Why Jewelboxing?

We are professional designers who were unsatisfied with cheap-looking jewel cases. We looked everywhere for materials that will put the best face on our custom DVD and CD cases. We selected Super Jewel Boxes™ based on quality and design. There are a million places to purchase jewel cases but this is the only place you can buy the Jewelboxing System, which pairs the best materials with easy-to-use, professional, software-specific templates. Nothing else compares to it. The Jewelboxing System is simple and affordable for designers and other creative people.

Aside from business presentations or portfolios, why would I use Jewelboxing?

The Jewelboxing System will help you to design great looking packaging for mix-CDs, home movies transferred to DVD, photos (wedding photographers love Jewelboxing!), birth announcements, party invitations, school assignments, or any project in which a CD or a DVD package must look its best.

What’s an X-Acto knife and why don’t I need one?

When we first made Super Jewel Box inserts, we output them on a color printer and cut them out with a razor blade and a ruler. The Jewelboxing System comes with scored and perforated inserts and labels ready for printing. Just print, pop them out and fold on the scores.

What are these design templates and how do I use them?

We hated proprietary case and label design software, it was limited in features and we wanted to use the same full-featured design applications we use everyday. We created a variety of templates that work with design software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Quark XPress and a whole bunch more. Click here for a complete list of software that we have templates for. Note that you’ll need one of these applications (or a similar photo/illustration program that can work with .eps, .pdf, or .tif formats) to use our templates.

After you place your order you’ll receive information to log in and download the templates you need. Just open them up using your favorite software, drop in your text and artwork, and print.

I’m not a professional designer. Can I use the Jewelboxing system?

Jewelboxing is generally directed at folks that own (and are already somewhat familiar with) design software. The kit does not include a software application or clip-art or pre-fabricated backgrounds. Instead, we created very precise templates for common design, photo-editing, and illustration applications so our customers could create high-end art with the tools they use every day, using their own photography, illustrations, and type.

That said, lots of non-professionally-creative people have bought and used Jewelboxing cases. Still, you’re going to need some design software to use the templates. Our photoshop templates work with Adobe Photoshop Elements (which is easier to use and far less expensive than “regular” Photoshop, but also has far fewer features) or “the GIMP” (the GNU Image Manipulation Program), a free image editor you can download from the web. The GIMP has most of the same features as Photoshop, but it’s somewhat complicated for a beginner, so if you’ve never used design or image editing software before, you might be better off with PS Elements.

If you have a question regarding our templates and your software, please ask. We can often suggest workarounds or find something that will work for you.

What printers work best?

Our paper is designed for use with INK JET printers. We’ve found it works best with most mid-priced ($150-$200) printers, and we recommend the Canon Pixma series. We’d recommend avoiding “All-in-One” printers (with scanner/fax) because the paper path is more complicated. We’ve also found high-end Epson printers (the ones that use “Ultrachrome K3” inks) to be problematic, they often work OK< but they’re very picky about paper and the higher-end inks aren’t as vibrant on our paper as they should be.

Manufacturers change model names and redesign products all the time, so it’s hard to name printers, but those mid-range Canon Pixma “i” series are the way to go.

Does the new paper work with laser printers?

Our current paper is designed with a matte photo coating for ink-jet printers. We’ve tried it on a few laser printers and large color copiers, and sometimes it works, but not always, so we can’t guarantee laser printer compatibility, In any case, we don’t recommend doing large runs on a laser printer, small runs should be no problem, but printing hundreds of cases could muck up your rollers and drum with dust from the coating.

Do you have any tips to get the optimal results from my printer?

Since there are so many different printers out there, all with different options and drivers and capabilities, (not to mention different software platforms and versions of system software,) it’s hard to recommend specific settings that will work universally. Try downloading this file with screenshots of common settings for the Canon Pixmas, that’s a good place to start.

Can I have my inserts printed by a commercial printer, digital printer, or copy shop?

Print shops that do sheetfed printing should be able to print on the templates, but it may be prohibitively expensive for a small run (200 or less). If you’re doing a run of 500 or more, you may find it more cost-effective to buy the cases from us in bulk and have a “die” made to punch out the tray template (a die is a tool that cuts and/or scores the paper to a custom shape–we can supply a file to your printer to have an accurate die made) The booklets are easy for a printer to cut/fold so no die is required. Then you can use whatever paper you like, rather than our templates, and it’d probably be less expensive, and certainly less time-consuming than printing hundreds of covers on our paper.

Can you recommend a commercial printer to print my large-quantity job ?

We can recommend a Chicagoland-based printer that can print runs over 10,000, call for details, but as noted above, any printer can print inserts once they’ve made a die to cut the tray liners.

What can I do to make my design stand out?

