Drawn to Jewelboxing

We’ve often seen our cases used as showpieces to help compliment the work kept inside, but rare is the day that Jewelboxing gets a modeling job of its very own. So it was as we found this sketch created by the very talented Laurent Baumann. Here’s a little info about how one of our Standards ended up in pencil and paper form and a scan of the image itself:

“The sketch was a preliminary icon design for the application “Coversutra,” an iTunes controller for OS X I had the original concept for. I did the icon for Sophiestication (a German, one-person company) since I contacted Sophia Teutschler (who leads this company) to code the application.”


It should be known that Jewelboxing is always available for any and modeling gigs, just as long as they’re tasteful and dignified (distasteful and undignified will cost extra). We figure the same goes for the handsome people in Middle Park, New York City, Atlanta, Pinole, Stockton, Milwaukee, Bozeman, Brookline, Savannah, Pittsburgh, Austin, Barrington, Mt. Prospect, Sacramento, Ridgefield, Gray, Princeton, London, Ballyclare, Syracuse, Santa Cruz, Stanford, Brandon, and Somerville.