Give the Gift of Jewelboxing

If all the snow we got last night is any indication, winter is officially here. And with winter comes the holiday season when guests are welcomed, hearts are warmed, and gifts are exchanged. Through the years, we’ve seen Jewelboxing used to great effect on all three. There have been John Tolva’s great mix discsfor his annual holiday party, given out to each guest. Andrea Buchanan shared with us her process of making Jewelboxing-packaged photo CDs of her newborn to give to family and friends. And the motion graphics firm The Neighbourhood used our King cases to deliver a holiday film they’d made to thank their clients and supporters of their work.

There are a million ideas for what you could use Jewelboxing for this holiday season and whatever your gifting plans are, even if you’d just like to give that designer in your life a case of cases and let them do the designing, we’d love to help out.

The Power of a Good Valentine’s Mix Disc

A couple of years ago around this time, we checked in with one of our favorite semi-annual Valentine’s Day projects, Dan LaMee’s “Red Roses Mix.” Dan had been making them for a few years now, giving all the single women in his life very well-designed mix discs of all his favorite songs. Thinking he might have done it again for 2011, we just now took a look at his Flickr page, where he’d regularly been posting photos of his King cases. First thing we see: shots of pre- and post-wedding. So congrats all around to Dan and his lovely wife! We probably don’t deserve full credit, but we think his annual mix discs certainly must have upped his standing.

A big congrats once more to Dan and his wife and here’s to hoping Kings and Standards are being put to romantic use in the lovely places like Santa Monica, Jacksonville, Littlestown, Winter Park, Broomfield, New York, Bryan, Portland, Los Angeles, Rogersville, Anaheim, Beaverton, Boonville, Savannah, Venic, Pacific Palisades, Encino, Butler, Buena Park, Durham, and Weatherford.

Jewelboxing Up Close in Sonoma/Napa

If you’re a photographer in the inland-northern California area next week, we just ran across news of the Sonoma/Napa Pictage User Group meeting on Monday the 9th. What caught our attention is that the group’s leader, the talented photographer Megan Clouse, will be hosting a Show and Tell of the items she uses in her business, “Jewelboxing CD Cases” included. Here’s an interview with Megan about the group and its get togethers, and here are the details of the meeting (just make sure to RSVP first):

Monday, August 9th
Jeremiah’s Photo Corner
441 Sebastopol Avenue (@ South A St)
Santa Rosa, CA 95401
4:30pm Mingle
5:00pm Show & Tell
6:00pm Questions and Goodbyes

The Sweet Shine of Success

When you decide to throw caution to the wind and open up your own business, one of the questions that likely tugs at you in those first few months is “How am I going to stand out?” In creative fields, the first answer of course, should always be “talent.” But there are also all those other factors that help guide a business toward becoming successful, most notably, its appearance. It’s why we started Jewelboxing in the first place, because we wanted the work we were proud of at Coudal to stand out and figured a lot of people probably felt the same way as we did about the usual packaging options out there. Fortunately, we’ve found that plenty of people did, including wedding photographer Cheyenne Schultz, who wrote in to tell us why she chose to use Jewelboxing almost immediately:

“We started our business here in Charlotte, NC less than two years ago, having shot our first wedding in the fall of 2007. Since then, we have grown quite a bit and will be shooting 27 weddings this year. We do shoot the occasional family/baby session, but since weddings are what we love, we devote 95% of our time and energy to advancing that part of the business.”

“When we first started, we used a very nice, quality case to deliver the portrait session/wedding day files on disc to our clients. However, it was much too traditional for our tastes and a pretty generic product that didn’t fit our business brand. As a company with a clean, bright style and a modern approach to shooting, the basic black leather cases just weren’t cutting it and we knew it. We needed something that would reflect US. When I came across a Jewelboxing sample on another photographer’s blog, I knew I had found what we had been looking for and immediately placed an order.”

“For us, branding is everything. From the first Jewelboxing case we designed, we knew it fit in with our brand and would showcase our work in a way that made us proud. One of the core values of our business is to provide excellent quality in all aspects and that definitely includes the products we offer. In Jewelboxing, we found just that; a product that has helped to take our branding to the level and has contributed to the success of our business. We’re hooked and haven’t looked back.”

Thanks to Cheyene for sharing her work with us and here’s to hoping brands are thriving in Houston, Los Angeles, Daly City, Washington DC, Annapolis, Santa Monica, Schaumburg, Malmoe, Douglas, Purchase, Manchester, Venice, Minneapolis, Brooklyn, Zufikon, South Haven, Santa Maria, Anchorage, Quesnel, Palatine, Chesterfield, Calgary, Lapel, Brighton, and Reston.

