Roll Over and Play

Ant made a really sweet little ad for our Newstodaysponsorship. He used iStopMotion from Boinx, Flash, Photoshop and the desk in my office. Here it is.

If you’re on our mailing list, watch your inbox in the next day or two for a chance to win a 20pack or other prizes in an experimental contest celebrating Jewelboxing’s first birthday. if you’re not on the list, get to it. Just enter your email at the bottom of the home page.

Everyone in these cities is already a winner as far as we’re concerned. Lubbock, Portland, Vancouver, Jonesboro, Brooklyn, Northfield, Sparta, North Brookfield, Karlshamn, Jackson, Virginia Beach, Chicago, Portsmouth, Frisco, Niwot, Kingsport, Troy, Shawnee, Brookline, NYC, Philadelphia, Austin, Sonoma and Winston Salem.

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