Byrd’s Theory

After seeing Kevin Byrd’s brilliant work in the first issue of JPG Magazine, we knew he was someone to keep an eye on. A visit to his terrific blog once a day goes without saying, and you’ll see many a “via” linked back to his site on Fresh Signals. And, along with his brother Aaron Byrd, he’s continued to keep scoring points with us by using Jewelboxing to package a short film he put together earlier in the year, “The Cycle Theory.” It’s a clever piece of work, with some of the best use of animated asides you’ll probably ever see. It’s well worth your time.

But back to this story: we were browsing around this morning on his Flickr account, looking at another project he’s right in the midst of when we found the limited-edition DVD Aaron had assembled for the movie. The thought process went like this: 1) “Hey, wow, that’s a really cool design.” 2) Several seconds to process information and make connections, and then 3) “Oh, hey, he’s using Jewelboxing!” So as familiar as we are with the Jewelboxing cases, as many times as we’ve shrink wrapped for hours, packaged dozens of hundred packs, and even made cases for our own projects, this morning proved to us that that first “hey, that’s really cool” impression still works. It’s extra effective when you’ve got a film like Kevin’s and a designer like Aaron manning the helm.

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