their guests. After picking out a mix of classics, with appearances by everyone from Nina Simone to Stan Getz, they called up their friend, and great designer, Jay Wright, and asked him to put together something that would give the invitation a really appealing, unique look. Modeling it after the famous covers from the Blue Note label, Jay delivered an eye-catching, extremely clever package, made all the more snazzy because it was put together using Jewelboxing cases.

Peter told us, “We are thrilled with the result, and have gotten about a million compliments from our invitees. We couldn’t be happier we used the Jewelboxing products instead of traditional stationary.” Jay wrote in about the construction and design side of things, saying, “Your jewelboxing process was insanely easy – from the templates to the pre-cut paper, we encountered no problems whatsoever. With the design work and final printing/compiling on two sides of the country, I was grateful things went so smoothly.”

We’ve picked out a ring and would gladly propose to those in New York, Taylors, Los Angeles, Jesup, Mississauga, Richmond Hill, Harrisburg, Westfield, Sioux Falls, Portsmouth, Claremont, West Linn, Madison, Brookyln, Santa Monica, High Point, Van Nuys, Carrollton, Chicago, Chesterfield, Dublin, Goodlettsville, Fairview, San Diego, Portland, Miami, Milwaukee, Las Vegas, Sebring, Alexandria, Deerfield Beach, and Fairfield West.

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Uniformly Unique

How often do you get a gift from someone and say, “Hey, I really liked the packaging”? Unless you’re getting pizzas delivered by a company that uses diamond-encrusted boxes, probably not often. That wasn’t the case with Holly Allen who wrote in to tell us about a project she recently put together:

“I used the Jewelboxing system to make about 30 copies of a mix CD for friends this holiday season. The title of the disc is ‘Admit One,’ the theme being ‘Music I Heard Live in 2004.’ I went with ticket/wristband/setlist images to pull it all together. Some time in Photoshop and some time at Kinko’s and a few hours later, I got this. The reaction was uniformly positive, with many people noting the quality of the cases.”

We have always felt uniformly positive about the people in New York, Jonesboro, Rochester, Calgary, Rocky Hill, Shrewsbury, Mill Valley, Bletchingley, Dallas, Tuscaloosa, Bedford, Boston, Plattsville, Chicago, Scotch Plains, Bel Air, and Washington.

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Next to Perfection

Last week, Apple released both the Mac Mini and the iPod Shuffle, amazing little devices that not only have intuitive function, but look great while they’re doing it. These releases reminded us that, more and more, people aren’t just interested in having the latest technology, but they also want to integrate it into their lives. Much like couches and chairs, people don’t want their computers, televisions, and media players to be big ugly boxes. Rather, they want them to blend into their homes, their offices, and their lives, in a harmonious way.

Yet it seems that people are still surrounding the well-crafted design of these flashy devices with clunky, ugly media and accessories. Think of how many standard DVD cases you have laying around your television, or look over at that lame paper disc sleeve next to your beautiful new Mac. Having that ho-hum packaging around your sleek high-tech gadgets throws the whole thing off balance. It’s like buying a brand new Mercedes and putting up fuzzy dice and a “My Other Car is a Llama” bumper sticker. Well, ’round these parts, we think that’s a real pity, and instead, we offer the perfect alternative: Jewelboxing cases look nice next to everything. They compliment good design because they follow good design principles. So why not maintain that balance, and keep those techie aesthetics high?

The sleekest and sexiest of them all reside in Williamsville, Medicine Hat, Markham, Vancouver, New York, Ann Arbor, Seattle, Tuscaloosa, East Dundee, and Urbana.

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In the Mix

Sure, things like file sharing and iPods are hogging the spotlight, but who says the art of the mix tape is dead? Okay, maybe the “tape” part isn’t around so much anymore, but that beloved practice of sitting around with stacks of albums, trying to make the greatest possible compilation, is alive and well. And it’s never been more attractive, thanks to Jewelboxing. Designer Sean Klassenwrote in to tell us how he’s using the cases:

“I recently joined a mix cd club with a bunch of friends. There are twelve of us, so one person creates a new ‘theme-based’ mix cd each month and then mails it to everyone else. It’s a really fun way to find out about new music and to let others know what you’ve been listening to. My month is February and I actually created two mixes. One with the theme of ‘leaving/change’ and the other is a collection of sweet songs from sweet movies. Thanks for the sweet cases and templates!”

We’re currently dubbing “You Light Up My Life” for all those in Belfast, Mexico, Aberdeen, Visalia, Santa Cruz, Milton, New York, Birmingham, Santa Monica, Cleves, Council Bluffs, Delray Beach, Los Angeles, Warren, Minneapolis, Eden, Cliffside Park, Clinton, Portland, Cleveland, Orlando, Washington, Kumla, Olive Hill, Bloomington, Modesto, Stevenage, Puyallup, Brooklyn, and Diemen.

