Return of the Red Rose

Back in 2007, we highlighted Dan LaMee’s “Red Roses Mix” project, a mix disc he put together using Jewelboxing Kings to give all his single girl friends “something special, more memorable, and more lasting than a cut flower.” It was a terrific Valentine’s Day gift and on taking a look at Dan’s Flickr page again recently, we discovered that he was back at it with his Red Roses Mix 2009. The new edition looks even better, but this time, according to the description, this case was made for Dan’s girlfriend. So did one of his previous mixes turn a friend into something more? We don’t know, but we’re going to blindly chalk this one up to Jewelboxing-fueled love anyway, just because we’d really like to believe it.

Thanks again to Dan for sharing with us back in 2007 and for posting his most recent work on Flickr for all the world to see. And here’s to hoping love was packaged just as nicely for those in Los Angeles, Venice, Toronto, New York, Crows Nest, Burlington, Vilnius, Baton Rouge, Ladue, Richmond, Dublin, Singapore, Brooklyn, Joondalup, Santa Monica, Foothill Ranch, Boston, Manchester, Vestal, Esher, Kuala Lumpur, and Nashville.