Collecting Cronenberg

When there isn’t a collection available of all your favorite films by one of your favorite filmmakers, or rather, one not so blandly designed that you wouldn’t be embarrassed to have up on your shelf, what do you do? If you’re Brooklyn-based designer Raymond Forbes, you design your own David Cronenberg box set, complete with everything from Videodrome to the more recent A History of Violence. It’s a beautifully designed package from both the clear plastic box that houses the whole collection to the five individual discs. And although Raymond created this project on his own during his time as a student at the esteemed Portfolio Center, we’re of the opinion that Mr. Cronenberg would be smart to pick up and start selling this collection right away. It’s certainly one of the best looking box sets we’ve seen and we’d certainly buy one in a heartbeat if it were available. Here’s from Raymond about the project:

“I’m a designer and art director, and I used your DVD-sized King cases for a packaging project that I included in my student portfolio. It is a DVD Collection for the work of Canadian director David Cronenberg. Cronenberg is one of the principal originators of what is commonly known as the body-horror or venereal-horror genre. This style of filmmaking explores people’s fears of bodily transformation and infection.”

“The design on each DVD case features abstract, microscopic imagery of infections and bacteria, overlayed with stills from each film. In order to capture the invasive and methodical nature of Cronenberg’s work in the design, I needed the typography on each individual disc to be visible through the actual DVD jewel case, so I looked for the highest-quality, clear blank DVD cases I could find. The Jewelboxing cases I got from you guys worked really well.”

Great thanks to Raymond for sharing his work with us and here’s to hoping that the fear of bodily transformation and infection is staying up on the big screen for the benefit of our latest customers in Los Angeles, Irvine, Somerville, Frederick, San Jose, Austin, Jacksonville, Anacortes, Chesterfield, Syracuse, Bedford, East Lansing, Manor, Merriam, Houston, Brooklyn, Charleston, Chicago, Palatine, Providence, Juda, Alhambra, Riverview, San Diego, Ithaca, Monrovia, Orem, Boston, and Henderson.

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