Connecting Architecture Students

We’ve sponsored a fair amount of communities and projects during the past ten months but none that we’re more excited about than Archinect’s School Blog Program. Paul and company have “recruited representatives from a collection of architecture programs around the world to maintain blogs documenting their experiences and discoveries from each institution during the fall 2004 semester.”

The entries make for fascinating reading and students from all over the world are posting text and pix about their work and experiences. Check these:
dbasulto at Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile
Cris at Cal Poly Pomona
Steve Fuchs at Southern California Institute of Architecture

As the semester cranks up I expect to see a ton of work and play documented. Aside from sponsoring the project we’re also providing prizes and to any student enrolled at the participating schools, we’re offering a discount on Jewelboxing products for packaging up presentations and portfolios. If you’re a student somewhere else, drop a line to crew at jewelboxing dot com and we’ll offer the same to you.

The students will go on to make cities like Porto, Scarborough, Laramie, Hollywood, Stone Park, Surrey, Roanoke, Ossining, Bristol, Unterföhring, Dulles, Houston, Lubbock, Chicago and LA even more beautiful than they already are.