Full-Time Perfectionists

If you’re a musician or a filmmaker, you can maybe slip by on the design side of things by doing something simple, figuring that the Jewelboxing case alone will do enough initial impressing to encourage people to pop in the disc and get into whatever it is that your real bread-and-butter expertise is. But when you’re V12 Studios, a full-service design firm that does a whole lot of everything, from print work to packaging design to any and all in between, not only does the included reel have to be sharp, but the Jewelboxing case itself has to be nothing short of perfect. Because, who knows, maybe after looking at the way V12 handled their reel, that client they’re pitching to could turn around and decide they need to have their own project or product packaged up using Jewelboxing too. Kiran RajBhandary, the president of V12, was kind enough to drop us a line, letting us know why they decided to use our cases, and here’s what he had to say:

“We looked for a system that was first and above all, of absolute total quality. When you sell creative services, the presentation of the work is a critical attribute. I found only one system that met our needs: Jewelboxing. Jewelboxing provides a presentation platform that allows not only for superb reproduction, but ease of use. We get inquiries worldwide, and having the ability to provide a visual and physically tangible example of our thinking and the quality we strive for quickly and with ease is of great benefit.”

Thanks very much to Kiran and the crew at V12 for getting in touch with us and here’s to hoping it’s quality galore in Arlington, Evanston, Slidell, Kingsport, Newcastle, Lenexa, San Jose, Athens, Morton Grove, Fairfax, Altamonte Springs, Marietta, Dallas, Murphysboro, Hyde Park, Chicago, Seattle, Middletown, New York, Hamilton, Philadelphia, South Pasadena, Singapore, Virginia Beach, Kenosha, Savannah, Newton, Coral Gables, Brunswick and Brooklyn.

Give the Gift of Jewelboxing

If all the snow we got last night is any indication, winter is officially here. And with winter comes the holiday season when guests are welcomed, hearts are warmed, and gifts are exchanged. Through the years, we’ve seen Jewelboxing used to great effect on all three. There have been John Tolva’s great mix discsfor his annual holiday party, given out to each guest. Andrea Buchanan shared with us her process of making Jewelboxing-packaged photo CDs of her newborn to give to family and friends. And the motion graphics firm The Neighbourhood used our King cases to deliver a holiday film they’d made to thank their clients and supporters of their work.

There are a million ideas for what you could use Jewelboxing for this holiday season and whatever your gifting plans are, even if you’d just like to give that designer in your life a case of cases and let them do the designing, we’d love to help out.

It’s All the Talk in Delray Beach

When Jewelboxing user, Jess Kadar, sent in what she’d recently put together using our cases, it made us feel all warm and happy inside. That’s not to say we’re not always tingling with delight when we see Jewelboxing put to good use, but this was fine design plus it was as sweet as all get out. Here’s the whole scoop, directly from Jess:

“I just have to say how much I love Jewelboxing and how well it’s been working out for me. I bought the jb kit to make DVDs of my wedding pics, which worked out nicely. But what *really* impressed people was when I used Jewelboxing to package my grandma Ethel’s 90th birthday video. (I had transferred 90 years of film and photos to DV and edited it into a tearjerking 20 minute film.) Now all the retirees in Delray Beach want to know where they can get a video like Ethel’s.

I know it’s not hard for a grandchild to impress her Jewish grandmother…but it IS hard to impress her friends who insist that their grandchildren are the best, smartest, most creative, etc. With Jewelboxing, it is indeed possible to silence them. I’d even say it’s the next best thing to being (or marrying) a Jewish doctor.”

We’re positive there are friends of grandmothers being impressed like crazy in Pittsburgh, Arlington Heights, Toronto, Cincinnati, Eugene, Los Angeles, Villa Ridge, Cresskill, Chester, Houston, Valencia, Pasadena, Mountain View, Napa, Westborough, New York, Chicago, Baltimore, Providence, Portland, Monument, Mississauga, Rutland, Dunfermline, Minneapolis, and Bristol.

