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We’re re-running this post because we’re putting together our Q105 media planning and could use some suggestions.

Here’s some details about the next phase of Jewelboxing. At Coudal Partners, we are frequently in a position to recommend various advertising vehicles and outlets to our clients. To do this we research as many possibilities as time and budget will allow. Next, we generally contact each one that seems like a good fit, lay out the basics of our program and ask them for costs and ideas. In essence, we ask them to pitch us specifically on why Magazine X or Radio Station Y should be included in the buy. After that we draft a plan and present it to the client, adjust accordingly and go ahead.

We’re doing a similar thing here. We’re contacting a fairly large number of online sites whose audiences would seem to intersect with ours and are asking them if they’d be willing to run a pilot program for us in December and/or January. The program would be purchased and we’ll leave it mostly up to the sites to construct and organize the placement specifics. We’ve set a maximum dollar amount for each pilot and if a site feels that this amount is too low we’re putting them on a “maybe later” shelf. If they do agree, we will be evaluating traffic and purchases that come from that site with an eye towards expanding our commitment with those who perform best. The real-time nature and easy tracking of online advertising allows us to be Darwinian in our approach. We’ll build a roster of partners based on performance and may or may not get back to the “maybe later” shelf as things progress.

If you run or know of a place on the web where people who might be interested in Jewelboxing congregate, send a note to jim at jewelboxing dot com and we’ll take a look. On a side note, you’d be surp

rised at how many sites who profess to be actively looking for advertising and sponsorship don’t respond to email inquiries promptly. You’d be even more surprised at some of the ones who don’t respond at all. Really, you would. We’re building another shelf for them. It’s the “probably never” shelf.

The fittest have survived in Savannah, Toronto, Marietta, Phoenix, Edmond, London, Cleveland, NYC, Miami, Hendersonville and San Diego.

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