Smooth Moves

Is there any job cooler than that of a steadicam operator? If so, we haven’t heard of it. Add “cinematographer” as a co-title in there and you’ve got about the best job in the world, in our books at least. So while we’re always happy to hear from Jewelboxing users, we were particularly giddy when we got to talk to Ed Moore, who is both an extremely gifted cinematographer and a talented steadicam operator who travels all over the UK and across the world. We found that he was packaging both his latest reels using Jewelboxing so we dropped him a line and asked him why he decided to go with our cases:

“As a cinematographer and steadicam operator, I want my prospective clients to associate me with super smooth imagery and presentation right from the first thing that crosses their desk. With so many great cinematographers out there, I wanted to make sure my reel stood out enough to get straight to client’s DVD players. Jewelboxing’s superb templates and insanely-accurate paper parts make it almost embarrassingly easy (don’t tell my rivals!) to produce on-spec DVDs that look and feel like a million dollars.”

“Before finding Jewelboxing, I got a print house in the UK to price me up the trendy ‘digipak’ packaging. For the quantities I needed (under 100), they wanted anything from £4 to £8 per item. With Jewelboxing, I get the same quality for a fraction of the price, plus it’s simple to customize each one I print for the recipient, if I really want to add a personal touch. My only regret is that I’ve never thought of something appropriate and cool enough to put into the spine…”

Thanks very much to Ed for sharing with us and here’s to hoping there’s lots of people out there with professions we can live vicariously through in Chester, New York, Calgary, Oakland, Santa Monica, Cincinnati, Albany, Chicago, Elk Grove Village, Anaheim, Stillwater, Eyota, Davis, San Ramon, Newton, Sartell, Camberley, Lemon Grove, Los Angeles, Brooklyn, Solana Beach, Cambridge Springs, and Providence.

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Connected Dots

It’s here where we usually provide a short paragraph or two of introductory writing before we get into some writing from a Jewelboxing user. But because Phillip Chee is clearly a man with a lot to say, we’ve decided to pass the floor over to him right away:

“The concept that everything you do in your life is connected or related organically to all your experiences applies to me. To an outsider, my experiences and education may seem disconnected. I’ve done real science, studied philosophy, published, edited, designed, and currently have a computer geek’s dream job. I’ve been employed by Fleming College in Peterborough, Ontario for a decade, and I’m currently the Computer Science Technologist, supporting programs in applied computing, computer security forensics, and health information management.”

“One skill I’ve mastered is teaching cascading style sheets to neophyte web designers. During the past five years, I have been teaching continuing education (night school) courses in website design and web server technologies. I am a curious type and when something grabs my interest I immerse myself in it completely. In preparing for my classes, I read the web site A List Apartreligiously for a couple of years for research. That’s how I discovered Coudal Partners and the Jewelboxing system. I was impressed by the concept and the site design was rather cool, too. Unbelievably, I didn’t actually purchase a Jewelboxing kit until just before last Christmas. I decided to do mix CDs as Christmas presents and the Jewelboxing system was the first and only solution I had in mind. I had just bought my daughter an iPod for her birthday and while playing with iTunes noticed the new Genius feature. The genesis for a number of mix CDs based on Genius was born.”

“I’ve always had a creative urge and when I was a kid growing up I considered a career as an artist or graphic designer, as well as an astrophysicist. In the end I got a degree in biology at university. But now I use photography for my artistic urges. So I had a bunch of ready-made images to use with the templates and I chose the Photoshop templates since I regularly use the software. After a few minutes of studying the layers, I found it easy to work my design idea within it. Really, the hardest part was making sure the printer output would align properly, but I needn’t have worried because the templates were a helpful guide. I printed a couple of tests and then made adjustments to the layer positioning to get it just right.”

“Now that I have a foolproof system for creating a visually interesting package, it’s one less thing I have to worry about when I go to create a portfolio for my photography. I began taking pictures when I was nine years-old and inherited my uncle’s SLR when I was thirteen. It had a jammed shutter and he said it was mine to keep if I managed to get it fixed. Fortunately there was a camera repair shop a couple of blocks from my home. It was the best $22 I spent. The camera was not far from me wherever I moved during my university days and after graduation. While living in Montreal, I had my apartment broken into and lost the camera. It would take a dozen years for me to get back into photography when I bought a Nikon D70. In the last couple of years as I strove to improve my technique I trolled eBay for film cameras and have acquired a fine collection of classic Nikon F bodies and lenses. At the same time I rekindled my interest in astronomy and began making attempts at shooting astrophotography. Actually, I think my foray into astrophotography drove my search for the fastest, sharpest range of lenses for my collection. The more I did my research into old-school film astrophotography the more lenses I added to my growing collection.”

“I’m at the point where I feel I am ready to mount an exhibition of my photographs. I’m still deciding on some themes but it will probably be a mix of my land and sky photos with a few shots of the Milky Way galaxy thrown in.”