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Behind the Scenes Look at Shooting a Pixma Spot

A cool behind the scenes look at the filming of a series of spotsfor Canon’s line of Pixma printers. Relevant to Jewelboxing because we chose the Pixma iP4600 to include in our completely-complete Studio kits, after it had been reviewed as the highest rated inkjet for its amazing coverage and fidelity. If you’re in the market for a new printer, it comes highly recommended. But of course you can use any brand of printer for great results when printing on one of our kits (we custom mill the paper to make sure of it). Here’s the cool making-of:

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A Can’t Miss Multi-Level Packaging Opportunity

Because we think it’s every person’s destiny to own just as many boats, cars, and tropical isle dream homes as we do, we’ve been thinking here at Jewelboxing HQ about how we can help you maximize your potential and create just enough synergy to explode your current revenue dynamics and live your dreams by earning as much as $70,000 per month with only an hour of work per week, tops. We’re still not entirely finished with this exciting profitability opportunity, so in the interim (and while you save the $299 we’ll be asking for as an initial startup fee), we thought we’d share a note from filmmaker Byword Smith about how he’s putting our King cases to great use with his latest project:

“I’m a stand-up comedian and filmmaker out of Washington, DC. I just produced a comedy short called Hopes and Schemes, which is about a man who gets caught up in a unique “business” opportunity that he hopes will help him reach his dream, but ends up taking him further away.”

Hopes and Schemeswas a two year process for me. Working in multiple areas of the digital film production process was mandatory if I wanted to articulate the vision I had for the story, and also make a great product along the way. I found out about Jewelboxing years ago through a friend and knew that if I ever created a dvd, I’d consider those cases.”

“The reason I chose Jewelboxing over other DVD cases was because I want to stand out as a filmmaker and make a memorable first impression to people when they get my film. I want people to say to themselves, “I want this!” I’ve already received many compliments on the cases. What I also love about Jewelboxing is the all-in-one setup that’s provided; between the templates and the perforated paper, my house is a one-stop shop for DVD creation!”

Thanks a million to Byword for dropping us a line (here’s the Hopes and Schemes trailer) and here’s to hoping hard work is being one-stop shopped in Edmonton, Glendale, Toronto, St. Catharines, Clovis, Minneapolis, Dallas, San Francisco, Virginia Beach, Goleta, Tucson, Santa Rosa, Benbrook, Meriden, Brooklyn, Spokane, Mission Viejo, Janesville, Portland, Huntington Beach, Odessa, Quebec City, Vestal, Honolulu, Phillipsburg, Lomond, Welland, and Panama City.

Breaking the Chains of Unreleased Soundtracks

Used to be that you were at the mercy of studios, distributors, and big retailers. But now with things like iTunes, inexpensive media, and ahem, Jewelboxing, if you want something that isn’t available or doesn’t exist, there’s no reason not to just make it yourself. We saw that back in June of last year when Raymond Forbes decided he wanted to make his perfect David Cronenberg box set. Now we see it again with Phillip Chee, who wanted the soundtrack for the film One Week, but it had never come out. So he just wrote down the tracks listed in the credits, download the songs (and “added a second set of tracks from the artists on the play list to fill up the disc”) and there you go, instant album. And definitely much more attractive than something you would have bought at the store.

Thanks to Phillip for sharing the photos of his great creation on Flickr (if his name sounds familiar, we’ve also featured him on our blog before) and here’s to all those taking charge of their soundtrack and box set needs in San Francisco, Palm Harbor, Perth, Venice, Villenuve D’Ascq, Biscarrosse, Bilbao, Preston, Southampton, Ashford, Raleigh, Washington D.C., Vail, New York, Singapore, Ben Lomond, Ozone Park, Brooklyn, Santa Monica, and Lewisville.

The Holiday Hunt for ‘How Thoughtful!’

Around this time of year, we think it’s helpful to remind you that Jewelboxing isn’t all just serious business, used to win clients’ attention and affection. You can also use the system to make great holiday gifts, moving people like your mother from “It’s special because you made it” to “Wow! You made this?!”

