Attend Two and Call Us In the Morning

It’s always cool when someone sends in a project to us that’s really unique from anything else we’ve ever received. That happened this week when we got a package in from Carole Guevin. Of course, the design she used to dress up the Jewelboxing pack was the first thing to catch our eye (after all, we’re all designers ourselves). But when we got into the workshop Carole had prepared, that really got us interested. Here’s some info from Carole:

“The workshop is called Real PILLs, an acronym for: “Powerful Instant Latency Lot of Suggestions.” The workshop combines 2.5 years of private coaching and my 20 year experience as a designer. The whole idea is to put attendees in a situation where they face a succession of rapid and unpredictable twist and turns on a specific assignment (the pitch). The exercises mimic the flow of changes experienced in a real life project and helps to discover that uncontrollable changes and constraints are opportunities to evaluate their creative strengths, adaptability, potential and areas of improvement.

The theoretic aspects are passed on seamlessly with the intense hands-on situations. The order of the day was to introduce complete chaos to the attendees and let them learn how to stay on top of it and deliver. Which they did!

After the workshop, the group Photoshop files are posted to download and can be burned to a CD. The beauty of this concept, resides in the fact that having participated anonymously, they can now view and criticize the work of everyone, gaining new insights into what they have learned, shared and experienced over the course of the workshop and the Jewelboxing becomes way more than just a souvenir.”

UPDATE: Carole just dropped us a line to let us know that the PILLS workshop may be hitting the road soon and visit a batch of cities near you. For more info, contact Carole.

We’d like to get comp tickets to Carole’s workshop for our new pals in London, New York, Calgary, North Chatham, Vancouver, Indianapolis, Coeur d’Alene, Blue Grass, New York, Brooklyn, Corvallis, Fresno, Arcadi, Van Nuys, Washington DC, Amsterdam, Clarksville, Summerland, and Singapore.

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