Thanks much to Phillip for sharing his story and here’s to hoping things are being connecting organically in Hollywood, Laredo, Vancouver, Unionville, Hendersonville, Oak Park, Monroe, Davis, Richmond Hill, Los Angeles, South Haven, Toronto, Vars, Montral, Phoenix, Madison, Winnipeg, Mississauga, Vancouver, Santa Maria, Venice, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, and Kirtland Hills.

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The Sweet Shine of Success

When you decide to throw caution to the wind and open up your own business, one of the questions that likely tugs at you in those first few months is “How am I going to stand out?” In creative fields, the first answer of course, should always be “talent.” But there are also all those other factors that help guide a business toward becoming successful, most notably, its appearance. It’s why we started Jewelboxing in the first place, because we wanted the work we were proud of at Coudal to stand out and figured a lot of people probably felt the same way as we did about the usual packaging options out there. Fortunately, we’ve found that plenty of people did, including wedding photographer Cheyenne Schultz, who wrote in to tell us why she chose to use Jewelboxing almost immediately:

“We started our business here in Charlotte, NC less than two years ago, having shot our first wedding in the fall of 2007. Since then, we have grown quite a bit and will be shooting 27 weddings this year. We do shoot the occasional family/baby session, but since weddings are what we love, we devote 95% of our time and energy to advancing that part of the business.”

“When we first started, we used a very nice, quality case to deliver the portrait session/wedding day files on disc to our clients. However, it was much too traditional for our tastes and a pretty generic product that didn’t fit our business brand. As a company with a clean, bright style and a modern approach to shooting, the basic black leather cases just weren’t cutting it and we knew it. We needed something that would reflect US. When I came across a Jewelboxing sample on another photographer’s blog, I knew I had found what we had been looking for and immediately placed an order.”

“For us, branding is everything. From the first Jewelboxing case we designed, we knew it fit in with our brand and would showcase our work in a way that made us proud. One of the core values of our business is to provide excellent quality in all aspects and that definitely includes the products we offer. In Jewelboxing, we found just that; a product that has helped to take our branding to the level and has contributed to the success of our business. We’re hooked and haven’t looked back.”

Thanks to Cheyene for sharing her work with us and here’s to hoping brands are thriving in Houston, Los Angeles, Daly City, Washington DC, Annapolis, Santa Monica, Schaumburg, Malmoe, Douglas, Purchase, Manchester, Venice, Minneapolis, Brooklyn, Zufikon, South Haven, Santa Maria, Anchorage, Quesnel, Palatine, Chesterfield, Calgary, Lapel, Brighton, and Reston.

Pressed Promotion

We have put a lot of effort into trying to make the Jewelboxing system a breeze to use, from our design templates to the pre-perforated paper., but we have to say that we love it when users go off on their own directions and make things more complicated. Such is the case with designer James Mabery, who, while creating his portfolio using our King cases, very well could have just laid out his logo in Illustrator or Photoshop and quickly sent it on its way through his printer — instead, he decided to hand print each case with a carved block. To that we say bravo. Here’s from James:

“I’m currently a student at Savannah College of Art and Design double majoring in Motion Graphics and Animation. At SCAD, I’m a sophomore and interning as a motion designer at Blue Sky Agency in downtown Atlanta, working on a vast assortment of great projects.”

“The work I have in my promotional package is a wide range including print, motion, and web design, and a lot of it is experimental or conceptual, which allowed me to flow freely and somewhat reckless.”

“The disc packaging that I designed and spent many hours on was assembled with the easy-to-use templates provided by Jewelboxing. The look of the overall design was hand-rendered type formed into an organic mass of lines and textures. I hand carved a block of my ‘Everyday’ identifier that was printed on the DVD case’s paper inserts. It was my first time to ever try the printed and carved technique, but it really worked with the overall style in the end. To help get my work seen, the Jewelboxing was a perfect fit for my budget. The quality of the case compliments my work and greatly enhances the image of myself as a professional designer at the same time.”

Thanks to James for sharing his great work with us, and here’s to hoping that the ink is landing in all the right spots in Sydney, Helensburgh, Ann Arbor, Ellenton, Celbridge, Manchester, Amsterdam, Tralee, Glasgow, Rozelle, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Hollywood, Clinton, Mexico City, San Francisco, Bedford, Boca Raton, New York, Culver City, Santa Monica, London, and Greenville.

Return of the Red Rose

Back in 2007, we highlighted Dan LaMee’s “Red Roses Mix” project, a mix disc he put together using Jewelboxing Kings to give all his single girl friends “something special, more memorable, and more lasting than a cut flower.” It was a terrific Valentine’s Day gift and on taking a look at Dan’s Flickr page again recently, we discovered that he was back at it with his Red Roses Mix 2009. The new edition looks even better, but this time, according to the description, this case was made for Dan’s girlfriend. So did one of his previous mixes turn a friend into something more? We don’t know, but we’re going to blindly chalk this one up to Jewelboxing-fueled love anyway, just because we’d really like to believe it.

