Self-Promotion Via Other People

The old adage is, “Any press is good press.” But if it’s good press, then it stands to reason that said adage should be revised to fit. Something maybe along the lines of “Any press that’s good is extra good press.” That’s what’s happened here last week with a couple of articles that were floated our way. We got a nice blurb in Consumer Electronics, who said, “You can buy cheap plastic cases for your DVDs at any computer or electronics store, but if you want to get fancy, consider a kit from Jewelboxing.” That was nice. Then Dawson found a full product review on a site called IT, which said, “Jewelboxing offers a ready-to-go system, complete with the best quality jewelboxes on the market, inkjet paper perforated to match the jewelbox precisely and templates for your software.” and another review on the Dutch site, Scribent Reviews, which said, well, as none of us speak the language, we’re not sure what it says. But we’re assuming it was pretty good, given that they gave Jewelboxing a rating of 10 out of a possible 10 (unless maybe we’re reading it incorrectly and 1 is the best and 10 is the worst). So, yeah, we’re definitely guilty of bragging here, but we’re still proud of the system, and we’re thrilled that people are so receptive to it that they’re putting reviews out there. Also, if we ever decide to make a Jewelboxing movie, now we’ve got some good tags for the poster.

If any of the people in the following cities need a blurb to help them sell things, gain power and influence, or help them get their film, “Zombie Possums From Space,” into mass distribution, we’re here for you: Lewes, Phillipsburg, Bellvue, Memphis, Malibu, Brooklyn, Sarasota, New York, Lisboa, Madison, Warren, Denton, Santa Monica, London, Clinchy, Prince George, Sleepy Hollow, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Roswell, Mountain View, Markham, Guntersville, Philadelphia, Venice, West Hollywood, Montreal, Austin, North Wales, Santiago, Chicago, Toronto, Plantation, and Royal Tunbridge Wells.

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