Case Study 2:

We got to talking to Jewelboxing user, Chris Glass, a few weeks back. He’d told us about all of the projects both he and his creative counterparts were working on and using Jewelboxing for. Everything we were shown added up to a sheer cavalcade of cool. Ultimately, something needed to be chosen to be highlighted. It was decided that his work with was perhaps the best to show off. That said, here’s a brief interview with Chris:

So what is

Woxy is an independent and alternative Internet radio station based in Cincinnati, Ohio. It’s a small outfit of DJs and a geek who all love music and weren’t satisfied with what corporate radio stations considered rock and roll.

After the traditional station’s airwaves were bought out in 2004, we generated enough interest to keep the streams going online.

How did these CDs come into play?

We started these Lounge Act sessions in our new studio last year. It’s a much better space for live recordings.

As bands would pack up their gear, we’d burn a disc for the them to take on the road. The acoustics of the space and running everything through the board sounded great, so we thought we’d make the package fit the production values.

Response from the bands has been phenomenal.

What kind of bands?

We like alternative music, and there’s been a surge of independent stuff (thanks Internet) coming to the surface — stuff you wont find on the dial, or MTV. In the past few months we’ve had: The Fiery Furnaces, Ben Lee, The Kills, Sondre Lerche, The National, The Golden Republic, Low, Of Montreal, David Lowery and Johnny Hickman (of Cracker and Camper Van Beethoven), Jem, Dirty on Purpose, and Palomar. Some shots taken during a session with Fiery Furnaces here.

What inspired the Lounge Act package design?

Our new digs. The package is a series of snapshots of things you’d find when you walk in the studio: cords, headphones, CDs, wood, knobs, some retro couches, amps and more cords.

A requirement was that we needed these to be super easy to produce. So we created blank areas on the insert and back cover to write in band names and track listings on the spot. Some additional case shots here.

Why Jewelboxing?

We’ve been using your stuff for personal projects quite a while, and everyone loves them. When you’ve got one of your cases in hand, you know you are holding something unique — and that pretty much sums up the station, our philosophy and spirit of music we play.

We also liked that you can use every bit of the package to be creative, and the templates are much better than the ones you get from other kits. Word templates don’t cut it.

Oh, and they don’t break as easy as standard jewel cases.