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Over There

While the majority of the Jewelboxing packs we’ve sold have gone to buyers in the US and Canada, we’ve certainly gotten a healthy share of orders from outside our North America. A few of these customers abroad, over this past year, have talked with us about the expense of shipping a Jewelboxing kit internationally, wondering if it’s worth it to pay those extra few bucks to get it shipped so very far away. Well, to that we say: of course!

Here’s why:

Cheaper methods can take upwards of eight weeks to deliver and sometimes the stuff doesn’t even arrive at all or arrives all bashed up. We’re using the cheapest way to get product delivered in a reasonable time (usually 4-7 days) and track it on the way. Spend a couple of extra bucks on Jewelboxing and you’ll receive the goods long before you’ve forgotten you ordered them.

And what difference are those extra bucks anyway? With the US Dollar falling further in value nearly every day, for the international customer, Jewelboxing keeps getting more and more affordable. What’s bad for the buck is a big plus for Jewelboxing enthusiast abroad. So order today, foreign friends, and you’ll be saving time, headaches, and you’ll be giving us a few extra dollars — ones we’ll soon need wheelbarrows full of, so long as those geniuses over in Washington keep it up.

Thanks to those who know the value of a few well-spent dollars in Germantown, Mountain View, Aurora, Auckland, Downers Grove, Miami, New York, Gilbert, Cincinnati, Atlanta, Arlington, Astoria, London, Kirkland, San Diego, Los Angeles, Brooklyn, West Jordan, Washington, Kansas City, Mystic, Salem, Belleek, Saddle Brook, Hoffman Estates, Anchorage, Lachine, Mexico City, Toowoomba, Brightin, Lexington, and Seattle.

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Carson Workshops

Jewelboxing is proud to be a supporter of the upcoming Carson Workshop “How to Build a Professional Database-Driven Website” in London next month. The one-day workshop, taught by two of the most innovative developers in the field, Mike Buzzard (of k10k and Cuban Council) and Chris Lea (of Media Temple and Newstoday), will cover everything you need to know about building an enterprise-level, database-driven website, with a focus on PHP, Apache, and MySQL.

But in addition to the vast, mind-boggling array of knowledge you’ll walk away with, you’ll also be treated to a bundle of goodies and discounts, including 15% off hosting through Media Temple, and a 40% discount on Zend PHP Certification. You’ll also get a copy of The Web Developer’s Survival Kit, a disc filled with loads of development ideas, tools, script, and code, all packed in an attractive, perfectly-designed, king-sized Jewelbox. The big day is Saturday, February 19th, from 9am to 6pm at Oyster Partners’ Studio in London. The workshop is down to its last few seats, so if you’re interested, jump on board now by registering at

Many thanks to the fantastic, surely-soon-to-be Zend PHP Certified in Chicago, Starkville, NYC, Caribou, Huntington Park, St. Paul, Vineland, Toronto, Odense, Marietta, Middleboro, Chestnut Hill, Manhattan, Cork, Middleboro, LA, Durant and Atlanta.

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Taste and Discrimination

Here’s what Dan Jewelboxed for the holidays. We’re not sure what all these other people Jewelboxed, but given their taste and discrimination we expect it was something beautiful, in Rapid River, Holmes Chapel, Stone Mountain, Indianapolis, Ottawa, Regina, Decatur, Encinitas, Emerald Hills, Lansdale, North Hills, Plano, Rockford, Fredericksburg, Granger, Sandim, NYC, Montclairm, Columbus, Diest, Costa Mesa, Newbury Park, St. Agatha, St. Augustine, Watertown, Salt Lake City, St. Agatha, Mill Valley, Edmonton., Santa Barbara, Brooklyn, Easthampton, Anaheim, Virginia Beach, Jacksonville, Birmingham, Holly Springs, Athens, Council Bluffs, Canton, Urbana, Knoxville, Honeoye Falls, Huber Heights, Sacramento, Jefferson City, Palatine, Clifton, DC, LA, Gilroy, Warrendale, Slidell, Carlstadt, Houston, Hatboro, Old Hickory, West Hollywood, Seattle, London, Louisville, Pineville, Chicago, La Jolla, Orchard Park, Mequon, Redmond, San Francisco, Scarborough, Downers Grove, Orlando, Fort Worth, Charlotte, Plantation, Palo Alto, Toronto, Acworth and Fairfield.