A Wedding Favor Recap

A nice follow-up to something we posted back in September. Back then, the WeddingBee blogger Miss Pomegranate (or “Kate” as she’s known in real life) was preparing for her upcoming wedding and had decided to use Jewelboxing to package mix discs for each of her guests, tying in the case design with the rest of the big day’s motif. Now that a few months have passed and she’s officially hitched, Kate was very generous in giving Jewelboxing another shout out over at Southern Weddings magazine’s blog:

“Our favors were a great multi-tasking project — they doubled as both favors and seating cards for our guests. The CD contained a listing of tracks that brought us together in the early stages of our relationship, as well as selections from our ceremony music. The spine had a removable sticker that displayed the guests’ name and table where they would be seated. I really enjoyed working with Jewelboxing’s templates — they ended up looking really professional.”

Thanks to Kate for the post-wedding nod and here’s to hoping everyone is enjoying their own well-packaged mix discs in Savannah, Quebec, Salt Lake City, New York City, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Cedar Park, Santa Rosa, Toronto, Bloomington, San Diego, Bonita Springs, Louisville, Atlanta, and Baltimore.

Blood, Sweat and Day-Long Renders

Between the lot of us here at Jewelboxing, we’ve worked on our fair share of animated projects, from putting together work for clients to carefully moving characters with our kids, frame by frame, in making yet another stop-motion Lego Star Wars epic. So we’d like to think that we understand animation and how much time, dedication and effort it takes. And because of that, when someone like Tommy Baldwin chooses to package his animation portfolio in Jewelboxing, we feel pretty honored that he’d entrust his years-in-the-making work within our cases. Here’s from Tommy:

“Well the project is a animation reel slash interactive portfolio that I have been working on for almost 2 years. It’s a simple narrative that displays my skills as an artist and an animator. The entire project from character development, to 3D modeling, texturing and animation was all done by me.”

“Originally I was only going to put the film on my site, but when I was finishing up the project a fellow coworker and designer told me about Jewelboxing. After poking around the site for awhile and seeing all the amazing results, I instantly knew that this was another way to show off my film and artwork. The layered design of the case really appealed to my 3D imagination. I loved that there was an empty chamber in the binder. I really thought about what to put in there before settling on a piece of copper with a common design element hammered into it. Another aspect of the case that I loved was all the visual space that I could fill up with my designs.”

“Most of all, in the world of animation, every book is judged by it’s cover, and I think that my cover really shows off what’s inside the case.”

Here’s to hoping everything is behaving as it should between every keyframe in New York, Edmond, Santa Cruz, Universal City, Hartford, Orlando, Roslyn, Tervuren, Alexandria, Troy Grove, San Francisco, Austin, Seattle, Milltown, Long Beach, O’Fallon, Brooklyn, Richmond, Corte Madera, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia and Edison.

“Can you recommend a good way to ship my Jewelboxing case?”

We get this question at least a few times every week from people who want to make sure their hard work arrives as beautiful as it was when they put it together.

When we started Jewelboxing, we knew we were going to be sending out samples of the cases from time to time, so we needed to find a package that was not only cost-effective, inexpensive to ship, but also something that provided protection against the drops and bumps it would inevitably receive during its journey through the Postal System. After digging around a bit, trying different things out, we came up with two options:

The first is the Jiffy #2 Padded Mailer. It measures 8 1/2″ x 12″ which the perfect size for both cases, the Standards and Kings. We’ve found that they also hold two cases rather well too, which is great when we have send off a request for a sample of each. The only thing to remember is that if you do wind up sending two together, just make sure there’s something between the cases, so they don’t scuff each other during shipping.

The second option is the Self-Seal DVD Mailer. We tend to use this one for sending out international samples because it’s made of corrugated cardboard and can take more of a beating. It, too, can hold two cases, but, again, we’d recommend adding some padding between them.

For that in-between padding, here at the studio we use 1/8″ x 6″ x 6″ Foam Sheets, one placed on each side of the case in the mailer. This helps keep the case itself from moving around and also adds a bit more protection.

So there you have it, all the items we use to make sure the cases we send out arrive safe and sound. We’ve already caught wind that postal services the world over are in awe of the packages being sent out by those in Honolulu, Chesterland, New York, Pearcy, Miami, Venice, Harrisburg, Laguna Niguel, Anchorage, Chatsworth, Formby, Durham, Lancaster, Deer Park, Eastport, Saskatoon, London, Vancouver, Montreal, Phoenix, Chicago, Charleston, Brunswick, Malibu, Helsinki, and Stockholm.

