Doing Half a K

If you’re making over 500 packages but not, say 10,000, you might want to consider this method. A lot of our customers have found this the most efficient way to handle a job of that size. Buy the cases in bulk from us and then also buy the blank pre-perforated trayliner sheets in bulk too. The reason is that the trayliner die-cut is very complicated, with rounded corners and exact folds for the spine art. It needs to be just exactly perfect to fit correctly between the case backs and the disc-trays. You could make your own die from our templates but it generally takes a couple times to get it right, and that’ll cost you a few hundred dollars.

The pre-perforated trayliners will run through a conventional or digital sheet-fed press just fine. In most cases, any press that passes the sheet straight through without winding it tightly around a roller will perform great.

The insert books are basically folded rectangles and any print-shop can fold and trim those to spec quite easily. At larger quantities, it’s most efficient to have your replicator screen the art on the discs, so you probably won’t need the labels either. Just write us at the address above and we’ll be glad to price out a custom job for you.

Of course the smart people in West Hollywood, Pleasanton, Cincinnati, Arcadia, Fort Worth, Bristol, Edinburgh, Emeryville, Navan, Kapolei, Sonoma and Atlanta already had figured that out.

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