Stop Motion Fun at the Studio

One if the advantages of running your own business is that if you have a half-baked idea that could turn out interesting (and maybe even effective) you can pursue it. Ant and I spent the better part of this afternoon at CPscrewing around with a cool Mac app called iStopMotion from Boinx. We’re working on a little advertising project for a specific site sponsorship we’ve undertaken. This is the very raw footage of what we’re messing with, we hope to have the finished project completed and launched tomorrow. Unless of course it turns out lame. Then we’ll never speak of it again.

With all precincts reporting we are able to call a vicory for Jewelboxing in Thornhill, West Bend, Zuid Holland, NYC, Emeryville, Brisbane, Milwaukee, Chicago, Sydney, Singapore, Brookline, Sunnyvale, Rancho Santa Margarita, Lubbock, North Bay Village, Harrisonburg and San Diego.

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