A Quick Jewelboxing Run in Less Than Twelve-Parsecs

A post to fall into that “what are we Jewelboxing?” category, here’s a cover Jim made for his son Spencer’s recent birthday party. They took a troop of his friends out to play laser tag and each of the little Jedis received a disc full of music, packaged in Jewelboxing Kings, of course:


A happy birthday to Spencer and here’s to hoping that the Laser Battles conclude soon so that peace and order is restored throughout the Republic, particularly in Armadale, San Ramon, Rosemont, Allston, Riverview, Lubbock, Asheville, Athens, Springfield, London, Haslemere, Maribor, Dallas, Ilford, Chicago, Salem, West Henrietta, Highland, Draper, Los Angeles, Orlando, Petaling Jaya, Salt Lake City, and Tatooine.