I’m going to be out of town for a couple days and have already fallen woefully behind in listing the places where we find nice people using our nice product, so here’s a list. Also, if you’d rather win a Jewelboxing system than buy one, you’d better add your name to our mailing list. (see the bottom of the home page) we’ll be sending out a CP/Jewelboxing Infrequent Mailingnext week and there will be a new contest in it, along with some other semi-interesting things.

Thnaks to Kaleva, Alviso, NYC, Williamsville, Sydney, Minneapolis, Franklin, Atlanta, Crystal Lake, Toronto, Billings, Columbus, Bloomfield, Vancouver, Burbank, Rumson, Scarborough, Pittsford, Largo, Remscheid, LA, Tokyo, Sumter, Rocky Hill, New Haven, Pittsburgh, Plano, Winter Park, Victoria, Santa Monica, Boca Raton, Milpitas, Norman, Baldwin Harbor and Grand Rapids.