Thanks again to Dan for sharing with us back in 2007 and for posting his most recent work on Flickr for all the world to see. And here’s to hoping love was packaged just as nicely for those in Los Angeles, Venice, Toronto, New York, Crows Nest, Burlington, Vilnius, Baton Rouge, Ladue, Richmond, Dublin, Singapore, Brooklyn, Joondalup, Santa Monica, Foothill Ranch, Boston, Manchester, Vestal, Esher, Kuala Lumpur, and Nashville.


We love seeing a young designer who just gets it and Liam Vasey definitely fits into that category. Not only is his work clever and confident, not plagued with heavy handed tricks or overcompensation for having just recently graduated, but he also understands the importance of getting out there and immediately impressing anyone and everyone who receives his great self-promo portfolio kit. Entitled “Liam Vasey Creates Design + Motion Graphics Under the Alias halfPlane and There is Nothing You Can Do to Stop Him,” it’s a handsome, bound book that shows off Liam’s work in print while a disc, beautifully packaged in one of our King cases, highlights his motion and web work. It’s a fantastic package, we’re sure he’ll be swimming in work because of it, and we feel very fortunate that he chose us to be a part of it. Here’s from Liam: Continue reading

Individual Paper Packs Now Listed for Purchase

From time to time we’ll get calls or e-mails from people who are looking to purchase additional paper packs for their Jewelboxing kits. Maybe they used up all their original paper on a project from last year and didn’t wind up sending out all of their cases, which they now want to reuse with an updated design. Or they’re interested in creating their own larger, multi-page cover booklet. Whatever the reason, we decided to make the process much easier for anyone in need of extras, so we’ve just added a Jewelboxing Paper section on our ordering page. From there, you’ll be able to quickly choose what sort of paper pack you need, from a complete re-do of the whole set that came in your original Jewelboxing order to individual booklets, trayliners and disc labels for both our King and Standard cases. And if you order before 2:00pm (Central), we’ll have your paper shipped off to you that same day, allowing you to get back to printing right away.

High Marks and Good Ranking

Here’s something we ran across that was nice to find: Laura Randall’s “Top 25 Awesome Products and Services” on her blog, Videography Resources. We were very fortunate to be picked as selection number three, beating out such heavyweights as Costco and the iPhone (even though we’re pretty sure the list wasn’t really being ranked, we’re still going to brag about it). Laura’s choices were complete with write-ups about each product or service and her Jewelboxing entry had some very kind things to say about the system (and some well-deserved praise for our man-about-Jewelboxing, Dawson):

“… I honestly LOVE my Jewelboxing cases. I did have to play with the templates a bit when I first got them, but they were more than happy to send me replacement inserts on the ones I ruined. Dawson at Coudal (the parent company) has always provided me with fast, courteous customer service. At the wedding show brides kept picking up the cases saying how nice they were.”

Thanks to Laura for talking us up and including us in her collection of goodness. Here’s to hoping lots of lists are being compiled right now and we’ve found our way onto them (the positive ones, preferably) in Phoenix, Boulder, Los Angeles, Berkeley, Santa Monica, Chicago, Chino, Lawrenceville, Anchorage, Regina, Culver City, Bethesda, Atlanta, Troy, New York, Mississauga, Chandler, Calgary, Rouen, London, and Venice.

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A Wedding Favor Recap

A nice follow-up to something we posted back in September. Back then, the WeddingBee blogger Miss Pomegranate (or “Kate” as she’s known in real life) was preparing for her upcoming wedding and had decided to use Jewelboxing to package mix discs for each of her guests, tying in the case design with the rest of the big day’s motif. Now that a few months have passed and she’s officially hitched, Kate was very generous in giving Jewelboxing another shout out over at Southern Weddings magazine’s blog:

“Our favors were a great multi-tasking project — they doubled as both favors and seating cards for our guests. The CD contained a listing of tracks that brought us together in the early stages of our relationship, as well as selections from our ceremony music. The spine had a removable sticker that displayed the guests’ name and table where they would be seated. I really enjoyed working with Jewelboxing’s templates — they ended up looking really professional.”

Thanks to Kate for the post-wedding nod and here’s to hoping everyone is enjoying their own well-packaged mix discs in Savannah, Quebec, Salt Lake City, New York City, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Cedar Park, Santa Rosa, Toronto, Bloomington, San Diego, Bonita Springs, Louisville, Atlanta, and Baltimore.