Other than just good ol’ graphic design, we’ve seen (and come up with) a few tricks to add another dimension of stand-out-edness for your case:

  • Put something in the clear spine. There’s room in there for ball bearings, colored string, corn kernels, grass clippings, anything small and not flat enough to work its way out through the seams. Just be sure it’s nothing that could damage the case or disc, or is dangerous or illegal to put in the mail. Like fire ants. Don’t ask.
  • Try something other than an inkjet. We’ve seen some GORGEOUS hand-printed covers. If you’re a letterpress artist, or a screen printer, or (don’t tell us if you are) a scrapbooker*, you have the tools to do something great without even turning on your computer (in the scrapbooker’s case, that would be zig-zag scissors and glitter glue). Also, we’ve only seen a few black-and-white cases, and they often look great too. Don’t rule out your old black and white laserprinter or photocopier. Heck, even some markers or rubber stamps could be used to great effect.
  • Think about modifying the case itself. One of our customers had their logo etched on the spine and the front of the case, and it looked fantastic (we have no idea how they did it, but you could do something more, erm, “organic” with a Dremel tool (and a light touch). If you can screenprint or paint, consider doing a little custom work on the case that works with the design on the inserts.
  • If our paper is a little too white and corporate for you, or doesn’t match your other materials, scan in a sheet of your fancypants paper and use that as the background for your image. No one will be the wiser.
  • If you want to avoid gimmickry, but aren’t confident in your design skills, just keep your design simple. One nice photo and some simple, carefully-aligned type says more than all the pastel rainbow shadow blur filters in the world.

Where can I find more design ideas and inspiration?

Check out this site’s constantly updated record of projects that use the System in cool and interesting ways You might even find a band or a movie you’ve never heard of.

I made something cool with the Jewelboxing System. Do you want to see it?

You betcha. Send us a pix and a brief explanation and we might include your project in our aforementioned “Examples and Inspirations” section or on the JewelBlog.

What’s with the Super Jewel Box? Why haven’t I seen one before?

Order a system
w/ everything
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The Super Jewel Box™ “King” was developed in conjunction with Philips at the same time as the DVD. The “Standard” was designed and introduced shortly after. Super Jewel Box cases have been popular in Europe and Japan for some time. In America, the cheaper, molded plastic cases have lowered expectations for CD and DVD packaging, but that’s just one more reason that your project will stand out with the Jewelboxing System.

What are the fundamental differences between Jewelboxing’s products and those of other companies selling similar cases and inserts?

Only Jewelboxing provides a soup-to-nuts system with which you can create fully integrated, professional CD and DVD cases. Generally when you buy empty cases, the inserts, tray liners, and disc labels are not included with the purchase. You have to hunt them down separately. Jewelboxing sends you what you need to get the job done direct to your door in a single box.

A few companies offer a proprietary application you can use to layout your design, but then you have to work within its (usually clunky) framework. Jewelboxing offers insert, tray liner and disc label templates for virtually every design program for PC and Mac. The templates can be downloaded immediately after purchase, giving you the chance to have the design work well begun by the time the cases and paper arrive. Most importantly, Jewelboxing’s templates free you to choose the design program best suited to the job at hand.

Will Super Jewel Box Standard cases fit in my CD/DVD rack?

Yes. SJB Standards are the same size as traditional CD cases, they’re just made a lot better: durable hinges, rounded corners, patented disc spindle, dependable locking mechanism. Using Super Jewel Box Standards does not mean you’ll need to buy a new piece of furniture. Our “King” cases vary only slightly from the typical DVD case, but they fit in just about any DVD-case storage system.

Why don’t you sell CDs or DVDs?

The elements of the Jewelboxing System that weren’t custom-created were chosen because they are better than anything else you can buy in a store. CD and DVD media are widely available at competitive prices. We do stock our favorite discs, Taiyo Yuden� Silver CD-Rs or DVD-Rs for sale with our Studio kit, in quantities of 100, call or Email us if you’d like to add discs to your order.

What if I want a case that holds two discs?

All our cases are engineered to hold either one or two discs on the patented Super Jewel Box spindle. No special orders, no extra moving parts. Simply place a second disc on top of the first, and both are held safely and securely in the case. Want to see how it works? A “flip tray” version is available by special-order, but we feel it’s a bit clunky, and prefer to just stack two discs on the spindle.

Is the inner spindle of your jewelboxes a cylinder slightly smaller than the CD/DVD inner circle throughout its length (= ‘free’, where moving a CD/DVD on or off the spindle is zero effort), or a convex or concave cylinder which requires a small amount of force to overcome when pushing/pulling the CD on or off the cylinder (= ‘loose’), or one of those system-of-tiny-externally-facing-hooks-or-cambered-lock quasi-cylinders which effectively locks the CD/DVD in place and requires vigorous positive-force interaction to disengage (= ‘captive’)? Your site, while otherwise perfect, does not answer this key question.

None of the above. It’s a patented spindle and dimple system. While the disc is technically “captive” it requires just an angel’s breath of force to disengage the disc from its perch.

It looks great? Can you send me 10,000? How about a billion?

We’ve shipped Super Jewel Boxes to big and small customers everywhere. We’ve also done custom screening and provided design services for leading media and technology companies. And we can do that for you too. More information on bulk purchases can be found here.

What if I get it and don’t like it?

The Jewelboxing System comes with a money-back guarantee. Pack everything up and send it back to us for a complete refund. We’re confident that the only time we’ll hear from you is when you write to order more.

Can I buy the Jewelboxing System in stores?

Not yet. For distribution inquiries, Email us.

How about orders to Europe? How much does it cost to ship and all that?

We’ve shipped Jewelboxing Systems to 37 countries and counting, pretty much anywhere in the world. After you add your purchase to the shopping cart, select your country and it will calculate different shipping options for you. If your country isn’t listed Email us.

My only problem is people keep asking me where I got the packaging from. But if I want my reel to stand out I can’t have everyone using the same packaging. So I’m confused – can you advise? Can I tell them about you and still maintain my packaging lead, or should I lie and send them to Best Buy?

Tell people whose design talent you fear that you forgot the URL. Tell everybody else all about us.