Bands. Photographers. Animators. Filmmakers. Students. Developers. Architects. Dads. Lots of people are using the Jewelboxing System to put the best possible face on their work. Here’s just a few recent executions. Email us here when you finish your next project, we’d love to feature it and send a little traffic your way too.


Is it safe to give Ben Saunders the tagline “the man, the myth, the legend”? He’d likely say no, given that he’s a heck of a nice guy who isn’t prone to highly exaggerated ego, but it’s certainly not difficult to be wowed by all he’s accomplished. A record-setting, world-renowned polar explorer by trade, as well as a motivational speaker who has spoken at the TED Conference alongside people like Al Gore, Saunders list of achievements is downright impressive. And he gets extra points from us for using our King cases to package his video clips and photos for promotional and fundraising uses. We interviewed Ben for the 15th installment of our ongoing Case Study feature.

In the business of typography, there are few bigger names than the legendary FontShop, founded by Erik Spiekermann and Neville Brody in 1990, right at the forefront of the widespread transition to digital fonts. We were fortunate to get to talk to FontShop’s Stephen Coles about using our Standard cases to package their collection FontStars 2007: Best Type of the Year for the 10th installment of our popular Case Study interview features.

London designer Brendan Dawesreceived a Jewelboxing 20pack from his wife for Christmas. He made his first case as a test, for a short DVD he created for the BD4D event in New York. An all black and white affair. We’re flattered that Brendan wrote to say that he “totally loves the system. The quality of the materials is top notch, the templates work great – the whole thing is superb. I didn’t know DVD/CD cases could be this cool.” Aw shucks. We love the way he integrated the disc label with the case art. You can see “Voices in the Subway” and a bunch of other great stuff at Brendan’s personal site.

Even if you’re not an art buff, you’ve more than likely seen a piece by Marcel Duchamp. There’s also a fairly substantial chance that it left you wondering what it meant. Fortunately, there’s Andrew Stafford, who spent a large collection of his free time on making his project, Making Sense of Marcel Duchamp, a fun, interactive exhibition that tries to do just that (focusing in particular on one of the artist’s most famous pieces, The Large Glass). Andrew packaged the whole project beautifully using our King cases, a custom screen-printed cover, and alterable transparencies for the cover. We had to know more about the project, so we interviewed Stafford for Case Study #9.

Sometimes you just love something so much, you have to pay extra special tribute to it. Enter Brooklyn-based designer Raymond Forbes, who wanted a box set collection that happened not to exist of all his favorite David Cronenberg films, so he went about making his own. He used our King cases and designed beautiful, semi-transparent covers for each film, and a clear, textured box to house them all. Mr. Cronenberg, should you want to get in touch with Raymond, and we figure you will, let us know. We have his contact info.

Wedding photographer Dawn Earleswrites, “I first discovered Jewelboxing when my husband handed me a blank case he found at work. He thought I would love it and he was absolutely right. I had been using the standard plastic CD cases (which were always falling apart on me) and black plastic DVD cases (which are just ugly). It took me a while but I finally ordered my first set of cases and started creating designs for my newest customers. Since I have made the switch,the feedback has been incredible. It’s the most attractive case I have ever seen, it even makes my designs look better. It’s strong and secure, there is no way this case is falling apart like the standard cases do, and that’s important to me because my clients love to show them off so they need to take a lot of use and abuse.” Visit Dawn’s site here .

Designer and idea man John Caserta serves as both an educator at the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design and as the founder of the “part organization, part collective” Design Office, which was created to give designers a space and funding to try out new ideas. Caserta used Jewelboxing to package a video installation by artist Tim Hyde, which are given to art dealers, collectors and museums when they decide to exhibit the work. We got a chance to talk to John about this and all his other cool projects for Case Study #13.

A good eye and a strong back are the backbone of Ed Moore‘s profession. Based out of the UK, he’s a busy cinematographer and steadicam operator who travels the world over shooting movies and commercials. It’s an industry with a lot of competition, but Ed tells us that he feels like he’s able to stand out by using our King cases to package his two separate reels and customizing each one for every job he bids on. Pardon the pun, but that’s pretty smooth.

