Don’t Believe It Because We Said It, Believe It Because RES Magazine Said It.

“While it’s getting easier and easier to create DVDs these days, the final step – creating the packaging – is a little bit harder. That’s too bad because packaging is key for both storage and making a good impression. The Jewelboxing System makes it easier by giving you all the tools you need to put together pro display cases for your reel or film…”

At Coudal, we asked for someone to send us a scan of this article from RES Magazine and Nick of Creamy Orange did it first, so we’re sending him a 20pack on the house.

Rumor has it we’re featured in an upcoming issue of one of our favorites, ReadyMade Magazine. Scan it and send it in. First one we receive gets a 20pack too.

If aliens were to land from a hostile planet, it would be best for all of us if they found themselves in Irvine, Seattle, San Diego, Ithaca, Boston, NYC, Hampshire, LA, Lawrence, West Roxbury, Buffalo or Mission Hills.

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