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Our Life in Pictures

We asked for a Mom or Dad with design skills to write us a note if they’d like to try our system free of charge and document the creative and production process. Andrea Buchanan, author of “Mother Shock: Loving Every (Other) Minute of It” (Seal Press, 2003) and managing editor of, an online literary magazine, answered our call. Here’s Andi’s account of completing a run of photo CD’s to be given as gifts.

I was very excited to participate in this project, as I had been planning to put together a CD of photos to send as a gift to relatives, but was stuck on exactly how to create a package that would be more appealing than the standard slim CD case. Once I downloaded the files from, I decided to use the Photoshop templates – I would have preferred to use Quark, but Quark and my printer were not getting along, so I ended up designing everything using Photoshop.

I had a concept in mind for the first design – my husband had taken a series of photos that had great light and nice color balance, and I thought those would work well. I opened the PSD “king tray” template files and used them to figure out the sizing I’d need for the photos I wanted to use. Once I sized the photos correctly, I just dropped them into a new layer in the PSD template. Then I adjusted the opacity of the photo layer so I could see the guidelines in the layer beneath and make sure the photos were aligned correctly. I used the text tool to add a layer of text to the graphics. I did this for each of the templates – the inner and outer tray, the disc label, the inside and outside booklet – and my design for jewelbox number one was done.

I first printed the booklet out on plain paper using my black and white laser printer to make sure everything lined up where it was supposed to. [ed. note: while this is a good idea to check your layout, we recommend printing a plain-paper test on the printer you’ll use to print the cases, because alignment can change between printers.] I checked the printout against the actual templates and then went back to the files to nudge a few things into place based on what I saw comparing my printout to the template paper. Then I printed the outside booklet using my ink-jet color printer. It came out fine, though, due to my printer, it would have looked nicer on a glossy page. [ed. note: news on this soon] I did the same thing for the rest of the templates – printing out in black and white on plain paper to make sure things were good, then printing on the real thing in color. A few times the black and white printing helped me realize I’d forgotten to hide the background template layer, so that was a good step to include in the process.

After that first design was done and printed out, I did do some reprints to adjust a few things – the text on the CD label didn’t pop enough for me, so I changed the color; one of the photos rendered too dark on my printer, so I fixed that. Mostly, though, it was a painless process.

I had two more layout ideas, so I actually designed those right on top of the first design, creating a duplicate file for each, using the original design as a reference for size and positioning, dropping everything in on top of that, and then deleting the original layer(s). I then followed the same basic printing procedure I did with the first design (though I eliminated the printing-in-black-and-white step, since I knew the graphics were aligned correctly and would print well). I’m very happy with how all three turned out!

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Cuppa Joe

We’ve added DJ Shagz’ Cup of Coffee sampler to our Examples and Inspirationspage. We’re also getting together our Mom With Design Skills feature and should have that up later today or tomorrow.

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Chuck Darwin, Media Maven

We’re re-running this post because we’re putting together our Q105 media planning and could use some suggestions.

Here’s some details about the next phase of Jewelboxing. At Coudal Partners, we are frequently in a position to recommend various advertising vehicles and outlets to our clients. To do this we research as many possibilities as time and budget will allow. Next, we generally contact each one that seems like a good fit, lay out the basics of our program and ask them for costs and ideas. In essence, we ask them to pitch us specifically on why Magazine X or Radio Station Y should be included in the buy. After that we draft a plan and present it to the client, adjust accordingly and go ahead.

We’re doing a similar thing here. We’re contacting a fairly large number of online sites whose audiences would seem to intersect with ours and are asking them if they’d be willing to run a pilot program for us in December and/or January. The program would be purchased and we’ll leave it mostly up to the sites to construct and organize the placement specifics. We’ve set a maximum dollar amount for each pilot and if a site feels that this amount is too low we’re putting them on a “maybe later” shelf. If they do agree, we will be evaluating traffic and purchases that come from that site with an eye towards expanding our commitment with those who perform best. The real-time nature and easy tracking of online advertising allows us to be Darwinian in our approach. We’ll build a roster of partners based on performance and may or may not get back to the “maybe later” shelf as things progress.

If you run or know of a place on the web where people who might be interested in Jewelboxing congregate, send a note to jim at jewelboxing dot com and we’ll take a look. On a side note, you’d be surp


rised at how many sites who profess to be actively looking for advertising and sponsorship don’t respond to email inquiries promptly. You’d be even more surprised at some of the ones who don’t respond at all. Really, you would. We’re building another shelf for them. It’s the “probably never” shelf.

The fittest have survived in Savannah, Toronto, Marietta, Phoenix, Edmond, London, Cleveland, NYC, Miami, Hendersonville and San Diego.

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