There are lots of ideas in our archives. Taken from just this year alone, you could do something like Phillip Chee and create mix discs for all those on your list. Or gather up all the films of someone’s favorite director and put together the perfect box set, like designer Raymond Forbes did. Give that teenage designer to put their portfolio in so they can get into any college of their choosing (it worked for Mason Sklar). Or create the world’s finest photography set by combining a disc full of snaps and a multi-page accompanying booklet, using our handy tutorial. Finally, for more season-specific reference, here’s the holiday-ideas recap we put together last year.

Whatever you wind up making, if you use Jewelboxing, thanks for letting us play a part in making the holidays bright for you and yours, and impressing the heck out of your mom along the way.

A special nod to all those in Livonia, Los Altos, North Vancouver, Portland, Irvine, Sao Paulo, Lehi, San Juan, Wilton, Olympia, Allston, Nelson, New York, Rivonia, Seattle, Austin, Saint Martinville, Los Angeles, Plano, and Hoboken.

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Spirited Ridiculousness

With Halloween just around the corner, we were hoping to find a holiday-specific Jewelboxing project to mark what is arguably the best holiday of the year. Fortunately, our hopes were realized as we caught word of creepy goings-ons in the Orlando suburb of Kissimmee, Florida (which, of course, has been regularly renowned for its “Very Spooky” listing in most national rankings). The purveyor of said horrors is one T.C. Durham, who was kind enough to take a break from his telling of ghastly tales to share with us his most recent project, the long-awaited sequel in his Trick No Treat film series. Here’s a description of the film:

“Zack (Tyler Zwick) returns to his home town and discovers the worlds last remaining ghost. Zack soon realizes that he must enlist the help of the old gang (T.C. Durham, Mike Chandler, Jacob Wilder) and kill the ghost before the ghost kills them!”

And here’s from T.C. about the project:

“Trick No Treat 3 is probably the most ridiculous project I’ve ever done. It’s random, offensive and over the top. It’s basically Ghostbusters on crack.

Trick No Treat started out as a short video intended to entertain guests at a Halloween party. For the first movie we had nothing. We had no budget and a low-quality camcorder. Now working on TNT3, we’ve upgraded to a high-definition camcorder and Final Cut Studio.

“We were worried that we would make this great movie and have to distribute it on the crappy CD cases you get at the drug store. Then, I discovered Jewelboxing (intro hallelujah chorus). With Jewelboxing’s sweet King cases, we were able to preserve the quality of the movie from beginning to end.

“We’re not professionals, we’re not art kids. We just wanted to make people laugh! The whole movie is one ridiculous event after another. But what I’ve learned from the few people that have screened our movie is that people are impressed when you take being funny seriously.”

A big spine-chilling thanks to T.C. for sharing the project with us and here’s to hoping hairs are raised and blood is curdled this week in Mt. Pleasant, Santa Monica, Louisville, New York, Singapore, Colorado Springs, Tacoma, Atlanta, Bolingbrook, Idaho Springs, Stevenson Ranch, Hagerstown, Toronto, Lubbock, Springfield, Long Beach, Houston, San Luis Obispo, and Amherstview.

Collecting Cronenberg

When there isn’t a collection available of all your favorite films by one of your favorite filmmakers, or rather, one not so blandly designed that you wouldn’t be embarrassed to have up on your shelf, what do you do? If you’re Brooklyn-based designer Raymond Forbes, you design your own David Cronenberg box set, complete with everything from Videodrome to the more recent A History of Violence. It’s a beautifully designed package from both the clear plastic box that houses the whole collection to the five individual discs. And although Raymond created this project on his own during his time as a student at the esteemed Portfolio Center, we’re of the opinion that Mr. Cronenberg would be smart to pick up and start selling this collection right away. It’s certainly one of the best looking box sets we’ve seen and we’d certainly buy one in a heartbeat if it were available. Here’s from Raymond about the project:

“I’m a designer and art director, and I used your DVD-sized King cases for a packaging project that I included in my student portfolio. It is a DVD Collection for the work of Canadian director David Cronenberg. Cronenberg is one of the principal originators of what is commonly known as the body-horror or venereal-horror genre. This style of filmmaking explores people’s fears of bodily transformation and infection.”