The Sweet Smell of Success

Although used to some success in the theater world, 1960’s Scent of Mystery was the first (and what would turn out to be the only) film to use Hans Laube and Mike Todd’s Smell-O-Vision technique. It utilized a series of different containers attached to the movie house’s seats that were filled with a variety of odors which were released at certain points throughout the film. Since then, variations on the Smell-O-Vision have popped up here and there, from John Waters’ Polyester to a Japanese company’s system for, strangely, Terrance Malick’s The New World of all films. But there have been years of gaps in between and Smell-O-Vision is but a relic of the past. However, while odor-bearing films have never really taken off, the band A Social Path is clearly trying to be the first to bring the idea to music, as they’ve put to use the Jewelboxing spine to include chopped up incense sticks with each copy of their album, Test #241. Although the band admits that they “can’t smell it, but some people claim they can and that is all that matters,” we think they’re on to something. If anything, it’s a sure fire sell to Spinal Tap for a Smell the Glove reissue.

For more idea of what you can insert into the Jewelboxing spines with both the Standards and Kings, we recommend reading this post from a little while back.

Thanks to A Social Path for being so clever and here’s to hoping that everyone is smelling sweetly in Pleasanton, Colwick, Stirling, Warwick, Kensington, Madison, Poughkeepsie, Santa Rosa, Vancouver, Pearland, Pittsburgh, Bloomington, Norman, Yellowknife, Arlington, Seattle, Key West, Libertyville, Upland, New York City, Brookfield, and Penn Valley.

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Package Two and Call Us in the Morning

As we ship Jewelboxing all over the world, it’s not unusual to find links in our referral logs coming in from sites written in other languages. Despite our years of collective foreign language education experience throughout high school and college, we’re all pretty lousy at anything but English (and even that ain’t so hot at times). So we’ll often fall back on the easy solution by translating these sites using some service like Google or Bablefish. Their translating has gotten better over the years, for sure, but it still requires some time in trying to figure out exactly what’s being talked about. What’s more, you often find yourself reading something unintentionally funny, like this post we found on the site Criterion. It’s about a new DVD set of motion graphics they’d released called Spain in Motion(which looks terrific). Although they didn’t use Jewelboxing to package it in, they wrote that they wished that they had. Here’s that bit in translated form:

“Similarly, versions of the videos with a highresolution ultra edition had been the bomb. Perhaps a future blu.ray, who knows…I would have liked a “packaging” more beautiful, as Jewelboxing [in], but that would have urged the product with complete safety.”

While we’re sure that’s not at all what was originally written in Spanish, we’re certainly happy to accept that unexpected and previously unheard compliment, that Jewelboxing is a “product with complete safety.” And now that we can quote someone as having said it, we can start a new ad campaign with dubious medical claims. Any doctors out there who are willing to lend their name to the statement “Jewelboxing is good for your ‘T-Zone’?”

Thanks to Criterion for linking our way and allowing us to misinterpret their words. And here’s to hoping that the number under the “days without injury” sign is in the high three digits in San Francisco, Belmont, London, Winnipeg, Portland, Spingfield, St. Louis, Santa Cruz, Oxford, Chicago, Weimar, New York City, Zachary, Edison, Manchester, Seattle, and Woodside.

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Drawn to Jewelboxing

We’ve often seen our cases used as showpieces to help compliment the work kept inside, but rare is the day that Jewelboxing gets a modeling job of its very own. So it was as we found this sketch created by the very talented Laurent Baumann. Here’s a little info about how one of our Standards ended up in pencil and paper form and a scan of the image itself:

“The sketch was a preliminary icon design for the application “Coversutra,” an iTunes controller for OS X I had the original concept for. I did the icon for Sophiestication (a German, one-person company) since I contacted Sophia Teutschler (who leads this company) to code the application.”


It should be known that Jewelboxing is always available for any and modeling gigs, just as long as they’re tasteful and dignified (distasteful and undignified will cost extra). We figure the same goes for the handsome people in Middle Park, New York City, Atlanta, Pinole, Stockton, Milwaukee, Bozeman, Brookline, Savannah, Pittsburgh, Austin, Barrington, Mt. Prospect, Sacramento, Ridgefield, Gray, Princeton, London, Ballyclare, Syracuse, Santa Cruz, Stanford, Brandon, and Somerville.

Misty Water-Colored Memories

With winter coming soon and being outdoors no longer an option, it was recently decided around the home front that this was going to be the season of cleaning up the basement once and for all. With the snows coming, the plan to to finally start sorting through all those boxes of miscellaneous photos, letters, and those odd little mementos that don’t quite work so hot with the decor upstairs among the living. But in the end, even after weekends are spent reorganizing, you might wind up with a few less boxes, but all of that stuff will still be sitting down there, gathering dust.

It seemed somehow fortuitous that we ran across this post from 2005 over at Ask Metafilter about what people do with their collections of old memories. Bringing it full circle is that someone recommended taking the time to scan these important pieces of your life and sticking it all onto discs, then going that extra mile by nicely packaging it using Jewelboxing. We’d seen this general idea put to great use in previous posts like with Andrew Huff’s collection of his grandfather’s audio interviews, Sujay Thomas’ graduation discs, and Brendan Dawes’ birthday memories. But to do a personal collection of all your miscellaneous stuff, all searchable and safely tucked away in ones and zeros, that sounds fantastic. If just to provide inspiration so that we might do the same when it comes time to head downstairs to start the organizing, we’d love to see how it all turned out and hear your story, so if you’ve done such a thing, drop us a line and let us know.

