Nice When We Get One Like This

Carl Acampado writes, “As a fellow designer (in training…a couple more years), let me say you have an excellent product. Last year, I created some custom CD’s, and besides the burning of the discs, I spent the most time finding appropriate cases, and then creating insert, booklet, and label templates in Illustrator. It was a pain in the ass, and actually hindered my design, because I spent so much time trying to get the inserts just right. I’m so glad I found your site, for you’ve solved two problems that I had: you have a superior case, and you’ve done the Illustrator dirty work for me, so I can concentrate on content.”

Cities in our heart. Bozeman, Rochester, Bellevue, NYC, LA, Bellingham, Asheville, Round Rock, Arlington, Culver City, Parker, Atlanta, Summit, Beverly Hills, Athens, San Francisco, London, Newmarket, Rockland and Brooklyn.

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It’s Different in a Magazine

We have a standing offer that if Jewelboxing is featured in a print publication and somebody sends us a scan before we find it ourselves, we’ll send them a 20pack. Recently we saved $49 when the latest edition of Communication Arts arrived at the studio a full day before Allen and Katie sent scans. CA said, “Put up your dukes. was brought about by designers who were unimpressed with their choices for CD and DVD packaging.” Yes it was.

BTW, we have found our ‘Mom With Design Skills’ and she’s hard at work on her holiday project. Thanks to everyone who volunteered. We sent them all something nice. That’ll teach you to sit on your hands when we ask for entries next time. Join the mailing list at the bottom of the home page so you don’t miss the next one.

Just because there’s a lot of them doesn’t mean we love them any less individually. Fighting a constant battle to stay caught up, we do admire the grace and insightfulness of Red Hook, Madison, Sandusky, San Francisco, NYC, Sheffield, Portland, Manchester, Ramona, Culver City, Bedford, Portland. Chicago, Alexandria, Coconut Grove, Seminole, Allen Park, Wollaston, Delft, Perpignan, London, LA, Houston, Cherry hill, Clayton, Greenfield, White Plains, Manassas, Denver, San Diego, Prince George, Royal Oak, Shorewood, Bothell, Walnut Creek, Boiling Springs, Champaign, Cambridge, Rome, Singapore, Santa Monica, Towson, Big Rapids, Venice and Suwanee.

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Open Wide

South Bank Commute, a montage by Jim Green, wins File Magazine’s Wide Screen contest and a Jewelboxing system.

We’ll make a decision on the Mom or Dad With Design Skillsidea shortly. See the previous post if you’re interested in taking part.

The warm feeling we have about humanity these days is due mostly to our new friends in Devizes, Staten Island, Anchorage, Simi Valley, Lexington, Clovis, Thornton, Palm Bay, Wien, Barcelona, Binghamton, London, Somers, Tupelo, Lakewood, Chicago, Ottawa, Glasgow Merseyside, Brisbane, Delray Beach, Minneapolis and Plano.

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Wanted: One Mom or Dad With Design Skills

Here’s the deal. We’d like someone to produce a Christmas present with Jewelboxing and document the process for us. In exchange we’ll send you the materials to do it free of charge. Write us at crew at jewelboxing dot com and tell us why you think you should be considered. The person we choose will put together some sort of photo or video archive and design and assemble all the packaging. They’ll need to do it fast, and they’ll need to be able to write up the whole process and maybe even document it with photos too. We’ll send you all the materials free of charge and of course give you full credit and linkage for your effort. Aunts and uncles are eligible too. Any takers?

You might be from Morriston, Ipsach, Portland, LA, Alpharetta, Valencia, Richmond, Holland, London, NYC, DC, Century City, Minneapolis, Muskegon, Toronto, Egg Harbor City, Waltham, Ann Arbor, Arcadia, Brooklyn, West Columbia or Helena, but you could be from just about anywhere.

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They Call Me the Seeker…

Headcoats off! (Remove your Deerstalker.) We have some winners in the Jewelboxing/Coudal Fresh Signals Archives Scavenger Hunt Or Whatever We’ve Been Calling It. Competition was fierce, per usual, and the questions were as difficult and cryptic as ever, but four diligent snoopers waded through our mess of an archive to correctly solve all eight of our brain-scratchers.

