A Family Affair (with robots)

Ronn Kilby, who last year used Jewelboxing for his wedding not once, but twice, in first sending out a video invitation and then a mix disc as a thank you gift to all his guests, has once again returned to us, but this time in the form of a short film. It’s called You-Matic/C-47, and as far as we can tell from the trailers and his excellent cover, it’s got something to do with troublesome robots. Here’s the whole scoop from Ronn:

I make my living writing, producing, shooting, scoring and editing local commercials, corporate videos, and documentaries, plus a day here and there shooting or editing for the network news magazine shows. But man does not live by money-making project alone. Once in a while you have to use your skills and hardware for something completely expressive and fun. When I literally dreamed 75% of a sci-fi script, I got up and wrote it down. Later I fleshed it out so it made sense. Thus came You-Matic/C-47.

But writing the screenplay was not enough. A week later I put out a casting call. Another week and it was cast. A few rehearsals and we were good to go. I figured out what requisite gear I did not have in house, and called all my buds who have even more stuff that I do. They all said, “you got whatever you need, my friend, gratis” so I didn’t have to rent a thing. My son happens to be a great sound man (after 2 years on the road for “Cold Case Files”) so I enlisted him for sound and camera asst. My son-in-law and his brother gripped. My wife catered and handled continuity. My daughter took care of stills, practical effects and makeup. I wrote the music.

We shot on 2 Sony Z1Us in HDV widescreen. Lighting with HMIs and KinoFlo Divas, with a Source Four ellipsoidal for effects. A Hollywood MicroDolly Jib made gliding shots a snap (later pickup shots with an EZFX Jib). Edit was in Avid Xpress Pro-HD. Post effects with Boris Continuum and Particle Illusion. A separate audio recording session was needed for the piano parts, and another for foley.

The film is currently entered in several festivals around the country, but regardless of how it does, it’s already a winner. Because it unexpectedly turned into a family affair and everyone had a ball doing it. Plus the food was great.

We’re already in the process of checking on venues to rent out for the big Jewelboxing party at Cannes to celebrate Ronn’s acceptance, as well as prepping invites for those in Maple Ridge, Amherst, Santa Monica, Huntsville, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Mascoutah, Tucson, Manchester, Pemberton, Highlands Ranch, Bethesda, Troy, Cedar Rapids, Mexico City, Irving, and Gilbert.

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