An Unforgettable New Year’s Performance

I decided to have a party to celebrate the new year.I’m not really that great at entertaining for parties, but I do know how to put together a great show. I hired a great Surrey magician to come to the party and perform his best tricks for my guests. Some people like magicians and some may find them a little bit corny, but those people just haven’t seen the modern day magician and are only used to the ones that they saw when they were kids. Magicians these days have really changed their act to be more impressive and without the funny costumes.

At the party the magician blended in so well that no one could tell he was a magician. He didn’t come dressed in a cape or top hat, nor did he have a magic wand. He looked like a regular person that anyone would meet in a bar or on the street. He did have some props on him to help him perform his tricks, such as a deck of cards, but these were all things that no one would really know he had unless they were going through his pockets to find out if he had any magic items on hand.

The magician really brought his A game on the night of the party. He had all of the guest cheering and gasping in amazement. He was able to guess cards that people had drawn, make cards appear in peoples pockets without them realizing it, and even change the suit of a playing card right before our eyes. I had no idea how he was doing that trick, but I wanted a set of those playing cards. With those cards, I would be able to win any poker game against my friends. The guests wanted me to have another party and hire the magician again.

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