Following a few blatantly wrong and funny entries (probably a cry for attention, or a Jewelboxing discount, or both) the first two winners came early. They were followed by a flurry of entries with one or two incorrect answers, then a day or so without an entry, then another flurry of entries with one or two incorrect answers. Then there were some shenanigans, and we bent the rules a bit and closed entries. The winners, and their stories:

First Prize (100pack Kings) goes to Shawn Kelley, who mailed in his correct answers about an hour after we emailed the questions. Sean won another of our contests recently, which forces us to announce a “Shawn Kelley Rule” for future contests (Coudal/Jewelboxing contest winners are heretofore ineligible to win other Coudal/Jewelboxing contests). But we appreciate your selfless dedication to Jewelboxing, Shawn, and your detailed explanation of your answers which we shall pillage below.

Second Prize (40pack Kings) goes to another Sean, albeit one preferring the gaelic spelling. We speak, of course, of Sean Sheridan, a night-owl who e-mailed his entry shortly after midnight the first day.

Third Prize (20pack Kings) was a tie. Jamie McCarthy got her entry in early, but alas, missed #7. A couple days later, she realized her mistake and corrected herself, just as Robyn Paton sent in her entry. Robyn also got one question wrong, (#4) but her masterful Jewelboxing-suck-up incorrect answer (below) convinced us she deserved to share the third prize with Jamie. Since we don’t make a 10-pack, they’ll each get a 20-pack.

Enough already, Our questions, Shawn’s answers, (and the original Fresh Signals entries where they were found).

We once cited three fictional recording artists in a Fresh Signals entry. Which one, as it turns out, is real?
Middle Earth. (Behold the Rocklopedia Fakebandica.

If you’re going to add a red tube-top and cowboy boots to a famous naked image of classical beauty, you should add them to a painting by whom?
Ingres. (Famous nudes, now clothed, at Worth1000. -05.27.04.jc)

One day Bryan and a pal built a mini-version of an arena-rock lighting effect for fun. What band had three songs on the playlist the guys used to put this effect in motion?
Led Zeppelin (Our homemade Laser Light Show.

What is the best paper for printing your curriculum vitae?
100% Cotton Fiber 32 lb. Ivory Premium Bond Paper (Non-Expert advice on writing your resumé.

Note: Robyn’s answer: “This is a toss up. It could be any of the marvelous stationers… you’ve featured in Fresh Signals over the years, but really, if you want to get the job, I’d do the whole application (CV and prettiness, plus a little but of hip thrown in for good measure) with the Jewelboxing system, so the printing, of course, would be on your lovely inserts.” Then she cited the Fresh Signals post about us hiring Ryan because he sent his resume in a Jewelboxing case).

Chicagoans love their meat and when we order lunch here at the studio, you can bet that it will contain plenty of beef and meatballs. For lunch orders weighing in at more than 25lbs, CP’s fave lunch spot charges us how much extra for the hefty delivery?
$5 (Office fave Bari.

What should Phillip tell the people whose design talent he fears?
That he forgot the url. (Phillip has a slight problem with Jewelboxing. -06.07.04.cp)

Dave and Bryan had an ongoing obsession with a low-budget movie (neither of us have seen it, still) about the hunt for a fictional synthesizer. What was the name of the synthesizer?
MoleTron. (Weird trailer for new indie film Southlander. -02.21.01.dr)

Name the two Finnish shops that had their windows redesigned as part of a design workshop.
Cafe Visual and Maustemesta spiceshop. (“Re-design the lettering so that the shop would sell more. -10.18.02.jc)

Well done, all, and several of you were just one question away from winning, so pat yourselves on the back. No, really, do it. We’re not going anywhere until you literally and physically pat yourselves on the back. There, was that so hard? Thank you. If you weren’t hip to this contest, it’s because you didn’t join our Infrequent Mailing list, sign up on the front page of Jewelboxingor Coudal today! Please don’t forget that the Fresh Signals archives are always open for your browsing pleasure.

