Heard from a few Jewelboxing customers

Over the years, we’ve heard from a few Jewelboxing customers who have put out cases to use after joining a mix disc group. It’s a club, of sorts, where once a month a member puts together not only a compelling collection of music they think the others will enjoy, but they also assemble packaging that helps to compliment the disc itself. It’s great hearing from people who are doing this because the whole project, from start to finish, is simply done out of a love of both music and design. And those are exactly the things Alison Garnett brought to the table when she put together her recent mix:

“I took part in my very first music exchange, organized by the artist/designer Lisa Solomon. Looking for an excuse to design a project that involved only myself and an unknowing music exchange partner, as a client, I went with a personal favourite colour combination, as well as a collection of icons that I felt represented both myself and my Canadian home. The jewel boxes were the finishing touch, turning a home made project into a professional looking package design. The title of the CD ‘Run Lala Run’ was both a play on the title of one of the best movie’s to ever come out of Europe, and my nickname ‘Lala’.”

Here’s to hoping the music exchanges are coming along as beautifully in Houston, Vallejo, Atlantic Beach, Plano, Sicklerville, Edmond, Grove City, Valencia, Saint Peter, Providence, Chilmark, Santa Barbara, Paderborn, Southfield, Duarte, Lansdowne, Toronto, Red Bank, Helsinki, Sao Paulo, Vancouver, Nashville, Decatur, Vestal, and Salt Lake City.

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