Early Holiday Planning

If you’re planning on using Jewelboxing to create a special archive of music, photos or video for the holidays here’s a couple links to previous posts that might be helpful.
How to Be a Hero.
For Moms and Dads with Moms and Dads.
Hand Me the Remote.

To Antoine in Philly whose mail keeps bouncing. 1. Yes. 2. Yes. 3. No so far we haven’t. 4. It depends on Federal Postal Regulations.

Thanks a million to Salt Lake City, London, Amarillo, Irvine, NYC, Rocklin, Alpharetta, Fort Lee, LA, Chicago, San Francisco, Lexington, Madison, Montreal, Malden, Oakdale, Danville, Dallas, Savannah, Santa Monica, Auckland, Santa Rosa, Valley Stream and Eden Prairie.

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