Chain Gang

Last week’s winner in the Ad-Land Trivia Chain game was Shoepal who asked a number of excellent questions including this one. Gwyneth Paltrow never drinks, and she adheres to a strict healthy diet. Yet when a $7 million cheque was waved in her face, she agreed to be the new face of Martini in Australia (and Italy) though now she is pregnant with Coldplay’s Chris Martin who turned down what actor’s request for use of his song in a 2001 film? Congrats Mr. Pal. Your 20pack is on the way. This week’s game starts shortly.

We’ve added Ben Kiel’s impressive letterpressed portfilo to our list of sweet packages designed with our system and you probably won’t have to look too long to find a few sweet packages in San Luis Obispo, Astoria, Columbus, Bois-de-villers, Cliffside Park or Livonia.

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