Andrew Huff put together this very touching tribute to his grandfather, “the single best storyteller [he’s] ever known.” Having recorded hours of audio tapes with him before his passing, Andrew had them digitized, edited them down to fit on several CDs, and used our King cases to package together a great collection of family memories. Originally planned as just a gift to his grandmother, he realized the whole family might want copies, so come Christmas, he passed out the collection to each of his family members.

From Designer Signe Houser: “The Science & Business Division of the Vancouver Public Library has been publishing print versions of our New Media Directory for six years. This is a company directory of new media firms in the greater Vancouver area intended primarily for job seekers. As you might know, Vancouver has become a gaming and interactive entertainment hotbed, not to mention a pretty beautiful place and the site of the 2010 Winter Olympics. When it came time to produce a CD version of our Directory, we wanted a simple, elegant, all-in-one packaging system to do it justice. Jewelboxing exceeded all expectations. We love it! And our designer specifically wants everyone to know that he thought the system was freakin’ awesome!

Peter Fishman and Dara Mochsondecided against sending out the typical, frilly white wedding invitations. Instead, they came up with the brilliant idea of sending out an invitation-slash-jazz-compilation-album to all their guests. After picking out a mix of classics, with appearances by everyone from Nina Simone to Stan Getz, they called up their friend and great designer, Jay Wright, and asked him to put together something that would give the invitation a really appealing look. Modeling it after the famous covers from the Blue Note label, Jay delivered an eye-catching, extremely clever package, made all the more snazzy because it was put together using Jewelboxing.

You’d be hard pressed to find motion graphics work better than the work coming out of Impactist, an amazing Portland-based design studio. Not only do they build some of the coolest promos for big names like Nike (their top client), they also find time to create brilliant, non-commercial pieces under the pseudonym, Robots on Strike. When we got in a copy of their reel here at the studio, we knew we had something extra special, and decided to start a new feature, Case Studies, for which they were the first to be interviewed.

Photographer Marshall Sokoloff has used the Jewelboxing System to produce a limited-edition CD entitled “Sugar.” A series of bright, geometric photos, “Sugar” is an exercise in color and composition. The shots were taken at Jarvis Quay in Toronto, where the Redpath Sugar Company unloads its freighters. Opening the stark, elegant cover reveals a single shot played out across both panels of the box and on the disc itself. Marshall also runs the website Blurbism.

The album Designer Ecology by Grappa, musician Matthew Dingee’s pseudonym, is an amazing collection of haunting melodies, beautiful and complex compositions, and quiet brilliance. “Grappa is my solo project and features ten tracks that wander through the influences in my record collection. A dash of post-punk, a bit of the old new-wave, a smidgen of shoe gazing noise. There is a little something for everyone.” Add a beautiful album design to the mix and indeed there is.

Bubble & Squeak is the online home of designer/director Jason Koxvold. He recently completed a music-video for one of our fave new bands, Citizens Here and Abroad. The film has garnered a lot of attention but when you work like crazy to make something perfect, showing the final product in a tiny Quicktime is less than perfect, so Jason used the Jewelboxing system to pack up a hi-res of Appearancesfor promotional purposes. Check the song here but be forewarned, it’s likely to get stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

Eyeball NYC is one of the leading motion graphics and video post-production studios in the US, producing work for clients like American Express, Bravo Networks and Cablevision. They’ve used the Jewelboxing system to package their latest showreel titled “Flow.” While the design of the packaging is top-notch and fits beautifully with their amazing online presence, it pales in comparison to the variety and quality of the motion-graphics work that’s actually on the DVD. Mike Eastwood, Executive Producer said about creating the packaging with Jewelboxing, “its solid construction and stylish appearance compliments our product and makes for fantastic first impressions with our clients.” For more info on Eyeball NYC, check out Case Study 5.