“The design on each DVD case features abstract, microscopic imagery of infections and bacteria, overlayed with stills from each film. In order to capture the invasive and methodical nature of Cronenberg’s work in the design, I needed the typography on each individual disc to be visible through the actual DVD jewel case, so I looked for the highest-quality, clear blank DVD cases I could find. The Jewelboxing cases I got from you guys worked really well.”

Great thanks to Raymond for sharing his work with us and here’s to hoping that the fear of bodily transformation and infection is staying up on the big screen for the benefit of our latest customers in Los Angeles, Irvine, Somerville, Frederick, San Jose, Austin, Jacksonville, Anacortes, Chesterfield, Syracuse, Bedford, East Lansing, Manor, Merriam, Houston, Brooklyn, Charleston, Chicago, Palatine, Providence, Juda, Alhambra, Riverview, San Diego, Ithaca, Monrovia, Orem, Boston, and Henderson.

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Connected Dots

It’s here where we usually provide a short paragraph or two of introductory writing before we get into some writing from a Jewelboxing user. But because Phillip Chee is clearly a man with a lot to say, we’ve decided to pass the floor over to him right away:

“The concept that everything you do in your life is connected or related organically to all your experiences applies to me. To an outsider, my experiences and education may seem disconnected. I’ve done real science, studied philosophy, published, edited, designed, and currently have a computer geek’s dream job. I’ve been employed by Fleming College in Peterborough, Ontario for a decade, and I’m currently the Computer Science Technologist, supporting programs in applied computing, computer security forensics, and health information management.”

“One skill I’ve mastered is teaching cascading style sheets to neophyte web designers. During the past five years, I have been teaching continuing education (night school) courses in website design and web server technologies. I am a curious type and when something grabs my interest I immerse myself in it completely. In preparing for my classes, I read the web site A List Apartreligiously for a couple of years for research. That’s how I discovered Coudal Partners and the Jewelboxing system. I was impressed by the concept and the site design was rather cool, too. Unbelievably, I didn’t actually purchase a Jewelboxing kit until just before last Christmas. I decided to do mix CDs as Christmas presents and the Jewelboxing system was the first and only solution I had in mind. I had just bought my daughter an iPod for her birthday and while playing with iTunes noticed the new Genius feature. The genesis for a number of mix CDs based on Genius was born.”

“I’ve always had a creative urge and when I was a kid growing up I considered a career as an artist or graphic designer, as well as an astrophysicist. In the end I got a degree in biology at university. But now I use photography for my artistic urges. So I had a bunch of ready-made images to use with the templates and I chose the Photoshop templates since I regularly use the software. After a few minutes of studying the layers, I found it easy to work my design idea within it. Really, the hardest part was making sure the printer output would align properly, but I needn’t have worried because the templates were a helpful guide. I printed a couple of tests and then made adjustments to the layer positioning to get it just right.”

“Now that I have a foolproof system for creating a visually interesting package, it’s one less thing I have to worry about when I go to create a portfolio for my photography. I began taking pictures when I was nine years-old and inherited my uncle’s SLR when I was thirteen. It had a jammed shutter and he said it was mine to keep if I managed to get it fixed. Fortunately there was a camera repair shop a couple of blocks from my home. It was the best $22 I spent. The camera was not far from me wherever I moved during my university days and after graduation. While living in Montreal, I had my apartment broken into and lost the camera. It would take a dozen years for me to get back into photography when I bought a Nikon D70. In the last couple of years as I strove to improve my technique I trolled eBay for film cameras and have acquired a fine collection of classic Nikon F bodies and lenses. At the same time I rekindled my interest in astronomy and began making attempts at shooting astrophotography. Actually, I think my foray into astrophotography drove my search for the fastest, sharpest range of lenses for my collection. The more I did my research into old-school film astrophotography the more lenses I added to my growing collection.”