We have lots of cities to be thankful for today. Here’s a few of them. St. Louis, Seattle, Mount Airy, Culver City, Chicago, Lafayette Hill, Dallas, Kirkwood, Puyallup, LA, Brooklyn, Playa Del Rey, San Francisco, San Luis Obispo, NYC, Worcester, Toronto, Delmar, Newburgh, Vancouver, Victoria and Mexico City.

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We’ve added Dawn Earles’ wedding cases to the Examples and Inspirations section. It’s a great use of our system for producing small custom-runs of durable and beautiful photo archives. You might even add rice or dried flowers in the channel that’s made when the case is snapped together. Thanks Dawn!

Scavenger Hunt winners announced tomorrow! Stay tuned.

Love is never boastful or proud, but some places have a right to be. Namely, San Francisco, Redmond, LA, Fredericksburg, Berkshire, Portland, Newport Beach, Minneapolis, Santa Monica, Norwalk, Alpharetta, Whittier, Overland Park, Copenhagen, Milwaukee, Atlanta, Pewaukee, Huntsville, NYC and Clearwater.

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Early Holiday Planning

If you’re planning on using Jewelboxing to create a special archive of music, photos or video for the holidays here’s a couple links to previous posts that might be helpful.
How to Be a Hero.
For Moms and Dads with Moms and Dads.
Hand Me the Remote.

To Antoine in Philly whose mail keeps bouncing. 1. Yes. 2. Yes. 3. No so far we haven’t. 4. It depends on Federal Postal Regulations.

Thanks a million to Salt Lake City, London, Amarillo, Irvine, NYC, Rocklin, Alpharetta, Fort Lee, LA, Chicago, San Francisco, Lexington, Madison, Montreal, Malden, Oakdale, Danville, Dallas, Savannah, Santa Monica, Auckland, Santa Rosa, Valley Stream and Eden Prairie.

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The Sweet Fruits of Capitalism


Occasionally we discover cool things about creating and running an online business that we could never have anticipated. We knew it would be fun to provide people with the tools to make cool stuff and that it would be interesting to watch the word get around and to ship to a zillion places and to have the business become an increasingly important part of what Coudal Partnersis all about. We knew, most of all, that we’d learn about a lot of things. All that is good.

But nobody ever told us that when we ordered a certain amount of packing materials from our supplier they would send us, FREE OF CHARGE, a totally-cool super-patriotic hardhat that we could make our intern Ryan wear while sitting in a big plastic trash can. Ah, the sweet fruits of capitalism.Thanks Nashville, Cincinnati, Portland, Duluth, Succasunna, Worcester, Seattle, Beverly Hills, Carbondale, Palo Alto, Fremont, Grand Rapids, Danvers, NYC, Quebec, Minneapolis, Calgary, Duluth, Geelong West and Toronto for making all this possible.

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Bits and Pieces

The workshop at How to Build a Professional Database-Driven Website is taught by the developers behind Newstoday, K10K, BD4D and FlightDeck. It looks great and the Jewelboxing packaged giveaway does too. We’re happy to be an inaugural sponsor of Stylegala, a sweet new reference for web developers. Plus, Ben Hunt places the JB site about halfway between ‘functional richness’ and ‘aesthetic richness’ in his book excerpt posted at Web Design from Scratch. That’s a nice place to be.

A CP/Jewelboxing Infrequent Mailing went out yesterday and included a contest in which people could win a 100pack. Subscribe on the JB home page so you don’t miss the next one.

We’ve always found aesthetic richness in Brooklyn, Austin, Virginia Beach, Libertyville, Jacksonville, Orangeburg, NYC, Vancouver, Portland, London, Orangeburg, New Bern, Nazareth, Newport Beach, Savannah, chicago, Louisville, Indianapolis, Trondheim, Arlington, Toronto and Northumberland.

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Roll Over and Play

Ant made a really sweet little ad for our Newstodaysponsorship. He used iStopMotion from Boinx, Flash, Photoshop and the desk in my office. Here it is.

