An Esteemed Body of Design-Conscious Individuals

Besides when people write in to share with us what they’ve put together using Jewelboxing, we’ve had a lot of luck over the years finding interesting projects users have posted on Flickr. We’ve been really fortunate in seeing that people think so highly of the cases that they’ve included them in their photo collections that we figured it was about time that we starting collecting up all of this good grace in one central locale. Thus, we’ve made a new Flickr group for all things Jewelboxing-related, appropriated entitled, “Jewelboxing.” Have a photo, or a dozen, of one of your cases that you’re particularly proud of? Go ahead and post it up and join the group. And now that we have this esteemed body of design-conscious individuals, we can’t promise we’ll have annual cook-outs or lapel buttons and secret handshakes to show your allegiance, we can say that we’ll appreciate it plenty.

Thanks to all of those who have joined already and here’s to hoping there are some flash bulbs a-popping and some photos getting posted right now in Edinburgh, Brooklyn Center, Turlock, Santa Cruz, Zurich, New York, London, Poole, San Ramon, Madison, Chandler, Houston, Addison, Alexandria, Amsterdam, Johnson City, Irvine, Marrickville, West Kirby, and San Jose.

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