As you may or may not know, in combination with, our studio site, we send out a mailing via email about once a month. There’s always a contest or giveaway and some other foolishness in it. And there’s always an offer on Jewelboxing too.

A little while ago the offer was “buy a 100pack of Kings or a 150pack of Standardsand write us back saying that you saw the offer in the mailing and we’ll give you a $25 instant rebate and throw your name in a hat to win a Canon Pixma Printer free of charge.

Dozens of people took us up on it and Robin Hennig of Tarzana, California was randomly selected to win the printer. Congrats Robin, it’s on the way. Most consumer-grade ink-jets do a fine job with our system but none better than the Canon series. They’re not lightning-fast but the image quality and color fidelity is great and they handle the 12mil paper perfectly.

Make sure you’re on our Infrequent Mailings list simply by giving us your email address at the bottom/right of the JB home page. We won’t ever abuse the privilege.

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