If you’re on our mailing list, watch your inbox in the next day or two for a chance to win a 20pack or other prizes in an experimental contest celebrating Jewelboxing’s first birthday. if you’re not on the list, get to it. Just enter your email at the bottom of the home page.

Everyone in these cities is already a winner as far as we’re concerned. Lubbock, Portland, Vancouver, Jonesboro, Brooklyn, Northfield, Sparta, North Brookfield, Karlshamn, Jackson, Virginia Beach, Chicago, Portsmouth, Frisco, Niwot, Kingsport, Troy, Shawnee, Brookline, NYC, Philadelphia, Austin, Sonoma and Winston Salem.

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I’m going to be out of town for a couple days and have already fallen woefully behind in listing the places where we find nice people using our nice product, so here’s a list. Also, if you’d rather win a Jewelboxing system than buy one, you’d better add your name to our mailing list. (see the bottom of the home page) we’ll be sending out a CP/Jewelboxing Infrequent Mailingnext week and there will be a new contest in it, along with some other semi-interesting things.

Thnaks to Kaleva, Alviso, NYC, Williamsville, Sydney, Minneapolis, Franklin, Atlanta, Crystal Lake, Toronto, Billings, Columbus, Bloomfield, Vancouver, Burbank, Rumson, Scarborough, Pittsford, Largo, Remscheid, LA, Tokyo, Sumter, Rocky Hill, New Haven, Pittsburgh, Plano, Winter Park, Victoria, Santa Monica, Boca Raton, Milpitas, Norman, Baldwin Harbor and Grand Rapids.

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Creative Anarchy

We’ve just added MassDistraction’s Press Kit to our Examples and Inspirations page.

A CP/Jewelboxing Infrequent Mailing is going out next week and we’re going to try something new. We have an idea for a contest that ought to be pretty fun, but it’s only going to be available to subscribers, so if you’re not on the list, sign up at the bottom of the JB home page.

OK, Salt Lake City, Plymouth, Liberty, Chicago, Hamilton, Venice, Leominster, Atlanta, Austin, San Francisco, Buffalo, Boston, Bonita Springs, Cambridge, Staten Island, Santa Monica, Kenai, Malden, San Diego and Modesto, let’s see what you’re making with your systems. We’d like to hook you up.

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Stop Motion Fun at the Studio

One if the advantages of running your own business is that if you have a half-baked idea that could turn out interesting (and maybe even effective) you can pursue it. Ant and I spent the better part of this afternoon at CPscrewing around with a cool Mac app called iStopMotion from Boinx. We’re working on a little advertising project for a specific site sponsorship we’ve undertaken. This is the very raw footage of what we’re messing with, we hope to have the finished project completed and launched tomorrow. Unless of course it turns out lame. Then we’ll never speak of it again.

With all precincts reporting we are able to call a vicory for Jewelboxing in Thornhill, West Bend, Zuid Holland, NYC, Emeryville, Brisbane, Milwaukee, Chicago, Sydney, Singapore, Brookline, Sunnyvale, Rancho Santa Margarita, Lubbock, North Bay Village, Harrisonburg and San Diego.

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A Good Citizen

Jason Koxvold, of Bubble and Squeak has used our system before. Check the top entry on our Examples and Inspirations page. Now he’s got his film work together on a reel and figures it’s about time to enter some festivals. Nice. If your project came out nice, we wanna see it. Write us through the contact link at the bottom of the page.

‘Nice’ is not nearly a strong enough word top convey the insightful, compassionate and good-looking people we’ve recently met from Cork, NYC, Philly, Melbourne, Newington, Ft. Myers, Edmond, San Jose and Arlington.

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Crash Ballet

When we came across NASA Crash Impact Demonstrations for a post at CP we thought they were oddly beautiful, especially in light of the fact that these crashes were staged for research. OK, just for fun, we started a contest. We’ve quickly matched a couple of these crash clips with a piece of music from Plone’sexcellent For Beginner Piano.