Here’s to hoping memories are being made and preserved in Brooklyn, Longwood, New York, Anacortes, Pasadena, Las Vegas, Madison, Toms River, Brea, Palo Alto, Oxford, London, Savannah, Blacksburg, Washington DC, Wetumpka, Drouin, Newmarket, Knoxville, Logan, Chicago, Toronto, Metairie, and Merrifield.

The Grand Experience

Although we’ve posted things like our first Jewelboxing commercial, the famous “Bags of Air,” and a demonstration by Dawson’s hands, we’d gone years without truly embedding any video on the blog to suddenly being on our second in mere months (the first is here). Regardless of this budding, potential trend or otherwise, here’s a clip we found created by photographer Armin DeFiesta about the two methods he uses for client packaging. When he goes Jewelboxing, he explains it as such: “If you’re like me, I still like to take the time and effort to customize my products as part of the grand experience I deliver.” But enough talk out of us. Here’s Armin:

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An Esteemed Body of Design-Conscious Individuals

Besides when people write in to share with us what they’ve put together using Jewelboxing, we’ve had a lot of luck over the years finding interesting projects users have posted on Flickr. We’ve been really fortunate in seeing that people think so highly of the cases that they’ve included them in their photo collections that we figured it was about time that we starting collecting up all of this good grace in one central locale. Thus, we’ve made a new Flickr group for all things Jewelboxing-related, appropriated entitled, “Jewelboxing.” Have a photo, or a dozen, of one of your cases that you’re particularly proud of? Go ahead and post it up and join the group. And now that we have this esteemed body of design-conscious individuals, we can’t promise we’ll have annual cook-outs or lapel buttons and secret handshakes to show your allegiance, we can say that we’ll appreciate it plenty.

Thanks to all of those who have joined already and here’s to hoping there are some flash bulbs a-popping and some photos getting posted right now in Edinburgh, Brooklyn Center, Turlock, Santa Cruz, Zurich, New York, London, Poole, San Ramon, Madison, Chandler, Houston, Addison, Alexandria, Amsterdam, Johnson City, Irvine, Marrickville, West Kirby, and San Jose.

Making a Good Last Impression

On our blog, it seems like many of our posts about promotional work tend to focus more on that first meeting, that attempt at landing a job. But we ran into an interesting discussion today about the other side of that equation over at the Freelance Switch Forums. The topic was “Packaging of Deliverables” and the initial post was about using Jewelboxing to turn in that final copy to your client of whatever it is you’ve just finished up for them:

Seems like an interesting way to leave a definite, tangible impression with clients. Has anyone else tried this? How did it turn out?

Personally speaking, it’s what we’ve always done here at Jewelboxing and over at Coudal, trying to make a good last impression, and we’ve found that it’s been a success thus far. Though there are, of course, some detractors:

Impressing your clients AFTER the project is complete seems to be a tad backward.

Granted, among those couple of “why would you want to do that?” responses there were some good points, largely stemming from the idea that not all businesses operate in the same way and sometimes a client just needs a file passed along by e-mail or FTP and that’s it. Impressing them at the beginning and sticking to their guidelines at the end might be just enough.

But the vast majority of the replies seemed to see this as a very good idea, continuing that commitment to the project even after the last invoice has gone out. If it’s right for your business and your marketing budget will allow for it, why not make an effort to keep those clients you’ve enjoyed working with coming back and possibly sticking solely with you for the long haul? That seems to be the verdict in the end, that while doing this might not make an instant financial difference to your business, putting the notion that “you’re a class act” in your client’s mind is never a bad idea and has the potential to lead to a lot of positives.

Just something we found interesting on a Friday afternoon and it’s always nice to see our cases discussed from another angle. Here’s to hoping for a great weekend and many happy returns in Fairfax, Austin, Bethesda, Villa Park, Shaker Heights, Media, Greenville, Brookline, Philadelphia, Oberlin, Mississauga, Sycamore, Chicago, South Grafton, Savannah, London, Winter Park, New York City, Vancouver, La Mirada, and Knoxville.

Winning Over Brands By Branding Better

People use Jewelboxing in order to stand out from the crowd for a lot of reasons, like trying to land that job or wanting to impress that certain someone with a mix disc of your favorite songs. Sometimes it’s professional, sometimes it’s just wanting to feel good about whatever it is you put together. When you’re a brand-focused design firm at a trade show or prepping for a massive mailing, it’s absolutely essential. Among a veritable sea of competition, it’s important to be able to wow potential clients with your work before they’ve even stepped foot in your booth or popped that disc into their computer. Jewelboxing-user and firm principal Shawn Borsky understands this completely and dropped us a line to let us know about his latest project:

“My firm, Anthem Design Group, is a brand and website design firm specializing in brand fidelity (new solutions that flow with your current brand), as well as new development, micro sites, product highlights, etc. We used about 1,000 Jewelboxing cases for a direct mail and trade show media kit campaign. The media kits were a showcase and FAQ for our firm’s Q1 and Q2 of 2008, for prospective clients. We actually mailed them with red/violet ribbons that matched the cover ribbon, which also worked with our tag, ‘Brand solutions that flow.'”