Copy Goes in Jewelboxing

Here at Jewelboxing HQ, we regularly get in copies of people’s films who have used the system to beautifully package their work. So why should we be any different? If you’re familiar at all with our other site, for Coudal Partners, our parent company, you may have seen that just this week we finished up our eleven-minute epic short film, “Copy Goes Here.”

Because we had a couple of films around that we’d previously hosted, and we’d made the film in collaboration with the fantastic stock house, Veer, we decided to put together a nice little DVD with everything on it, for sale, ready to be purchased by that true fan of Coudal-familiar humor. Not knowing the demand, we wanted to have at least a hundred put together right away, so we designed the menus and laid out the whole case design on Friday, then started printing, printing, printing yesterday. Dawson, our go-to Jewelboxing expert in the studio, assembled them for two days straight. They look great and we’re once again thrilled with how cool the system makes stuff look, even our scrappy little independent film.

We won’t mind being passed over for an Oscar in favor of the films by people in : Brooklyn, Chicago, Grand Rapids, Lafayette, Arlington, Ridgefield, Westerville, Newark, Raleigh, Chesterfield, Locust Grove, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Brampton, Sausalito, Sydney, Philadelphia, Stockton, Toronto, Birmingham, San Francisco, Stuart, Denver, Caulfield South, Atlanta, Brookings, Seattle, Peabody, Salisbury, Blacksburg, Vancouver, Signal Mountain, McKinney, Crystal Palace, Santa Clara, Missoula, Mountain View, and Venice.

What Are We Jewelboxing: Day Four

Well, it’s been a good run, but we’ve finally reached the end of the week and that means the end of our “What Are We Jewelboxing?” series as well. After today, we’ll get back to ideas about what to do with Jewelboxing and highlighting the terrific work that comes our way. And who knows, maybe we’ll run into another week here at the studio where it seems like everyone is working on printing and packaging all at the same time and we can start it up all over again. But for now, here’s the last, from Steve:

“Back in early July, I went out to a friend’s wedding outside of Booneville, California, in the northern part of the state. The bride knew I was something of a film guy, so she asked me to shoot the wedding video. But she demanded that it be something unique and, preferably, funny and strange. She sent me two DVDs a few weeks before the wedding: ‘The Five Obstructions’ and ‘Wirthnal and I’, and said, ‘I like these movies. Can you do something like this?’ After watching them, basking in their weirdness, I knew this was the job for me. So I went out there, had a blast and shot the wedding like a typical wedding videographer. When I got back, I had the idea to edit it as something mildly-normal, but to incorporate a very unreliable narrator who was never sure what was going on or was clearly making things up. Here’s the finished product. In addition to the video, I also wanted the packaging to be really something unique, so of course I used Jewelboxing. I designed the case by creating this facade that this was a disc from a company that specialized in making nothing but wedding videos for the couple, Brooke and Jeffrey. Here’s what it said inside the cover flap:

‘As a consumer, we know that you have countless choices among the other videos of this wedding currently available. You have, no doubt, obtained a copy of our product because you are aware that only this video has been authorized by both the bride and groom for national distribution. Our company was approached to create this product due to our long-standing relationship with their organization and the quality of our work in prior Brooke and Jeffrey weddings (“Brooke and Jeffrey’s Wedding 1998″ was the recipient of three Emmys). It is because of this valued relationship and our commitment to excellence within the Brooke and Jeffrey wedding video industry, that our audience receives a wedding video experience unlike any other. From the crisp, clean, high-resolution video images to the sparkling fidelity of the stereo mix, watching this, or any of the wide assortment of titles in our Brooke and Jeffrey series, gives one the sensation of attending their special celebrations, but without the expense and burden of travel. We hope you will enjoy this wedding video and return to us soon for more exciting Brooke and Jeffrey wedding video releases.'”

We’re more than happy to shoot any and all of the many happy weddings sure to be occurring soon involving the very attractive people in New York, Atlanta, Dallas, Greenwood Village, Saint Louis, Prunedale, Glendale, San Francisco, Virginia Beach, Seattle, Ardmore, Cincinnati, Washington, Woodland Hills, Toronto, Chula Vista, Coral Gables and Lafayette.