“I’m at the point where I feel I am ready to mount an exhibition of my photographs. I’m still deciding on some themes but it will probably be a mix of my land and sky photos with a few shots of the Milky Way galaxy thrown in.”

Thanks much to Phillip for sharing his story and here’s to hoping things are being connecting organically in Hollywood, Laredo, Vancouver, Unionville, Hendersonville, Oak Park, Monroe, Davis, Richmond Hill, Los Angeles, South Haven, Toronto, Vars, Montral, Phoenix, Madison, Winnipeg, Mississauga, Vancouver, Santa Maria, Venice, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, and Kirtland Hills.

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A Successful Audition

Maybe it stems from some residual childhood memory of being at the dinner table, but we’re firm believers of the “Try it, you’ll like it!” mantra. Around Jewelboxing HQ, we try and keep to that mindset outside of just what lands on our plates, giving the benefit of the doubt to everything from that new web app everyone’s talking about to seeing films we ordinarily wouldn’t be watching. So we were happy to hear from Jon Hall, who had a similar, “Try it, you’ll like it” experience with Jewelboxing. Here’s from Jon:

“I’m a graphic designer from Pittsburgh, PA. I operate JDH Ideas, a small design firm that works with web, print, and logos specifically. I have been using the Jewelboxing package system for a while now and I can’t believe how great they work. I’d been using old school, flat-black CD cases before and they were unsightly, flimsy, and generally just bad for business. I had a friend tell me about the Jewelboxing system, but I hesitated, thinking that the system was too good to be true. I finally ordered a pack, printed my CD, and never looked back at the old flimsy packages I had used before (well, actually, I use them as frisbees now). I really like how the packaging system gives my designs a permanent presence. It definitely ensures the materials don’t go unnoticed. One of the things I like most about them is how they start up so much conversation; it’s amazing. Everyone has been wowed by the design of the cases and so now I use them for all my new JDH Ideas clients, and for myself. They are just great for job hunting because they give you that extra edge that no one else has.”

Thanks much to Jon for taking the plunge and becoming a Jewelboxing believer. And here’s to hoping there are loads of new converts in Philadelphia, New York, Tulsa, Grandville, Wake Forest, Yardley, Palo Alto, Westlake Village, Aliso Viejo, Belton, Chicago, Washington DC, Sioux Falls, Venice, and Hong Kong.

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Unusual Made Presentable

We’ve made a lot of absurd films in our time; loaded up with non sequiturs, heaps of unabashed silliness and a great abundance of nonsense. But Steve Gadlin takes absurdity to bold, daring new heights. If you’re not in Chicago, you should consider yourself unfortunate for not having been privy to any number of the shows he’s produced, from Impress These Apes, where a handful of contestants return with new material each week for eight straight weeks, trying to entertain three Earth-conquering apes, or their long-running Don’t Spit the Watershow, wherein audience members are invited on stage, given a gulp of water to hold in their mouth, then taunted by stand-up comedians who attempt to make them laugh, thus making them spit said water. It truly is a thing to behold. And does it make it any more unusual that Gadlin often appears alongside his comedy partner, Paul Luikart, as the “International Comedy Sensation,” Sasha & The Noob, two men of vague Eastern European origin, one of whom doesn’t speak. It’s our kind of deliciously weird comedy, and being longtime friends with Steve, we were thrilled when he e-mailed us and said, “Hey, I just ordered some Jewelboxing cases!” To which we responded, “So tell us about it!” Here’s his response: Continue reading

Unabashed Hedonism, Really Cool Design

When poking around on Technorati one day, looking to see if we could find out if someone was talking about using Jewelboxing in some interesting project, we ran across Squad Studios. Although the mention was vague (“We are thrilled to be using new jewel boxes for this project”), based off the work showcased on their site, and a client list with everyone from Madonna to Warner Brothers, we knew whatever it was would be cool. Continue reading