“We used Jewelboxing because it allows us much more customization, a better, neater looking package, and durable for direct mail. We had done a print run of 100 before and it worked great. This last time around, we actually had ours custom printed and die cut for the mold, so it looks really fantastic and was very painless. Plus we got screen printed discs. At trade shows, 8 out of 10 people ask if they are free, which is always nice. I recommend Jewelboxing to every other business owner and we use them for all of our client media kits.”

Thanks much to Shawn for writing in and sharing his work with us, and here’s to hoping that 8 out of 10 people are hiring or admiring those in Twickenham, Marietta, Beckenham, Tallahassee, Canterbury, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Columbus, Reading Berkshire, Baltimore, Chatham, Sylvania, Washington DC, Chicago, Pittsburgh, San Diego, Downey, Cambridge, and Gloucester.

A Quick Jewelboxing Run in Less Than Twelve-Parsecs

A post to fall into that “what are we Jewelboxing?” category, here’s a cover Jim made for his son Spencer’s recent birthday party. They took a troop of his friends out to play laser tag and each of the little Jedis received a disc full of music, packaged in Jewelboxing Kings, of course:


A happy birthday to Spencer and here’s to hoping that the Laser Battles conclude soon so that peace and order is restored throughout the Republic, particularly in Armadale, San Ramon, Rosemont, Allston, Riverview, Lubbock, Asheville, Athens, Springfield, London, Haslemere, Maribor, Dallas, Ilford, Chicago, Salem, West Henrietta, Highland, Draper, Los Angeles, Orlando, Petaling Jaya, Salt Lake City, and Tatooine.

Well-Polished Promotion

Sometimes, when that extra special project comes around, you have decisions to make along the way. You can either do it proficiently and professionally, or you can chose to push it a little further and create something remarkable that will completely floor your clients (and most importantly, make you proud to show it off, too). Such is the case with Harpreet Padam and his design firm Unlike, who decided to go all out in creating a recent job for a client by including our Standard cases within their fantastic presentation kit. Here’s the whole story from Harpreet:

“We’re a small design firm of two in Bangalore, India called Unlike and we work mostly with fashion and lifestyle brands in the domain of packaging, graphics, and accessory design. The picture I sent you was part of a project for Carbon Accessories, a fashion jewellery brand that sells across India through a shop-in-shop sales module and was looking at expanding into exclusive stores. To enable this through a planned and consistent design identity, Carbon reached out to carefully selected designers/architects across the world, inviting them to associate with the brand.”

“At Unlike, we designed a brand presentation (in Flash), a brochure that provided detailed information about the brand, and a design brief to entice and invite these designers and architects. This was arranged inside an acrylic box that was then personalised to each addressee through coloured DYMO embossing tape. A Jewelboxing-packaged CD contained the Flash presentation and a digitally-printed CD label themed on ‘elevating style,’ the brand mantra and also the theme of this project.”

“Before we decided on Jewelboxing (which I was familiar with for such a long time that I don’t even remember how or when, maybe some design magazine?), we were considering buying single-cased Sony DVDs, discarding the DVDs, and using their jewel case. It’s much cheaper that way since a Jewelboxing case costs about 75 Indian rupees (with postage), and the Sony DVD case works out to 35 Indian rupees with a blank DVD to spare. However, we decided on the more professional and in a way ‘elevating style’ with the Jewelboxing case because of its highly reflective nature (maybe due to its internal form, structure, and gloss). This reflection was also relevant, as most of our client’s products are diamond-studded and shine like crazy. So we let the CD inside show through, encased in all that clarity.”

“About the Jewelboxing experience, well it was quick, fast, and convenient. We originally had some doubts, but Dawson cleared them up in a jiffy. I visited your site again recently because we’re planning to use Jewelboxing for another brand presentation for a new client, a silk furnishings retailer, though this time we plan to silkscreen the case, quite like a Marc Newson DVD we have. I’ll order as soon as I get my proposal approved!”

Thanks to Harpreet and the Unlike Design Company for sharing their work with us and here’s to hoping client socks are being knocked off in Machelen, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Grayslake, Washington DC, Anacortes, Tuscaloosa, Seattle, Layham, Whistler, Norwich, Trujillo Alto, Long Beach, Indianapolis, Zurich, Oakland, and Glen Carbon.

