Aural Fixation

One of our new favorite people of all time, Chaz Windus of Blazing Lazer, has helped us out once again. Not only did he send in a series of amazing music tracks for us to help score the Jewelboxing commercial, he followed up by doing all of the sound design as well. What was once just a flashy little spot with cool music, is now a flashy little spot with cool music AND a cornucopia of wooshes and beeps. It really does breathe a whole new life into the whole thing. Check it out.

With this step, it seems like we’re nearing the end of this fun side project. However, we’ve come this far, we can’t just let the thing sit and waste away on this site, can we? Well, we may not have the media budget, but we’ve got something sneaky planned that’ll get this thing seen. Stick with us—more revealed soon.

We would be making boring animations about dirt and sticks, if it weren’t for those in Wellington, Carmel, Minneapolis, Wien, Tallahassee, Yonkers, San Francisco, Atlanta, New York, Hudson, San Luis Obispo, Tucson, Goleta, Nesna, Philadelphia, Verdun and Troy.

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