Fight Nights

A quick post to show off some new Jewelboxing work by Stephen Coles. You likely know him from his work as the editor of Typographica and The Mid-Century Modernist, and you might remember when we we had the good fortune to sit down and talk with him about his work as Type Director at FontShop in Case Study #10. This time around, he put together a personal project in order to help him cope with Sweden. We know that sentence doesn’t make a whole ton of sense as we put it, so we’ll let Stephen fill in the context:

“My last few months in Stockholm were filled with bitterness and angst, fueled by self-imposed isolation and 4 hours of sunlight per day. The only cure was a cathartic mix CD full of aggressive music.”

“The art is a page ripped from a book I found at a Stockholm bar called The Library. Just discovered tonight that the dude is a Swedish boxer named Ingemar Johansson who won the World Heavyweight Championship in 1955. Fitting that the guy shares my middle name. He looks like I felt at the time.”

Thanks much to Stephen for once again impressing us with his work and here’s to hoping there’s plenty of sunlight in Weehawken, Shanghai, Peoria, Pittsburgh, Barrie, Philadelphia, Indianapolis, Swindon, Grand Rapids, New York, Lower Langford, Sonoma, London, and Omaha.