Favor the Moments

A while back, we ran across this post over at the popular Weddingbee site, where blogger Miss Pomegranate (each of their writers take on secret identities) talked briefly about her plans to use Jewelboxing as the favors for her upcoming wedding. As we went back and read her previous posts, each about various preparations, we knew that whatever she came up with would be terrific, given her eye for design and a knack for the do-it-yourself. And correct we were, as she’s just followed up by posting her finished CDs, beautifully packaged in our Standard cases. What’s more, like with all of her posts, she went above and beyond by writing out all the details of creating all 150 favors, from start to finish. If you’re at all curious about the process of putting together a 100+ Jewelboxing project with just yourself or with you and another person, we highly recommend starting with her write-up. Also, make sure to check out how she connected these favors to the designs for all of her other wedding accouterments

Thanks to Miss Pomegranate (or “Kate”) for sharing her Jewelboxing experience, and we wish her all the best when the big day rolls around in just a few short weeks. And here’s to hoping there are big days of all kinds on their way to Alexandria, Washington DC, Chicago, New York, Vernon Hills, Arlington, Fleetwood, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Hatboro, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Simi Valley, Toronto, Vancouver, Longmont, Gainesville, and Burnaby.

The Will Call Window

On a semi-regular basis, we get a call from a customer saying, “I’m in Chicago and I think I’m right down the street from you. Can I just come pick up my order?” To which, of course, we always say yes. It’s a good way for locals to save a couple bucks on shipping, it’s nice to say hello to Jewelboxing customers, and it makes us feel almost like a real live brick and mortar. Well somehow this week, after one of these calls, it finally struck us that we should be making it easier for our customers to know that they can easily swing by our Chicago office and pick up their orders. So we’ve just added this option to the shopping cart:


If you’re local and close by, or just in town for a couple of days for meetings or a conference, and you’re looking to order, we hope this will provide a quick method to stop by, pick up, say hello, and get to Jewelboxing right away.

November 12, 2017 | Category: Blog

Taking the Leap

Who doesn’t love hearing that something you’ve built has improved someone’s day? We feel particularly close to any story of people switching over to Jewelboxing after finally getting fed up with the bland cases picked up from a local office supply store, largely because that was our experience, too, and it’s the reason for why we started the company in the first place. So we were happy to hear from photographer Scott McNamara who made the change and hasn’t looked back since. Here’s from Scott:

“As embarrassing as it is to admit, in my early days of wedding photography I would hand clients a beautiful set of Office Max DVDs, cleanly presented in clear jewel boxes. But wait…it gets better! The finishing touches were added with a Sharpie…yes…as in “Mary and Brian’s Wedding 2006.” I laugh at this tragedy now, as I have been using Jewelboxing cases for a year now.”

“I strive to custom design each set to match both the personality of the wedding and of the bride and groom. No two cases are alike; each is custom designed. I choose my favorite images and apply design elements that match those images.”

“For some of my clients, I have used the inside of the booklet as a place to document events for the DVDs themselves. This is usually a “Slideshow Guest list” where they can write the names and dates of the first people to view their slideshow. In addition, I add an area where the bride and groom can write their favorite images and why. In fifty years, these simple touches will hopefully help them relive the early days of their wedding.”

“Second to the wedding images, I get the most compliments on these cases. Clients are so excited to receive a surprise — custom designed cases that compliment the beauty of their wedding, and provide a taste of what’s to come. As a wedding photographer, they provide a solid platform with which to extend my brand. It’s a win-win for everyone!”

Thanks much to Scott for writing in and here’s to hoping there are bundles of old cases and sharpie pens destine for the rubbish bin for those in Dundee, Greenwich, Dallas, Minneapolis, Somerville, Chicago, Renton, Vancouver, Livonia, Brooklyn, Edgewater, Milford, Toronto, Murphysboro, Albuquerque, Washington DC, Wauatosa, New York, Napa, and Jarrettsville.

November 12, 2017 | Category: Blog

Herding the Archives

After four years and more than 200 entries to the Jewelboxing blog, we realized that the archives had grown a bit unruly and it was time to do some organizing. So we went through all of these hundreds of posts and assigned them all to categories, including things like Motion Graphics + Animation, Music projects, Weddings, and Tips we’ve put up over the years to make your whole Jewelboxing experience all the better. You’ll find the whole list of categories over there on the right. We figure this house cleaning will not only help us track things down in the archives, but will also let you more easily browse around and see what people are using Jewelboxing for in the specific areas you’re interested in. Happy reading!

Here’s to hoping we’ll soon be able to categorize all the project being put together in Shanghai, Boston, Charleston, London, Valley Center, Sao Paulo, Lemon Grove, Normal, San Francisco, Chicago, Whitehorse, Northfield, Columbus, Grand Rapids, Clinton Township, McAllen, New York, Ladera Ranch, Tucson, Lone Tree, and Berlin.

