As of December, 2013, Jewelboxing can no longer supply Super Jewel Box cases or complete kits. Limited quantities of some of our template papers are available. More info here.

Jewelboxing Paper

Our remaining supply of paper is from various print runs, and may vary slightly in brightness and texture, though this shouldn't be an issue in most cases. Limited quantities are available. "Kit" packs, King Trayliners, and disc labels are no longer available.

100 King (DVD) Booklets:
$69 $29 USD

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Standard (CD) Paper Pack:
$39 $29 USD

36 Booklets, 36 Trayliners, 36 Disc Labels

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100 Standard (CD) Booklets:
$69 $39 USD

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100 Standard (CD) Trayliners:
$39 $29 USD

50 Sheets, 2 trayliners per sheet

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Call us at 312 243-1107 and ask for Bryan if you have questions or would rather order by phone.

It Isn’t Likely.

If, for some unimaginable reason, you’re not completely satisfied with your Jewelboxing System when you receive it, send it back and we’ll refund your money. No one has yet, but hey, you never know.