Comping Up Samples

Photographing a Jewelboxing case isn’t the easiest thing to do. You’re taking a snapshot of a very shiny, clear surface, but you don’t want any of the shine. It’s kind of like taking a picture of a mirror, but you don’t want any of the reflection. But over time, even though we still haven’t found a sure fire method of reaching perfection, we’ve picked up a few tricks to make it work most of the time. So we were talking around the studio of maybe making a tutorial about this for the blog. But then it dawned on us that we have these terrific cases Susan painstakingly built in Photoshop that allow us to really easily drop in cover images and essentially build a virtual case. It’s how we make all the sample case images we use here on the site. So why not just share those? It would give potential customers who haven’t used the system yet a chance to try some ideas out and see how their finished product would end up. It would allow for people to put together comps to show to their own clients. And for current Jewelboxing users with something they already have out there in the market, they could use these templates to show how great their product looks. Seems like a win-win for everyone. So without further ado, here they are for your downloading pleasure:


And, of course, here’s some tips on how to use them:

* Bring your images into this Photoshop file and place them in the folder labeled “Your Images Go Here.” To fit the cover, just go to Edit –> Transform –> Distort. Then just manipulate your design so it fits on top. Same will apply with the sides and edges. Then just turn off the red samples we have in there now, so there’s no accidental bleed through on the sides.

* To make that whole process easier, there are three mattes in the folder marked “Mattes.” Just turn one of those on and you’ll have the surrounding area grayed out.

* The side, gutter, and edge can be a little tricky if you’re trying to work in your own images. If you’d like to skip that process, and draw the focus to the cover, just change the Color Overlay on each of the side to whatever you’d like.

* We’ve locked the folders “Case” and “Shine” because you’ll likely never need to touch anything in there. But if you want to change anything to fit your preferences, have at it.

We hope you’ll find this as useful as we have, and that it leads to lots of successful pitches, ideas, and sales. We’re sure all three are happening, in ultra-rapid-succession in Vancouver, New York, Santa Monica, Franklin, Southfield, Portland, Denver, Culver City, Stavanger, Grundy Center, San Francisco, Pleasant Hill, Somerville, Lakewood, Stamford, Davis, Pennsauken, Worcester, Grand Rapids, Brooklyn, Morristown, Toronto, and Miami Beach.

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