A Successful Audition

Maybe it stems from some residual childhood memory of being at the dinner table, but we’re firm believers of the “Try it, you’ll like it!” mantra. Around Jewelboxing HQ, we try and keep to that mindset outside of just what lands on our plates, giving the benefit of the doubt to everything from that new web app everyone’s talking about to seeing films we ordinarily wouldn’t be watching. So we were happy to hear from Jon Hall, who had a similar, “Try it, you’ll like it” experience with Jewelboxing. Here’s from Jon:

“I’m a graphic designer from Pittsburgh, PA. I operate JDH Ideas, a small design firm that works with web, print, and logos specifically. I have been using the Jewelboxing package system for a while now and I can’t believe how great they work. I’d been using old school, flat-black CD cases before and they were unsightly, flimsy, and generally just bad for business. I had a friend tell me about the Jewelboxing system, but I hesitated, thinking that the system was too good to be true. I finally ordered a pack, printed my CD, and never looked back at the old flimsy packages I had used before (well, actually, I use them as frisbees now). I really like how the packaging system gives my designs a permanent presence. It definitely ensures the materials don’t go unnoticed. One of the things I like most about them is how they start up so much conversation; it’s amazing. Everyone has been wowed by the design of the cases and so now I use them for all my new JDH Ideas clients, and for myself. They are just great for job hunting because they give you that extra edge that no one else has.”

Thanks much to Jon for taking the plunge and becoming a Jewelboxing believer. And here’s to hoping there are loads of new converts in Philadelphia, New York, Tulsa, Grandville, Wake Forest, Yardley, Palo Alto, Westlake Village, Aliso Viejo, Belton, Chicago, Washington DC, Sioux Falls, Venice, and Hong Kong.

November 12, 2017 | Category: Blog, Film

Past Preservation

It’s always cool when you learn something new about a friend. You think you know them pretty well, but then they surprise you with something they’ve never mentioned before, like “I won the state archery championship in high school” or “I just finished writing my first novel. It’s about bees, which I’ve been utterly fascinated by since childhood.” Such was the case with our good friend Andrew Huff, who has not only been a web ally over at Gaper’s Block, but has helped us over the years with projects of ours like Layer Tennis and The Show, as well as coming along with us on more than a couple of trips to the bar. But until recently, we didn’t know about a project he’d used Jewelboxing for and once we’d heard all the details, we asked him if he wouldn’t mind sharing them on the blog. He agreed and so here’s the whole story from Andrew himself:

“At Christmas in 2001, I brought a mini-casette recorder out to my grandparents’ house in Scottsdale, Arizona, to interview them about their youth. My grandmother was born in Italy and immigrated to the US when she was 8, passing through Ellis Island on her way to Chicago. My grandfather was born here, fought in the Pacific Theater during World War II, and came home to jobs ranging from running a small trucking firm to working for the City of Chicago’s Recorder of Deeds to owning a nightclub. He was the single best storyteller I’ve ever known, and their life together was so rich that I wanted to make sure at least part of it was recorded for posterity.

“I recorded about three hours of tape that Christmas. In between stories of my grandparents’ childhood in Chicago’s Little Italy, their courtship and my grandfather’s experiences in Guadal Canal and after, I also captured the rest of the family filling in details and asking questions. On one tape, my grandmother walks through the steps of making stuffed artichokes, and then we talk about life after marriage, the move from the Old Neighborhood, and grandpa’s trucking company and the uniform company he drove for for 20 years.

“In 2003, I brought my recorder with me again. This time, it was to record my grandfather one more time: he was in the last stages of lung cancer, so it was one last opportunity to ask him questions. He told me about the bar he ran, and about the move to Arizona in the early ’90s. Three weeks later, he passed away.

“The tapes sat in my office for several years, until my grandmother expressed interest in hearing them again. That spurred me to finally have them digitized. As I prepared the files for Grandma, I realized that the rest of the family would be interested in copies, too. So a grand Christmas present project was hatched.

“I knew right off the bat that I wanted to use Jewelboxing cases for the CDs. They’re beautiful presentation pieces, and the custom templates allowed me to easily create nicely designed inserts for them. I scanned photos from my mother and my collection, produced layouts in Photoshop using the templates, and printed them up. Unfortunately, I ran out of time before Christmas to actually burn the CDs. Fortunately, I was able to print the CD labels and take them with me, burning the discs and slapping on labels while listening to the recordings with my grandmother.

“The four-CD set turned out beautifully, and fits perfectly on the shelf alongside DVDs and books. My family loved the gift, of course. I’m looking forward to repeating the project with my dad’s side of the family this summer.”

Thanks very much to Andrew and here’s to hoping for a few surprises in Arlington, Austin, Cupertino, Orsay, Launceston, Lexington, Mountain View, Old Buckenham, Belfast, Wimbledon, Surbiton, Berkeley, Oslo, Guildford, Burbank, Chicago, Brooklyn, Montreal, Meerbusch, Great Neck, Richmond, Tonsberg, New York, Woburn, Elk Grove, London, Amsterdam, Seattle, Helsinki, Stockbridge, Bonita Springs, and Edmonton.