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It’s here where we usually provide a short paragraph or two of introductory writing before we get into some writing from a Jewelboxing user. But because Phillip Chee is clearly a man with a lot to say, we’ve decided to pass the floor over to him right away:

“The concept that everything you do in your life is connected or related organically to all your experiences applies to me. To an outsider, my experiences and education may seem disconnected. I’ve done real science, studied philosophy, published, edited, designed, and currently have a computer geek’s dream job. I’ve been employed by Fleming College in Peterborough, Ontario for a decade, and I’m currently the Computer Science Technologist, supporting programs in applied computing, computer security forensics, and health information management.”

“One skill I’ve mastered is teaching cascading style sheets to neophyte web designers. During the past five years, I have been teaching continuing education (night school) courses in website design and web server technologies. I am a curious type and when something grabs my interest I immerse myself in it completely. In preparing for my classes, I read the web site A List Apartreligiously for a couple of years for research. That’s how I discovered Coudal Partners and the Jewelboxing system. I was impressed by the concept and the site design was rather cool, too. Unbelievably, I didn’t actually purchase a Jewelboxing kit until just before last Christmas. I decided to do mix CDs as Christmas presents and the Jewelboxing system was the first and only solution I had in mind. I had just bought my daughter an iPod for her birthday and while playing with iTunes noticed the new Genius feature. The genesis for a number of mix CDs based on Genius was born.”

“I’ve always had a creative urge and when I was a kid growing up I considered a career as an artist or graphic designer, as well as an astrophysicist. In the end I got a degree in biology at university. But now I use photography for my artistic urges. So I had a bunch of ready-made images to use with the templates and I chose the Photoshop templates since I regularly use the software. After a few minutes of studying the layers, I found it easy to work my design idea within it. Really, the hardest part was making sure the printer output would align properly, but I needn’t have worried because the templates were a helpful guide. I printed a couple of tests and then made adjustments to the layer positioning to get it just right.”

“Now that I have a foolproof system for creating a visually interesting package, it’s one less thing I have to worry about when I go to create a portfolio for my photography. I began taking pictures when I was nine years-old and inherited my uncle’s SLR when I was thirteen. It had a jammed shutter and he said it was mine to keep if I managed to get it fixed. Fortunately there was a camera repair shop a couple of blocks from my home. It was the best $22 I spent. The camera was not far from me wherever I moved during my university days and after graduation. While living in Montreal, I had my apartment broken into and lost the camera. It would take a dozen years for me to get back into photography when I bought a Nikon D70. In the last couple of years as I strove to improve my technique I trolled eBay for film cameras and have acquired a fine collection of classic Nikon F bodies and lenses. At the same time I rekindled my interest in astronomy and began making attempts at shooting astrophotography. Actually, I think my foray into astrophotography drove my search for the fastest, sharpest range of lenses for my collection. The more I did my research into old-school film astrophotography the more lenses I added to my growing collection.”

“I’m at the point where I feel I am ready to mount an exhibition of my photographs. I’m still deciding on some themes but it will probably be a mix of my land and sky photos with a few shots of the Milky Way galaxy thrown in.”

Thanks much to Phillip for sharing his story and here’s to hoping things are being connecting organically in Hollywood, Laredo, Vancouver, Unionville, Hendersonville, Oak Park, Monroe, Davis, Richmond Hill, Los Angeles, South Haven, Toronto, Vars, Montral, Phoenix, Madison, Winnipeg, Mississauga, Vancouver, Santa Maria, Venice, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, and Kirtland Hills.

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