The debut album by The QualiaNevada’s Greatest, has an eclectic sound that’s somewhere between 80’s synth-pop and an Ennio Morricone score (fans of The Decemberists might also like to know that we think lead singer, Lars Casteen, sounds a lot like Colin Meloy). The album’s designer, Max Fenton, worked with the band from a long distance away, all the way across the country. They passed ideas back and forth until they’d come up with a clever structure, wherein the cover is set in the morning, the liner notes and trayliner in the afternoon, and the back of the case in the middle of the night. A complete day. In the end, they had something that was equally as beautiful to look at as it was to listen to. Says Max: “The Jewelboxing templates definitely gave me a running start and let me put my effort into design instead of those printing details that always go wrong.”

Brian Taylor’s Rustboy is a well-known project on the web. He’s making an ambitious animated film and he’s letting the world watch as he does it. Brian has employed the Jewelboxing System for testing package designs for the distribution of the finished film as well as for intermediate archives of media materials for presentation and promotion. The simple dramatic design is a perfect metaphor for the painstakingly professional work on the DVDs. Learn more about Rustboy.

Robert Josiah sent us this email with, and about, attachments. “I wanted to give the girls in my life gifts that they could cherish, something that would hopefully even change over time, and even take a while to digest, and I didn’t have a lot of money. These girls were my sisters, my mom, and my girlfriend. I decided to design some really great looking mix CDs, with songs that remind me of each individual girl and explanations as to why, printed in the case’s inside cover. I chose each palette to fit each girl in my own mind, and then designed a symbol around a memory or experience with that girl. These I printed on the cover and the disc. The quality of the paper Jewelboxing sent me, along with the slick, unique format of the cases most certainly contributed to the fact that each girl ended up crying. Mission accomplished. My favorite part was how easy Jewelboxing made it to actually print these. I’m the type that gets really confused by printers. I didn’t have one mess-up.” Check Robert’s site.

Along with the already-employed’s search for better and brighter positions, come May, it’s also graduation time around the world and with all of that comes mailboxes full of reels, demos, and everything in between. It’s those that arrive on desks that stick out and make an impression that leads to landing jobs. Creative Director Vanessa Harper just finished up with a design program in Orlando, Florida and sent us a copy of her portfolio. Based on what we saw, we’re pretty confident it’s the kind of work that’ll take her very far. Heck, just based on her Jewelboxing design, it proves she knows her stuff.

Ben Kiel is a young designer currently working his way across Europe looking at grad schools. His latest reel was put together using our system. It’s a beautiful piece of work, especially after we looked at it close up and realized that all the printing (including the disc label!) was done on a letterpress. We’d offer Ben a job at CP if we had one open just based on the way he combined our modern cases and system with a classic craft-based printing technique. You can see some of Ben’s work at his collab site Em-Dash or just wait around until he finishes school and check the award books. is the stuff of legends. A traditional radio station, bought out and effectively shut down by a gigantic corporation, decides to go it alone and broadcast solely online. Made all the more impressive because it’s actually worked. Now, not only do they have some of the most unique playlists around, they also get amazing groups, like The Kills, Low, and The Fiery Furnaces, stopping by to do live, in-studio performances. And what do the groups get when they leave? A copy of their session, named “Lounge Acts,” beautifully packaged using Jewelboxing. So impressed were we, we interviewed them for a Case Study feature.

James Hutchinson is an animator and illustrator with a style and imagination as wide as the universe. And it’s a good thing too because without his creation, Preschool Protocops, who knows what kind of trouble would threaten our tiny earthbound civilization. James has made lovely use of the Jewelboxing System to present the initial episodes of this animated series. For more about the Protocops, Crashlander and other work from James, visit The Timehead Institute of Entertainment Research.

Wilson Miner of Lawrence Kansas used the Jewelboxing system to make individual music CDs for friends and family. The gifts are an act of love and talent too, check one of his own songs included on the featured package and while you’re at it, check his site too. Nice stuff all ’round.

Twothousandstrong in Venice, California is a leading design and production company providing creative services to the television network promotion, commercial advertising and corporate communication industries. They recently sent us their latest showreel which they packaged using our Jewelboxing system. The disc and case look great but there’s more to to it than that. They sent the DVD in a beautiful, reflective red envelope that makes an immediate impression and the work done for IFC and other networks really knocked our socks off. Check out much of it, available as Quicktimes at the their site. And for more info, check out Case Study 6.

