Carson Workshops

Jewelboxing is proud to be a supporter of the upcoming Carson Workshop “How to Build a Professional Database-Driven Website” in London next month. The one-day workshop, taught by two of the most innovative developers in the field, Mike Buzzard (of k10k and Cuban Council) and Chris Lea (of Media Temple and Newstoday), will cover everything you need to know about building an enterprise-level, database-driven website, with a focus on PHP, Apache, and MySQL.

But in addition to the vast, mind-boggling array of knowledge you’ll walk away with, you’ll also be treated to a bundle of goodies and discounts, including 15% off hosting through Media Temple, and a 40% discount on Zend PHP Certification. You’ll also get a copy of The Web Developer’s Survival Kit, a disc filled with loads of development ideas, tools, script, and code, all packed in an attractive, perfectly-designed, king-sized Jewelbox. The big day is Saturday, February 19th, from 9am to 6pm at Oyster Partners’ Studio in London. The workshop is down to its last few seats, so if you’re interested, jump on board now by registering at

Many thanks to the fantastic, surely-soon-to-be Zend PHP Certified in Chicago, Starkville, NYC, Caribou, Huntington Park, St. Paul, Vineland, Toronto, Odense, Marietta, Middleboro, Chestnut Hill, Manhattan, Cork, Middleboro, LA, Durant and Atlanta.

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