Here’s our clip. Who’s next?

Pick your own music, fire up Final Cut Pro and send us a link (info at coudal dot com) to your clip. We’ll give away a Jewelboxing 20pack if we see something exceptional before tomorrow morning end of the day Thursday. By the way, there are bigger source files at the NASA site for each of the clips listed.

Big ups to to NYC, Wien, Abbeville, Bath, Flintridge, Laval, Morris Plains, San Francisco, Chicago, West Hollywood, Sammamish and Ottawa.

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Open Wide



The quickly becoming indispensable File Magazine has just launched The Widescreen Contest and we’re happy to be involved. Now get to it.

All images in the ‘panoramic style’ will be considered, including those taken with a panoramic camera, those that are composed of several images and carefully grafted together (such as the photo at the top of the page), and those that are not (such as the photo directly above). Verticals are fine.

It would take a wide shot indeed to contain all the love we feel for LA, Seattle, Hays, Worcester, Playa Del Rey, San Jose, Carlsbad, Chicago, Iowa City, Palo Alto and Staten Island.

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Going to the Chapel

The PayPal problems from earlier in the week are a fading, distant memory except for that big, ugly zero in the sales column for Monday. To all who wrote and called and eventually got their orders through, thanks for your patience. Things seems back to normal now.

Scott Madore has found our Jewelboxing system perfect for a wedding video project he just completed. Lots of other people are using them to archive photos, music and video from big family events. If that’s how you’re using them, drop us a note and picture. We’d love to see how they came out. If you’re in Chicago’s southwest suburbs and don’t want to do all the work yourself, Valarie and company at Reel Life, a new shop in Indian Head Park, can handle the entire project, including packing your final product with Jewelboxing.

Let’s raise a toast to Bolton, Chicago, Orangeburg, LA, Chantilly and Granada Hills.

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Yesterday was a complete bust due to problems with PayPal’s order processing system. They hope to have things back to normal soon but if you can’t get through and need something quickly, please write us at crew at jewelboxing dot com or call us at the CP Studio at 312 243 1107.

Meanwhile, since we’re not too busy processing orders, we’ll catch up on thanking people who ordered in the good ol’ days, like last week. We appreciate the support from NYC, Brooklyn, Herriman, Detroit, Boca Raton, Hammond, Keswick, Guelph, Toronto and North Chatham.

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Monday Monday

Guess we must have jinxed ourselves with that last post as PayPal is having all kinds of trouble today. Sorry if you’re not able to order. Please call or write us at the CP studio if you need something right away. Hopefully the PP system will be back up shortly.

Check this informative thread on creating custom disc casesgoing on at Yayhooray.

Josh Rubin’s Cool Hunting says Jewelboxing is for “those of us who care to put a little more love in the package.” Amen to that.

And Amen to Richmond, Astoria, Boynton Beach, Santa Monica, NYC, LA, Dorval, Pittsford, Warwickshire, Thessaloniki, Chicago, Woodbury, Philadelphia, Norwalk, West Hollywood and Seattle.

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When Matt Stays Up Late He Realizes He’s Lazy

Do I have to join Paypal to make a Jewelboxing purchase? Why do you use PayPal as your transactional partner? Shouldn’t you have rolled your own system to handle online payment?

Let me answer the first question. No. You can do a plain ‘ol credit card transaction, easy as pie.

As for the second two questions, I’m gonna leave those to Matt Haughey. He does a better job half-asleep than I can do wide awake.

Danke München, DC, San Juan, Toronto, San Francisco, Auckland, Richmond Hill, Helsinki, Minneapolis, Key Biscayne, Hamburg, Mount Juliet, Tarzana, Brooklyn, Waikato, Austin, Winnipeg and Menlo Park. Vielen Dank.

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The Citizen Kane of Trailers About Fictional Movies About Advertising

Don’t you just hate it when one smartypants is always getting the answers right in class? Well Mr. Claymore has won at Ad-Land again. This time it was our Coming Adtractions movie trailer writing contest. Here’s his entry.