Santamaria is an unconventional advertising agency based in Hamburg, Germany. Handling print, radio, TV and Internet projects. The agency was founded in January 2004 to search for new and uncharted routes in communication. They’ve used Jewelboxing for their latest showreel. Here’s what they said about the system, “We wanted to have something that already showed from the outside we wanted to communicate with the reel itself: professionalism and high quality. And we got what we needed. Shipping to Germany was fast and all templates worked perfectly.” They’ve also allowed us to host this amazing snippet from a recent animation they’ve created. Learn more about Santamaria.

Michigan designer Stephanie Socierecently decided to expand her business into the DVD market by launching the brilliant Year in Pictures. “The Year in Pictures DVD is a digital scrapbook for all those great pictures you’ve taken over the past year. We’ll create the slideshow, you sit back and watch the story unfold: from Baby’s First Year to Summer Vacation.” Her designs and slideshows are stunning, and it’s all wrapped up using “the best-looking quality cases we could find.”.

Luminair Productions recently completed their documentary/concert film, “Edith Piaf: Her Story…Her Songs,” which tells the moving story of the famed French songstress through an extraordinary woman whose modern day Piaf tribute has amazed and engaged audiences around the world. They used the Jewelboxing System to package this film for submission to various festivals including Cannes and Toronto where the movie was a smash. Learn more about Luminair and the film.

Melvin Grefalda is Creative Director for InstallShield Software Corporation. An early adaptor of the Super Jewel Box King, Melvin immediately fell in love with it’s great creative potential for displaying important product information in a clear, dramatic fashion. After some prototyping he oversaw the switch over to the SJB for all the company’s products and cut packaging expenses in the process. Learn more about InstallShield.

MassDistraction used Jewelboxing to create a digital press kit which includes images, text, audio and video. Justin Wills writes, “MassDistraction designs and conceives apparel, posters, stickers, videos and more. The inside left panel space is perfect for a flexible sales kit. I can create a set of sheets and put in whichever combination is relevant for that time. I also plan on using Jewlboxing for the release of MassDistraction’s Sunset Sessions DVD – A chronicling of our summer pool skating / music event series.” For more on these “multimedia artists that celebrate modern absurdity through creative anarchy” visit their site here.

Shotgunflat used Jewelboxing to giveMacon Landscape an edge and to show off photography of their work to its best advantage. According to Mike McKenna, “The client is thrilled with them and uses them as the x-factor on sales meetings. They said it’s really putting them a step ahead of the competition. They leave the prospect with something to hold in their hands and appreciate.” Learn more about Mike and the rest of the Shotgunflat crew.

Robert Hinchcliffe is one of the folks behind the all-things-London blog, The Big Smoker and he’s participated in a number of CD burning, creating and swapping projects. This is his latest compilation. If you want to make your mixes stand out from the crowd, give the Jewelboxing system a go. There’s plenty of room for track lists and lots of area to experiment with display art, plus it’s a piece of cake to make different versions for different people. You can find out more about Robert at his personal site.

Young designer Ozzy Farman made this sweet mix-disc Valentine for his girlfriend. Thus spake Ozzy “Anyways, so I run a small (and hopefully up and coming) design studio. I literally ordered the system a week before, and the day I got it, designed and printed this gift. As I’m sure you know, there is nothing like the immediacy of seeing something you create come to fruition in it’s final form. This is the first time I’ve used the Jewelboxing system and I have to say that it’s made me fall in love with packaging all over again.” The ‘up and coming’ part seems fairly certain and there ought to be a kiss in it for him too. Check some of Ozzy’s other work here.

Even if you’ve only watched an hour of television over the past five years, we’d wager you’ve probably seen director/designer Rafael Macho’s incredible work. Talented beyond belief, you’ve seen his work in immediately recognizable national commercial spots, countless opening credit sequences in films, and everywhere in between. Once we’d cleaned off the drool after watching his reel, we got to talking to him for a Case Study feature about his process, his influences, and why he chose Jewelboxing cases to help highlight his work.