Jewelboxing sends all the elements of professional CD and DVD packaging to your door.


Perforated and scored Jewelboxing inserts are a snap to use. Create your design with the Jewelboxing template designed specifically for your software, print on your ink-jet printer, then punch out the inserts for a perfect fit. No measuring or cutting is necessary. The high-quality, self-adhesive disc labels will display your designs with printed-on-the-disc clarity.

It took us almost six months to get it just exactly right but we’re happy to report that all Jewelboxing orders are now shipping with our new custom-milled and custom-coated paper. It performs incredibly well. Engineered to our specifications, it’s a super-bright, 12mil 80# photo-matte stock that is coated on two sides and is optimized specifically for consumer-grade ink-jet printers. Ink-spread is really minimal, allowing much greater detail than our previous paper and the richness of the color reproduction compares favorably with hi-gloss, super-premium photo paper. The production of this paper represents a major investment for us and a major improvement for our customers. We promise you won’t be disappointed.


The Jewelboxing system features Super Jewel Box brand disc cases made of sturdy, no-tint, recyclable polystyrene with an ingenious hinge mechanism and clean, modern lines.

Unlike traditional DVD and CD cases, Super Jewel Box cases are virtually impossible to break with regular use. A simple, thumb-operated locking mechanism at the opening greatly enhances durability and complements the precision fit and finishof the object. The instant you hold a Super Jewel Box in your hands you’ll understand the difference.


Precisely as tall as a VHS tape, but only as wide as a traditional CD jewel case, Super Jewel Box King cases can be conveniently stored alongside existing media, but with much greater efficiency. Nine SJB Kings fit in the space taken by three VHS cassettes or six traditional DVD boxes.


Super Jewel Box Standard cases have the same dimensions as traditional CD cases, but with thicker, more durable hinges and rounded corners that absorb the impact of everyday use. Their construction sets them a world apart. SJB Standards fit any existing CD case storage solution.

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The design of SJB Kings and Standards provides designers with maximum flexibility. Graphics can be viewed not just on the front and back panels, but underneath the disc tray and on all four spines (top, bottom, front and back).

The patented spindle and multiple dimples in the disc tray make retrieving and replacing DVDs or CDs safe and simple. Every Super Jewel Box is equipped to handle one or two discs on the spindle. Want to see how?


Unlike off-the-shelf labeling systems, you won’t be forced to design your packaging with unwieldy, proprietary software. When you order, you’ll be able to download software-specific templates created for the Jewelboxing System and the Mac or PC programs you use. Not sure which template is going to do the trick? Download them all.

The Jewelboxing System marries your own easy-to-use tools with the finest materials so you can make the outside of any project or presentation as professional as the inside.