What Are We Jewelboxing: Day Three

We’ve reached day three of our “What Are We Jewelboxing?” week and today’s is terrific if we do say so ourselves. Unfortunately, although we’d really like to, we can’t tell you anything about it. Here’s the scoop, with self-censorship at all times:

“Every now and again, Coudal Partners gets contacted to help CENSORED major CENSORED. Recently, we got a call from CENSORED who asked us to CENSORED for a possible CENSORED, hopefully in the near future. We spent a few weeks thinking of CENSORED and came up with a really strong CENSORED that we thought they’d love. In addition to the CENSORED we also CENSORED and CENSORED. And when we were all finished with everything, we packaged it all together in a Jewelboxing case with a might nice, super simple and clean design by Dawson, and sent it off. With these things, we’re never sure if our CENSORED will CENSORED, but here’s to CENSORED!”

Apologies for having to keep quiet, but this was a hush-hush job. As reconciliation, we’re certain they’d be more than happy to show you all the wonderful things they’re making in Forest Hills, Phillipsburg, Marina Del Rey, Naples, New York, Washington, Roswell, Metuchen, Yonkers, Walworth, Santa Ana, Astoria, San Juan, Denver, Beaconsfield, Villette, and Portchester.

What Are We Jewelboxing: Day Two

Continuing with our weeklong series of the stuff we’ve been putting together using Jewelboxing here in the studio recently, today we’re taking a look at a side project of Steve Delahoyde’s:

“My good pal Wakiza and I have been making these weird little short films for years and, along with commercials and music videos and everything in between, we’ve amassed a huge collection of this stuff. A year or so back, we’d put together a DVD of everything we had, but it was in an ugly, standard case and we weren’t entirely thrilled with it. So come back around to this past week, we were going to be a part of the popular Funny Ha-Ha series again here in Chicago, and I thought that it would provide the impetus to try building a collection again and see if anyone would buy such a thing. Unfortunately, I came up with the idea on Saturday and the event was on Wednesday night. So I had to alter my plan of attack. Instead, I put together a ‘Best Of’ DVD, with forty or so pieces on it. I animated some menus, picked material that had always worked well with large audiences, and took photos around the house to use in the packaging. I’d used Jewelboxing before, of course, but not a whole lot with my own material, and I’ve always been more of a writer than a designer. But once I had the first case together, I honestly was surprised at how good it looked. ‘People might actually but this thing,’ I thought. And it turns out, they did.”

We know that people will come in droves to buy whatever they’re selling in Toronto, the Bronx, Orlando, Austin, South Haven, Liverpool, London, Edison, Athens, Fairfax, Montague, Calgary, Minneapolis, New York, McLean, Rialto, Baldwin Harbor, Lakewood, Ellington, San Francisco, Joplin, Lynnwood, Okemos, Ottawa, Mississauga, Parma, Pacifica, Williams Lake, and Dublin.

What Are We Jewelboxing: Day One

Last week it seemed like a lot of us here at the studio were working on our own projects that involved using Jewelboxing. There were a couple of weddings, a top secret Coudal project for a big client, and a little bit of self-promotion. If you’d stopped by at any point last week, you’d have most likely seen someone involved in either printing out templates, folding and tearing, or burning discs. And because of all this internal useage, we’ve decided to make this week a “What Are We Jewelboxing?” series. First up, Jake Walker and his wedding album: Continue reading


To state the obvious: presentation is an essential part making a convincing statement. But take this little imaginary situation to heart and think how often it happens: You’ve got the expensive suit on, you’ve practiced a pitch, and you’ve either spent a lot of time in front of Powerpoint making your own presentation (complete with sound effects!) or you’ve outsourced it to a presentation pro. You’re about as ready as you possibly could be to have the client eating out of your hand.

So you go to load up your presentation and what do you have the disc packaged in? An ugly little paper sleeve, or one of those impossibly bland hard cases. Sure, it isn’t everything, but suppose you gave that disc to the group you’re presenting to. People aren’t going to pick it up later and say, “Hey, this looks cool. What is this?” They do that with Jewelboxing. We know — people tell us.

On the other side, suppose you’re a Powerpoint designer, sending these kinds of presentations off to people in similar situations. You’re presenting the presentation business — that’s doubling the pressure to look good! Either way, just seems like a gimmie to us. Do the whole presentation right, from start to finish, with every detail perfected, and your pitch couldn’t be more solid. But, of course, we’re a little biased (we use Jewelboxing in all our pitches). Continue reading

Polishing the Jewels

Here’s a quick message letting you know that it would be wise to check in with Jewelboxing later this week. If you thought the system was good before, you’re going to love it all the more now.

We also believe there to be a constant increase in goodness in Reno, East Meadow, Remscheid, Mosman, Ewing, San Rafael, Hillsborough, Newbury Park, Menlo Park, Los Angeles, Cambridge, Bend, New York, Leicester, Glenview, San Diego, and Santa Monica.