In a building beyond imagination
A building that scrapes the sky
One man
On the fifty-third floor
Is about to run out of time.

He has two hours to reconstruct
the last three months of his life
or he will be killed…


His copywriter partner is missing.
His traffic manager doesn’t care.
And his AEs are going to write off the time anyway,
But if he fails in this one mission…
It’s all over, until next time.

The Art Director’s Time Sheets
Coming due in an agency near you.

Got an idea for a contest or promotion, drop us a line. Like the fine foilks in North Hollywood, Portland, Kernersville, Santa Monica, San Francisco, Somerville, Hawthorne, Zionsville, Potsdam, Richardson, Cambridge, Anaheim, Villette and Allston did recently.

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Tall and strong was the Tower of the King

Start a blog. Buy a product. Defend the ancient city from the marauding hordes. We’re impressed too. Cheers for Tour of Gondolin.

Other cool but not exactly-the-same-way-cool cities include LA, Ft. Lauderdale, Silver Spring, Germantown, Portland, NYC, Toronto, Madrid, Chicago, Wichita, Saint Paul, Salt Lake City, Atlanta, Rome, Ann Arbor, Minneapolis, Manhattan, Copenhagen, Spokane, DC, Venice, Philadelphia, Martinsville, St. Petersburg and Grand Rapids,

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Connecting Architecture Students

We’ve sponsored a fair amount of communities and projects during the past ten months but none that we’re more excited about than Archinect’s School Blog Program. Paul and company have “recruited representatives from a collection of architecture programs around the world to maintain blogs documenting their experiences and discoveries from each institution during the fall 2004 semester.”

The entries make for fascinating reading and students from all over the world are posting text and pix about their work and experiences. Check these:
dbasulto at Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile
Cris at Cal Poly Pomona
Steve Fuchs at Southern California Institute of Architecture

As the semester cranks up I expect to see a ton of work andplay documented. Aside from sponsoring the project we’re also providing prizes and to any student enrolled at the participating schools, we’re offering a discount on Jewelboxing products for packaging up presentations and portfolios. If you’re a student somewhere else, drop a line to crew at jewelboxing dot com and we’ll offer the same to you.

The students will go on to make cities like Porto, Scarborough, Laramie, Hollywood, Stone Park, Surrey, Roanoke, Ossining, Bristol, Unterföhring, Dulles, Houston, Lubbock, Chicago and LA even more beautiful than they already are.

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Various and Sundry

The Jewelboxing/Adland contest, Coming Adtractions continues. As does our sponsorship of the not-as-disturbing-as-you-might-think How to BBQ a Man. We’ve shipped our first order to Kosovo and also one to Fiji bringing the United Nations of Jewelboxing up to 31 and we’re preparing a bunch of new stuff for the Examples and Inspirations section and working on a BIG HUGE contest for later this fall. More on that soon.

High-fives all around to Dallas, Housatonic, Des Moines, West Palm Beach, Edmonton, Chicago, Santa Barbara, DC, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Norwich, Mississippi State and LA.

BTW: We have also just started a new company, called Lowercase Tee.

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I expect we’re not the first online retailers to keep track of orders by day and constantly evaluate how we’re doing against previous weeks and time periods. We’ve been chugging right along lately with real identifiable patterns developing and, by and large, things going along in a sensible way. Until today. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD if you’re going to order Jewelboxing soon please do it before midnight tonight and Help Save Our Tuesday.

Today could be the worst sales Tuesday since the very first weeks we were open. There’s no explanation really. The last few weeks have been among our best ever. Yesterday was strong. Traffic is above average. PayPal is working fine. Please, just a 40pack here and there can make all the difference.

Editors Note: Never mind.

Thanks to Burlington, Huntington Station, Columbia, Salt Lake City, Surrey, Daly City, Utrecht, Venlo, Brooklyn, Chicago, Santa Monica, NYC, Burbank, LA, Atlanta, Edina and Chagrin Falls.

Also, in response to Ollie, who asks? “So tell me Jim, what exactly comes included in the Jewelboxing system?”

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